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Hemingway's Soldier Experience In Hills Like White Elephants And In Soldier’s Home

After World War One, many war heroes returned to an unrecognizable society that had majorly changed both materialistically and emotionally since they left. These men came back as outcasts to a society that evolved without them despite their sacrifice of fighting for its survival. “In Soldier’s Home” and “Hills Like White Elephants” Hemingway reveals how soldiers’ inability to communicate with others leads to feelings of meaninglessness. After such a terrifying and deadly war the soldiers came back heavily changed while...
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Themes And Topics In Ernest Hemingway’s Indian Camp And Graham Greene’s The Innocent

In literature, some themes may be treated differently by different authors. It does not matter if the authors are contemporary and compatriot or not, their styles, techniques and ways of approaching to a theme differ in accordance with that writer’s personal choice and experience. The different or similar functionalities of the same themes in Ernest Hemingway’s “Indian Camp” and Graham Greene’s “The Innocent” can be comparable examples so as to underscore the variation between different authors who lived in the...
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The Lost Generation: S. Fitzgerald, J. Steinbeck And E. Hemingway

There is no exact explanation about what the Lost Generation is because its meaning changed very quickly in a small amount of time. At first, it was referred as “youth culture”, but then the migration to European countries happened. Marc Dolan said that those authors have influenced “far beyond academic and literary circles in popular films, television series, used-clothing shops, and even theme bars”. In spite of all of those misunderstandings, specialists and students of twentieth-century literature collected the authors...
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Hills like White Elephants by Ernest Hemingway: Short Story Analysis

The short story, “Hills like White Elephants”, is unlike any normal story. This story lacked the typical foundation that a normal story might have: a beginning, middle, and end. This short story describes a discussion between a man and a woman, which leads to no real ending. Ernest Heminway, the author, included enough information into this story so that the reader could form their own conclusions. Hemingway’s life was not a walk in the park. He had many unfortunate experiences...
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Sexual Context In Hemingway's Works

Ernest Hemingway, the epitome of machismo and misogyny for almost the whole 20th century, described himself as a boxer, hunter, fisher, and bullfighter. His contemporaries, though, most typically Zelda Fitzgerald, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s wife, remarked, “No one can be that macho!”. In a way, Zelda was right; Hemingway’s writing, aside from the obvious testosterone-ridden image he liked to paint, was also very emotional and filled with humour. However, for years the underlying progressiveness of Hemingway was ignored, together with his...
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General Overview Of A Farewell to Arms: Critical Analysis

We are here today because the value of the literary canon and its influence on the current school curricula has been attacked and questioned. Classics, for English teachers like us, are the ‘Mona Lisa’ and ‘The Last Supper’; the microscope and periodic table; the abacus and calculator. Harold Bloom, a giant defender of the literary canon, once stated that “All canonical writing possesses the quality ‘of making you feel strangeness at home’.” Every word in this type of books seems...
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Attitude To Femininity In Hemingway's Works

Concept “femininity”. Hemingway’s theory of omission Over the last years, femininity along with masculinity have been widely discussed and defined. What do people understand from the term “femininity” is that it refers to “the distinctive ways of acting and feeling on the part of women” according to a Dictionary of Sociology from 1998. In this way, femininity is linked to women while masculinity is linked to men, but recent studies and researches tried to change these views and educate the...
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Ernest Hemingway's Legacy: Why Is It Not Taught on a Regular Basis

Audience Profile: I write this to the students/teachers who don’t know the true impact Ernest Hemingway has had on our modern literature. I’m not trying to criticize anyone who doesn’t know this individual, I only want to inform people of the consequences of writing because of him. I also had zero knowledge of Hemingway and was resistant to want to read another book about another person that did another something until I did some background knowledge. My findings saw me...
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Hemingway’s Story The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber: Critical Analysis

Ernest Hemingway is an American author, short-story writer, and essayist who was granted the Nobel Prize for Literature. He was noted both for the extraordinary manliness theme of his composition and for his courageous and generally public life. His concise and clear composition style has an incredible impact on American and British fiction. His works are popular because of the themes of love, hatred, war, gain, and loss he has included in his literature. Ernest Hemingway’s “The Short Happy Life...
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A Soldier’s Consequence in Ernest Hemingway's Works

There is an undeniable gab between ordinary people and soldiers. People move on from war, but soldiers can’t. They leave home and when they return back to their normal life, nothing has changed. But the soldier has experienced a tremendous amount of trauma and have seen things that have changed them forever. According to the Mayo Clinic, PTSD, otherwise known as Post-traumatic stress disorder, is a mental health condition that’s triggered by a terrifying event by either experiencing it or...
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Ernest Hemingway's Way Of Life: Author Research Essay

“There is no friend as loyal as a book.” ― Ernest Hemingway During the 1950s–1960s, more and more literature occurred in people’s lives. Ernest Miller Hemingway was one of the most popular writers from then to now. He was an American journalist, novelist, short-story writer, and sportsman. Hemingway’s writing style was known for its simplicity, and had a profound influence on the development of 20th century literature; many of his works are still very influential today. Hemingway was born on...
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Ernest Hemingway Modernism

Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961) was an American writer who burst onto the modernist literary scene in Paris during the 1920s and subsequently became one of the most famous authors of the twentieth century. Ernest Hemingway coined this theory when he determined that by omitting parts of a story, details that the writer and reader both inherently know, the story’s prose will the shortened and strengthened. Ernest Hemingway’s Short Stories: The Iceberg Theory “We are all tips of the iceberg”- Ashlecka Aumrivani...
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Disasters of the First World War and the Negative Psychological Impacts in a Farewell to Arms

The historical sources of human history are telling us that there were many disastrous wars, fights, killings which had happened between enemies and hostile groups to control most area of world until now. The leaders of the countries employed young and inexperienced soldiers by giving them a particular job with salaries in the army forces to fight, also is using different types of weapon system to fight between the countries they spent huge economical sources throughout of war to buy...
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A Farewell to Arms Themes: Love and War

The theme in the story “A Farewell to Arms” is based on love and war. Ernest Hemingway offered a different account of war that is unromanticized and more practical. Frederic Henry is the main character of the story. Throughout the novel, his character progresses quite a lot. Hemingway uses the war as an instrument to temporarily separate the two and bring them together. The story is told in a first-person narrative to help readers picture the events that take place....
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