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Essay about Corruption

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Corruption the Mother of all ills:


Definition of Corruption:

Corruption is a phenomenon in which dishonesty is adopted by a person or an organization with a position of authority for one’s private gain.

The Issue:

Corruption is the mother of all ills. Corruption is a common problem in the whole world. Nowadays there is no country that is saved from this evil. Corruption is a disease that is spoiling developed countries. Corruption is the main reason due to developing countries are losing their further progress. Pakistan is much affected by this problem.

Causes of Corruption:

There are many causes of this problem. There are two major causes of corruption.

  1. Political Causes
  2. Social causes

Political Causes :

  1. Absence of accountability
  2. In component Judiciary
  3. Political influence in NAB
  4. Absence of role and law
  5. Political instability
  6. The highly centralized political system

Social causes :

  1. High inflation rate
  2. Highly prices in food
  3. Religious values
  4. Illiteracy
  5. Nepotism
  6. Feudalism
  7. Favoritism
  8. Meager salaries of government servants

Absence of accountability :

Where there is no proper system for accountability to overcome this issue this is prevailing at high risk. When there is no accountability then there will be no control over corruption. Countries having poor accountability systems are suffering from this issue.

Unfortunately, our country also suffered from this evil. This is deep-rooted in our country. The absence of accountability is also a type of nepotism.

In component Judiciary :

The component Judiciary is also the main reason for the prevailing corruption. There is extremely political pressure on our judiciary system. They can not work freely. Judges make their decisions under the pressure of politicians. These all factors are common in our country. Poor people are hit by their dead.

Political influence in NAB :

NAB (National Accountability Bureau) is a federal institution that works against corruption. It stops corruption. Unfortunately our country, it is also suffered from political influence. NAB does not take any action against power full politicians. There is huge pressure on NAB.

Absence of role and law :

In Pakistan, all strict roles are made for poor people. All corrupt people are free from all kinds of roles. They do not accept the roles of the country. The absence of role and law corruption is prevailing at a high level. Rich and corrupt people don’t need to follow the laws. They have no care about them.

Politically instability :

All politicians want to be rich. Therefore they commit this crime. There is competition between them. They want to be superior to one another. They have no care about their people. This competition of being superior made them corrupt. In this way all parties become unstable.

High inflation rate :

Inflation is a process in which prices rise. When prices rise people can not afford to buy eatables. Then they commit this crime. They can not live without doing this. They started corruption.

Religious values:

Religious values are also the main reason for the prevailing corruption. People believe in religious beliefs and trust some corrupt people who are affiliated with corruption by the name of Islam. They cheat common people.

Nepotism :

Nepotism is also a type of corruption. In this way a person having good authority and position misuse his power. He has no care about people who are on merit. He prefers who are his relatives.

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Meager salaries of government servants :

Meager salaries of government servants are also the main reason for corruption. People having low income can not full fill their wishes therefore they commit this crime. They take money for their own interests. They use bad means for making money.

Ways to root out the corruption :

There are many ways to eradicate corruption from our beloved Country. Corruption is making our country poor. There are some ways to eradicate corruption which are given below.

  1. Strong accountability system
  2. Consoling through education
  3. Enhancing of transparency
  4. Increase in salaries of government servants
  5. Full implementation of the law
  6. Effective legislation to eradicate the corruption
  7. Root out of the political influence in NAB

Strong accountability system :

A country having a strong accountability system has less corruption other than where there is an accountability system is poor. Unfortunately, our country has a poor accountability system. We should increase the strong accountability system.

Counseling through education :

Counseling through education is an effective way to eradicate corruption in our country. A well-educated society does not commit this crime.

Education plays important role in the eradication of corruption. Government should take steps to prevail in education against corruption. Government should counsel the people through education.

Enhancing transparency :

Corruption can be not decreased until transparency could be increased. Good transparency makes society’s corruption less. All the roles and laws should be equal for everyone. No one is superior to the laws.

Increase in salaries of government servants :

Government servants have very low incomes. There they commit this crime. Until the government does not increase their salaries they continue this crime.

There for government should increase the salaries of government servants. In this way, they would be not able to do corruption.

Full implementation of the law :

Unfortunately, our system of implementation of the law is very weak. There are two different types of law in Pakistan. 1st is a law for the rich and the 2nd one is the law for the poor. The rich people commit any type of crime they escape from law and punishment. The poor people are stuck in problems. There for, there is no implementation of equal law there is no justice and we can not overcome the problem of corruption. The government of Pakistan should ensure the full implementation of the law.

Political influence in NAB :

NAB is a freely working institution. Sometimes our politicians use it for their own purposes. There is a huge influence of politics in NAB. It is not working clearly and freely.

There should be no influence of political powers in NAB. In this way, our country may be free from corruption.

Role of media :

Many positive factors can be derived from social media and its impact on Pakistan. But it is not without its problems. The lack of legislation and the implementation of defamation laws have left propaganda directed at certain people, especially politicians, out of control. How to prevent such elements on social media without infringing on freedom of expression should be a topic of debate among future legislators.

Conclusion :

Corruption is a social curse that must be eradicated The rule of law, the supremacy of the constitution, and the independence of the judiciary, of course, a free and vibrant media is the fourth pillar of the country, which must be implemented with true words and spirit. The defendant must take a cold punch. The time has come to take drastic measures to eliminate this tsunami of corruption. There is no doubt that the tsunami of corruption has torn apart and destroyed our social and economic fabric. With enough indifference and negligence, the immediate need is to work hand in hand to overthrow this curse on all fronts in all members and social fields. If Pakistan wants to participate in the social and economic development competition it should control corruption.

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