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Essay about Importance of Social Control

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It is hard to believe that our society is controlling us and we do not know. Social control can control your thought on different things like media, phones, culture, policy, or even education. It is almost impossible to escape it if you live in a modern society. Those who can control you are some things you are hard to live without, and it seems that we can do nothing to avoid ourselves becoming the slave of society. We are living under many myths like country, nationality, and community, those myths are the reason that people can be the master of the earth, but it also becomes the cage that locks us as slaves.

People are controlled by something they create to let more people controlling to make the government or people with power dominate the public. It seems we can not escape from the cage but what can we do even if we are a part of society and under social control? We can find evidence of social control in social values, media, or even law. We can categorize it as formal or informal. The social values that exist in individuals are the product of informal social control, which is implicitly exercised by society through specific customs, norms, and customs. Individuals internalize the values of their society, whether or not they are consciously instilled. Traditional societies rely mainly on informal social control in their customary culture to socialize with their members. Also, the marketing, advertising, and public relations industries use mass communication to help the interests of certain political and business elites. Strong ideology, economic and religious lobbyists often use school systems and centralized electronic communications to influence public opinion. Both social values and media are an example of informal social control. Formal social control is the law. Society can limit our freedom, mobility, or individuality through legislation.

Cities can implement park exclusion orders (prohibiting individuals from frequenting some or all of the parks in a city for an extended period due to a previous infraction), trespass laws (privatizing areas generally thought of as public so police can choose which individuals to interrogate), and off-limits orders (Stay Out of Drug Areas (SODA) and Stay Out of Areas of Prostitution (SOAP) that obstruct access to these spaces). These are just a few of the new social control techniques cities use to displace certain individuals to the margins of society. These are only a few of the new social control techniques cities use to replace certain individuals to the margins of society.

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Several common themes are apparent in each of these control mechanisms. The first is the ability to constrain individuals in their city spatially. Defying any of the above statutes is a criminal offense resulting in possible incarceration. (Beckett, K., & Herbert, S.,2008) Though not all individuals subjected to an exclusion order obey it, these individuals are, at the very least, spatially hindered through decreased mobility and freedom throughout the city. This spatial constraint on individuals leads to disruption and interference in their lives. They can deny someone to enter some public place where they can get inside initially. Also, some privatizing areas such as libraries, public transportation systems, college campuses, and commercial establishments that are generally public give the police permission to remove individuals as they see fit, even if the individual has ethical intent in the space. (Beckett, K., & Herbert, S., 2010). Those examples show how society controls the public by using different laws to limit their freedom or right and make us easier to control and managed by those who rule us.

Now we can see there are different social controls around us in various formats. It is something we can not avoid but what can we do to prevent power by society? The first thing have to do is accepting social control is real and that people already get into it. They appear in everywhere different formats. Once you had born and live in society and get in social control because those learn from school, media or social values can be the way to achieve social control. Moreover, no one can live without those who may control people in society because almost everyone is affected and not one of society if people do not accept those things. People may not find that they are being controlled and even become the ones to spread social control. It is something hard to believe that social control is one of the factors to keep our society stable, but it also limits the power of individuals and freedom because those things may make society unstable. Some of the social control is too much for keeping stable but only the tool of ruling the people. We know the importance of social control to individuals and society but what can we do to avoid us become the one who only listens to society and follows the rules? Human is foolish; they will follow what others do and think it is correct. This is why social control can control many people, and they even do not realize it. If we do not want to become the sheep who only follow others, we should have an independent mindset and critical thinking. Social control can make society stable, but it also restricts the power of the individual. When people are in the education system, they may accept all the things from teachers or schools.

After they grow up, they may think about whether is correct or wrong or only follow the rules like most people in society. Social control is also a tool to rule people and what should be done are to identify whether those things are harmful or not. Although the education system and social values already trick people into trusting the myths create for social control what people need is to ask why question what truth is and think more. Try not to accept those things that seem true because social control can be something that seems to be true. When a lie can trick most people, the lie will come true. The awareness of society, race, or even country is the myth created by people to gang people as a group, and it becomes a truth after many people trust it. Critical thinking did not mean people have to deny everything they have learned or trust but try to think more before accepting it. Therefore, when people are in society and facing social control try to think more and ask more why do not follow something for no reason. If people succeed to do that, we can face social control but not drive by social control. It is known that social control may make people follow something false but why there are many people still following them and do we need this? It is because of the power and importance of myth. If there are millions of Germans who believe in the existence of their race, their country, and the story of their race, they are willing to sacrifice their time, money, or even life for their race. (Harari, Y. N., 2018)

This show the power and importance of myth and social control are also an example of myth created by human. So it is important to have an independent mindset to choose something really good but not harmful, maybe someone thinks to follow social control is the best way to live it may not be wrong because it may be an idea after he genuinely considers it. Following social control does not mean must be wrong but depending on the own will or afterthought for a long time and asking why. To conclude, people living under social control are the truth, and they can not escape from the cage of it but only accept it. The most important thing is people should know what they have accepted and think more and ask more. If people success to do so, they can have critical thinking and an independent mindset to make them face social control without loss. If people live under social control, they should accept it and try to think and ask more to find out their willingness but not what society needs.

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