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Essay about Importance of Vegetables

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Vegetables are the type food that people have to eat every day because it helps people to be healthy and free from any disease. Kids these days experienced that their parents force them to eat vegetables but they keep on complaining because it does not look good and does not taste good, and as they grow older, their hate towards the vegetables become worse. Moreover, they forget to include vegetables in their meal. Which becomes a problem to their parents that makes them force their children.

According to Barrett, Beaulieu, & Shewfelt (2010), fruits and vegetables has a lot of nutrients that helps children to gain energy and strong immune system because it supplies everything that a person lacks. Through the intake of vegetables, they were able to gain more energy and nutrients, that is why eating vegetables is a must, especially to kids, since they are more prone to disease.

People, especially the younger ones, need to think of the things that would help them to become healthier, because even if vegetables have an acrid taste, people should always keep in mind the benefits that they will get whenever they eat them, especially when they go to school, they will be needing a lot of energy, but ignoring or losing your appetite when it comes to vegetables is not a good thing to maintain, because this might cause big health problem.

A study by Barrett, Beaulieu, & Shewfelt (2010) explains that vegetables become hard for children to consume because they evaluate foods using the 4 characteristics, which are color and appearance, flavors, texture and nutritional value, basically because that is what they physically see for themselves. Also, people tend to be attracted when they saw something that really catches their eyes, that leads them to pick foods or doubt it.

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A study of Rakhshanderou, Ramzankhani, Mehrabi, & Gaffari (2017) explains that if parents discussed the benefits of vegetables in their children at a young age, they would have understood everything and it will not be hard for them to add vegetables to their meal, and it will not be hard for them to add more portion of vegetables that they will serve to their children. Keeping them open minded about these issues is a good thing.

In the study of Beate, and Slavin (2012), vegetables are important because they have a lot of vitamins and nutrients, such as vitamin A, which is good for avoiding cancer while, and vitamin C is good for the vision, teeth, skin, skeletal tissue. Additionally, According to Huybrechts, Matthys, Vereecken, Maes, & Temme (2008), besides the nutrients, there are three main reasons why it is important to eat fruits and vegetables, especially during childhood and adolescent, which could affect the physical and mental health. First, because as they grow up, their body requires more energy, basically, as years goes by, they will have a lot of things to do, that is why eating is a must to keep their energy and immune system strong. Second, their eating patterns tend to be the same as they grow up. Since, they are used in doing what they have done ever, since it will be hard for them to avoid or stop it. Third, childhood and adolescent are key phases for easily modifying eating habits as opposed to adulthood, when such habits tend to be more rigid, they become more prone to illnesses.

Based on the findings of Dosil-Diaz et al. (2008), eating green leafy vegetables does not protect you completely in any illness or diabetes but rather it will help one person to lessen or to not worsen the disease in your body. These is already a big factor in helping children or people when it comes to their health. The theory of planned behavior was proposed by Icek Ajzen in 1985, it is one of the models most commonly used to understand the health behavior of a person that could lead to their intentions. For an example, the reason why a person acts or behave in a particular happening is because of intentions they are devoted to perform, or behave like that to the extent that it reflects their actual control. Thus, according to the theory, individuals who have a strong intention to, for example, eat the recommended amount of daily consumption of vegetables, when they hold a positive attitude towards that behavior or when they realize that it is important, they can eat the recommended amount of vegetables without any difficulty.

Summing up, it is obvious how important, especially for children, components of the diet are vegetables. I believe that parents need to inform their children from an early age about the importance of vegetables, so that they will be devoted to eat more. It will create a good habit, basically because they will be informed of the benefits of it and the consequences of not eating the prescribed amount.

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