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I know very well that you can't touch Trump with a ten-foot pole without getting into some kind of controversy. Whether with his supporters or his opponents, I'm going to try. I'm going to critique Trump's inauguration speech. I am going to try to go as non-political as possible and talk not about the content or the veracity of the claims in his speech but rather to talk about his delivery overall and his message. Donald Trump's inauguration speech is a great example of how bad delivery can turn even a good script into a mediocre speech.

Let's start off with some of the problems with the speech. First of all, Donald Trump is not very good at using Teleprompters. Ideally, with a teleprompter, you're going to make your transitions from the left to the right in the middle of a sentence. You won't wait for a pause or the end of a sentence to transition between Teleprompters. The idea is, you want your audience to think that you're just speaking from the top of your head, not reading from a script. When Donald Trump finishes his sentence, and then he shifts from one teleprompter to the other one in a very obvious manner before he begins with the next sentence. That is a huge mistake. The second thing that you want to be aware of with Teleprompters is it's very easy to sound like you're just reading a script instead of delivering a powerful speech.

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The second problem with Donald Trump's speech is that he's not very good at handling audience applause. In addition, here is the thing with presidential speeches, you are going to have a huge audience, and the audience is going to want to clap as many times as possible. Unfortunately, Donald Trump squashed many moments where the audience was beginning to clap, but then he kind of stopped them by just continuing on with his sentence or continuing on with a new thought.

Now let's talk about Donald Trump's third Problem with his inauguration speech. Let us talk about his hand motions. By now it's a pretty well-known fact that Donald Trump's hand motions need a little help. And it was no different in the inauguration speech. Donald Trump seems to alternate his hand motions a lot throughout his speech. Donald Trump seems to use one hand almost exclusively, left or right it doesn't matter, he'll just use one hand at a time. I don't know how everyone feels about this, but I find it extremely distracting.

All right so now let us talk about some good things that Donald Trump did in his inauguration speech. The first one was he was good at hyping up his supporters. He always has been, because that's how he won the election. The speech was a lot more direct and aggressive than most inauguration speeches, true to Donald Trump's style. And really the main message that he was trying to get out there was, 'look, you've been ignored and you are unhappy with all of these problems in America. Now that you've elected me, I'm actually going to listen to you, and we're going to make these changes.'

You don't have to agree with his policies or agree with Donald Trump, you don't even have to like him to understand that that's a good message for his supporters to hear. So in that sense, he did a good job. The second thing that he did well, and this is a personal favorite of mine, is that he gave a shorter speech than usual. It's very difficult to get a modern audience to pay attention to a speech that's longer than fifteen minutes. And Donald Trump went just for sixteen minutes. His inauguration speech was the shortest since Jimmy Carter's in 1977.

The third thing that I liked in his speech was the more positive tone in the second half. While I think that the first half was overly negative and kind of aggressive towards the current system, I think in the second half he took on a more positive tone. If he wants to rebuild his image, he's going to have to keep using that positive tone and talk about how we will work together to rebuild our country. Not everyone will buy it, and his opponents certainly will think it's disingenuous. I think he could turn around people's impressions of him if he continued to use that kind of positive rhetoric.

The final thing that I think Trump did well was integrating his 'Make America Great Again' campaign slogan into his inauguration speech. At the very end of his speech he used the technique called Anaphora to build up energy in the audience and to build up the energy of his speech in preparation for the campaign slogan 'Make America Great Again'. “Together we will make America strong again. We will make America wealthy again. We will make America proud again. We will make America safe again. And yes, together, we will Make America Great Again”. Overall, I think Trump's inauguration speech was a step up from his average speech, but still not very good.

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