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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Illegal Access
  3. Adult Content
  4. Monetary Fraud and Fake Identity
  5. Online Harassment
  6. Banking Cyberattacks
  7. Conclusion


In human life the computer has bought a lot of changes in the way of doing simple tasks and made human life easier. Its use in many fields like business, e-commerce and communication. If we talk about the major advantage of computers, it is the Internet. The Internet is the human successful invention. For humans it has made to do a lot of things quickly and effortlessly. For example, people can contact and communicate with anyone in the world, and also, sitting at home, they can shop, and they can also earn money.

We know that the Internet has made human life easier, but just it has made easier, also it comes with the security issue that your data can be easily misused, everything you have is digital and can be misuse if security is compromised, but also there are ways through we can protect our self from these kinds of flaws.

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There are also laws which protects this kind of computer misuse, just as Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act, 2016 which deals with the computer improper use cases. If we talk about it specifically it’s Part 2 of Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act, 2016, that provides information about crimes of computer misuse and to charge for the specific crime. Stealing and misuse of personal data. As computer has many ways through which people can steal data and misuse it, as computer is a device which is fast and process any task quickly, so when it comes to the moving or copying data it does with ease and in seconds. It doesn’t matter if data is in flash drive, hard drive or in a form of code or an application.

It is illegal to copy someone’s data without the person’s approval whether it’s in form of literature work, source code, pictures or an application. When a person tries to steal your data is liable for criminal charges. As this is improper use of network technology and computer it doesn’t just break the Copyright law as well as Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act, because when the intention of a person was to steal by copying someone’s private data by using the Internet or through an external device then it comes under the copyright law.

Illegal Access

The Internet is a good source for searching different types of data and has a lot of benefits, but having all these facilities it also has drawbacks. If some illegal or uncertified access that has been used for hacking purpose, where an uncertified person uses a computer, network or the Internet to hack the victim’s system without having any kind of authorization to gain access and control the system. Whenever the system is hacked the victim don’t know anything that his/her data has been hacked and most of the time hackers do hacking to threat the victim. So, that is very important for a person who uses the Internet shall use antivirus, firewalls to protect their privacy. So, that the computer or any system shall not be hacked easily as their security of accessing system will be high. When a crime is done by an individual then he or she is obligated for certain crime then that person is charged with high amount of money as the charges for unethical misuse of someone privacy, and in some cases, there are imprisonment if the criminal was involved in multiple crimes.

Adult Content

As the Internet has useful things it also has some bad things like vulgarity or obscenity type of material, which is accessible through the Internet, these materials are being stored in the electronic form, and can be access able through devices like smart phones, tablets and computers. So, the adult child can easily access. These obscene materials have high risk damage the future of young generation, but the law says it is a crime to produce and distribute vulgar material that is not good for the youth who are below age of 18. Basically, the act of serious crimes shall be utilized to give the punishment to the person who uses computer technology and the Internet to obtain, spread or share/distribute the vulgar material that contain vulgar videos, pictures. There are many authorities and organizations like Digital Rights Foundation, Federal Investigation Agency, Sahil Foundation, and Internet Watch foundation that deals with these kinds of cases. These organizations have provided facility to report them online and through their specific contact so that the user can report about the child sexual abuse inform of pictures or videos in a very protective way so the criminal can be arrested and from the Internet to remove and wipe these types of obscene things or material.

Monetary Fraud and Fake Identity

We all know that there are many services and facilities of the Internet which help users to communicate with the world by using services like social media, applications, emails and more. Email is a service that facilitate user but also there are many cases of fraud by fake identity where a person pretends to be someone professional but at the end user is deceived. There is increase in misuse of the Internet through spam emails, on daily basis there are millions of mails sent to users by different organizations for advertisement by offering users many services like shopping online, booking tickets, ordering food and many more. As there are many services offered to users through by real organizations, but also there are many spam emails by which people get fraud and paid by losing their personal data as it gets corrupted. Well in recent year in May of 2017 a Ransomware (WannaCry) that attacked users worldwide by targeting those who were using Microsoft operating system windows which were not patched, the gang behind that Ransomware Attack demanded money by threatening users to misuse their data but the gang demanded digital currency from user such as, Bitcoin and Ethereum. These kinds of problem occur as attackers use email and infect the users by malwares that breaches the security of computer and steal personal data like password or secure data like online bank account detail, or sometimes it creates a way to access a user’s computer. That causes huge money loss to the person.

Online Harassment

We all know that social sites and apps are the sources through which people connect and share their personal life occasions with friends, but due to these cases related to online harassment is increasing every day, where a person uses Internet services to keep an eye on the victim while staying anonymous and using public groups or websites to get detail about their victim. In online harassment the victim gets frighten by the person and putting him/her in terror by giving threats that will misuse personal details of him/her such that he or she gets mentally stressed and try to self-harm. Main reason behind the person to target a victim is that he/she obey his/her command. So, it’s important for any user to take precautions when sharing any personal detail on social sites and apps such as WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Viber and many more. If user don’t take precautions, it gets easier for people to get your detail like address, number, family information through any form for suppose pictures, messages, comments. So, it is important that when a user uses the Internet, must keep check on their privacy and put restrictions with whom their details are shared.

Banking Cyberattacks

In recent years, as technology has enhanced in many fields, as well as banking sector, such that banks started to gives services like online banking, online payment and check online account statement, just to facilitate their customers by using the Internet, but as people can avail these services it also increases the risk for users and banks. If the security is weak, it can allow hackers and cyber criminals to access data of systems and that may cause loss of huge amount. As recent year in 2018 there was a biggest cyberattack in the history of Pakistan when many banks of Pakistan were targeted due to which data of almost 20000 debits cards was leaked, it was first reported when the users of Bank Islami received messages about transactions made which were not in their knowledge, as result Bank Islami loss almost 2.6 million PKR, after that Bank Islami take sudden action and stopped their International Payment Service. But that cause not only loss of money, but the customers’ trust. So, to prevent from these kind of attacks banks should take security precautions and secure process for the online transactions, to stay safe in future from this kind of mishap.


There are many laws which provides protection to every user of the Internet from criminals who uses network to harm the users, but the government should take some steps to make entities that instruct the organizations who enforce the law, that how to inquiry those crimes which is related to the Internet and deal in effective way. As well as the institutions play their part by educating the children to use the Internet in good way and also parents should talk with children and guide them about the Internet use, because the children are the future of a country, so they shouldn’t be exploit by the bad side of the Internet, so they should know how to take precautions to stay safe and secure. It is important for every Internet user to take the significance about the security and laws basically which deals with the crimes that are caused by the improper use of computer. And there should be a proper way for the security management to secure and protect the systems, and the respective data inside them. If it comes to the banking sector where government should take steps as well to stop cyberattacks on banks or the bank should make a special section that deals with their online payment methods not by just cyber security but as well as physical security to check and balance on the accounts of their customers, so that chances of security breaches will decrease.

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