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Essay About Merits and Demerits of a Mobile Phone in the Classroom

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Mobile phone is a must have device for this new generation. That’s the only way for them to communicate with their friends and family and keep them socially active. As we know that everything has its merits and demerits depending upon the way of using it.

If we talk about the merits that can be taken with this electronic device would be like, keeping your classroom details and lectures schedule handy with you all the time. One can use a mobile phone for study purposes as well by having pdf version of different books in his/her phone which can use be used for comparative studies with different books. As we know already that different books have to be assigned as a reference to complete the learning outcomes of a particular subject and it is not possible for a student to keep all those books at a time, so mobile phone is a very helpful electronic device which is quite handy to keep and use. To learn and improve communication skills, one can keep different dictionaries in his/her phone and grades can be improved in that way because most of the brilliant students could not keep up good grades just because of the bad communication skills and low vocabulary. Mobile phone is a kind of portable computer for us on which we can use different application for study purposes and one can keep notes during the lectures and can also make a scheduled for important assessments. A mobile phone can work as a reminder for us as well in which we can put a reminder for an important assignment which needs to be submitted on specific date and time.

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On the other hand, if we talk about the demerits and negative points of using a mobile phone while in the classroom, can easily outnumbered the ratio of students who have become victims of these bad habits of mobile phone abuse. Students are very much involved on social media websites and always wants to stay active even during the lectures. Mobile phone is a quite handy device for them to keep with them and stay active on social media websites and they also play games during the lectures. Some students used to listen the music during the lectures because as per them lecture is not interested or not that much informative. Students keep themselves busy in chatting with their friends and just because of all these reasons they lost interest in the lectures and they could not keep up good grades.

I think that in order to control excessive mobile phone use, teachers should be interactive enough with students that students don’t even think about using their cell phone in class. Instead of forcing the students not to bring their phones in the classroom or not to use it while in the classroom, we should implement this rule on the students that all students have to put their phone on desk in front of them and reference book of selected subject should be opened in that phone. By putting their phone on the desk makes it visible for the teacher as well and students will be feeling slight hesitation while trying to misuse it.

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