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Essay About Money Is Not Everything

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Money makes the world go round, well that saying is partially true. Money influences our decision-making process. As emphasized in ‘Study Reveals Who Influences the Financial Behavior of Children’ by Copywriter Jessica Horton, the fact that 44% of Americans learned the most about personal finance from their parents (Horton). The way we handle money is affecting our future and our children's future. I am personally affected in several ways by money. My happiness is constantly squandered by money. All ages could tell you how money can make someone feels instantly.

They would be happy to acquire the money they didn’t have. Now it depends on where the money goes for it to be beneficial to the one who secured it. Mentally and emotionally dependent on how you put this great amount to use. It could have ranged effects on people, having to deal with money even the amounts they wished for.

As emphasized in the article ‘Disadvantages of Being Rich’ by MD Fredric Neuman, there are many downfalls when being in control of large sums of money (Neuman). Especially if someone infatuated to have a lot of money ends up meeting that goal, their life plan has been compromised. They would have to rearrange their life around this money they now have, which is a significant lifestyle change. People you knew are going to see a bigger difference between lifestyles and personal life. It may not be as pleasant as many thinks, there was a man who won the lottery, and had to lose the job he was liked. He lost his friends due to differences, his wife started to feel distanced because of the non-working lifestyle he had now attained (Neuman). Neuman reports these stories to educate the disadvantages that come with being rich. Many are blinded by the American dream, being a part of the elite.

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Rich people receive the emotional and physical effects of money. The effects can happen during everyday use. As urged in the article ‘21 Reasons Why Money Can’t Buy Happiness’ by Wealth Manager, Northstar Financial Planning, Inc. Rachel De Carolis, “The bottom line then is that money can perhaps buy you some happiness – but it all depends on how you spend it” (De Carolis) There are boundaries when being rich, which is surprising to hear. There comes a point where one becomes rich enough, they have to reevaluate their motivation for acquiring more.

As emphasized in ‘Why Aren’t Rich People Happy with Their Wealth’ by Staff Writer Joe Pinsker, coming to that point, other motivations take over (Pinsker). After people are financially successful, it is recorded that “the instinct to measure and compare money is still there. People are often motivated to acquire more money by the thrill that comes with multiplying one’s fortune by making investments, buying up businesses, and so forth” (Pinsker).

These articles helped teach me about the stress of American life involved with money. How money only makes you happy if you have good investments. As well as having a lot isn’t going to make your life better. Some drawbacks that could be shown would be seeing money as an object that won’t go away too quickly. It has a bigger long-term purpose than most might know, how you use your money could start a train reaction limiting future amounts. The only positive outcomes from these wise challenges you are going to face would be learning earlier than most. As for the poverty-stricken families, children can see the effect of not having money as well as the impact of not making wise decisions with their money. Kids can be introduced to the relationship between actions and the positive and negative effects that follow (Horton). Horton explains “It can be a bit worrisome when taking into account the admitted poor financial skills of the majority of Americans” (Horton). There is always that risk whether the kids will benefit from being in a wiser decision-making a lifestyle or take on bad habits from their parents, not knowing the positive and negative. The children could learn at an early age about the emotional and physical effects of money. Money can bring out emotions in everyone, it could shift the environment and emotions of those around. ‘The psychological Effect of Being in Poverty’ by Daily Kos Community member Ladyrhiannon824 for example. This article describes how people are affected in certain areas of their lives by poverty, it's most of the time. Ladyrhiannon824 emphasized “Poverty-stricken individuals are also faced with more chronic, uncontrollable life events. Medical care is a serious issue since most poor individuals are either uninsured or under-insured” (Ladyrhiannon824). The way we handle money is our future.

Money is valuable and powerful, don’t underestimate our currency and its involvement in our lives. Circumstances may fall short in your favor. Money shouldn’t be idolized either, it is nothing more and nothing less than a tool given to us for trade to help our lives for the better. People should care about how their perspective of money shifts every decision you make. You have to make wise decisions so you can use the money in your favor. Life is meaningless and tough if you constantly set yourself back by making amateur decisions with your finances. Especially if your world is evolved around it, you should be cautious. Studies have proven that people struggle emotionally, mentally, physically by money. Even the very people around us, it should be an open discussion amongst every household. Especially in low-income families, poverty can affect you deeply. Get in touch with one another and make sure everyone is doing well with their financial situation and make yourselves comfortable. It isn’t worth it to worry every day if you can save the daily stress. Sit down, plan and motivate yourself to resolve your financial situation. We are only human, we can be challenged by our financial circumstances, emotions make it harder to keep going every day with good health. It’s best to see where you are at, so you can take care of yourself.

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