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Essay about My Biggest Fear

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Ever since I was young, my biggest fear has always been heights, I have other fears too, but none of them triggers me like this one. Maybe because I’m afraid of falling but to be honest I really don’t understand why. It’s not even being in the sky however like tall bridges or anything of that sort.

The first time she ever traveled on a flight was when they were coming to the United States of America. Around that time, she was hardly like a four or five-year-old. I didn’t discover my fear then, maybe I guess that’s because she was much younger than me. From that point on, my biggest fear has ever been heightened. Whenever my parents will drive on high bridges or roads, I’ll close my eyes so I won’t see anything around or beneath me. At that very moment, my hands and feet will start sweating because of the amount of fear in me simply because we are on a highway. Especially when I’m the one seating in the front seat, my hands, feet, and body will start shaking and won’t stop till we exit the highway.

Well, I guess all that kind of changed this summer when I went to Florida after ten good years by myself and it was by flight also. So my friend purchase two flight tickets to Florida and it was a surprise for me because I wouldn’t have ever seen that coming. Then I sat my parents down and asked them if I could go. They had to think about it because I’ve never left them and not talking about it for a whole week and being alone in another state. After they made their conclusion they said I could go. Which made me very excited but then again I thought about it because I was going through a flight. So a couple of days went by and I started shopping and getting my equipment together. But the thought of taking a flight there kept on coming across my mind whenever I was doing something involving me traveling. Therefore, I tried not to really put my mind there so much.

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Two days before my trip, I prayed and fastest before the trip. A couple of hours went by till it was finally Saturday, the 21st of July. My friend came and picked me up from the house. The parents didn’t want me to leave but at the same time, it was my first experience traveling without my family so they were happy too. Afterward, we headed out on the road and I was all quiet in the car till we got to the airport, that was because I was still shocked that everything was still happening for real. We checked in our tickets, ids, and our luggage. Now we were just waiting for our flight group number to be called so we can enter the plane. Minutes and seconds went by and I finally heard “group 7” I quickly got my friend's attention and we headed towards the plane.

There I was finally entering a plane and I was extremely excited. We entered and started looking for our seat number also we had to put our hand languages on top of our seats. When I finally sat down the first thing I did was put my seat belt on and started praying. My friend was just laughing and telling me to calm down but I just ignored her. After the pilot said what he had to say then the flight started moving, I was too happy. I felt like a little baby having a lollipop for the first time. While the fight was picking up its speed to get off the ground I was holding my friend's hand and my eyes were closed the whole time. Then the speed increased and there we were heading to the sky. Surprisingly my hands and feet weren’t sweating as they would normally. Now we were just in the sky for two good hours. After we finally had a stable balance up there I fell asleep till we landed.

In conclusion, that was the best experience ever. Being in the sky on the bumping road was the best. Overall I enjoyed my flight and being away from my parents for a good week. So I guess that was a great accomplishment. Now I just want to travel all across the world to see and try new things. But the fear of heights is still there.

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