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Essay about My Favorite Game

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Socialization is defined as “the activity of mixing socially with others”. It is a process in which a person learns so many things like how to behave in society that is acceptable. In socialization, there is both learning and teaching. Some human needs social experiences to learn about their culture.

Play is very important in childhood because it helps the child’s growth and development of the body. It also offers an opportunity for parents as they fully engage with their children. Play also diverts children’s minds from negative things. Play also helps in children’s creativity. The more the child play, the more he/she became creative. Their imagination broadens and also helps in sharpening their brains. It also develops imagination and cognitive, physical, and emotional strength. Play also helps a child to explore the world and also they can conquer their fears. They also learn how to work in groups. They become more cooperative during this and become multitalented.

As per research over the past half-century, in some developed nations children’s play has declined sharply and due to that depression, anxiety, and feeling of helplessness took place which is not good for a child. This means when the children stop engaged in play they are becoming more weak day by day and are engaged in depression. Play is the most mandatory part of children’s lives, as they are free to play, and play makes them develop in all manners. It helps them to solve their problems on their own. They become decision-makers which is one of the good skills.

Favorite game.

Badminton was one of my favorite games in my childhood and I used to play it all the time. Badminton is a racquet sport played using racquets to hit a shuttlecock across a net. It is played in larger groups but mostly this game is played “singles” with one on one side and the other on the opposite side. It is an outdoor activity. Points are scored by striking the shuttlecock.

I typically played it in the evening time as this is the most pleasant time to play. We usually play for two hours. We play it like a match and one of the members of the family counts our points. We play it with full courage and it is really an enjoyable game to play.

The GOAL of this game to play is to stay healthy and fit. This game is really good for the body and it helps to move joints daily and helps to function properly. The full body is engaged in this play, mostly the eyes as we focus on the shuttle to hit and it protects the eyes to have healthy vision. I usually play it with my sister at home and also at school. But mostly I play it with my sister. I was 10 years old when I started playing it and it was my favorite game among all other games.

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I enjoy playing it because it was the most enjoyable game and mostly when I played it with my sister. We enjoy it so much and mostly when I when and she reacts to it with little irritation with love and I love that. She also teased me when she wins but that was so a lovely moment. I miss that game and her now as she is far away from me in my home country.

Social skill: In this play, social development takes place when we play in a group. We learn how to cooperate, and how to do teamwork. This play developed a lot of things for me like how to work in a team and cooperation.

Physical skill: It develops the fitness of the body. The person learns to focus on speed and agility. The person becomes more flexible and strong as do me. It helped me to develop flexibility and a strong body.

Emotional skill: It builds self-confidence in children. It helps them to conquer their fear in life. I developed self-confidence and self-esteem in myself through this game.

Cognitive skill: It develops a child’s brain development. In free play child’s confidence and intelligence are developed. It increases children’s skills. It has developed my skills and brain also. This game helps me to become more creative in all fields.

One of the skills that developed in this game: Physical skills has helped me a lot in my life. It has kept me physically fit and healthy. All my body works well and properly. It develops motor skills and increases flexibility and balancing skills. This game developed me in building stronger muscles and also in improving bone density. It also prevented my obesity and high cholesterol. It also helped me to develop many other important and good developments like growth, skills, and all.

Yes, the decline of all creative board game and outdoor games are problematic for children’s health. Nowadays, no child is engaged in outdoor games. They are just engaged in their own phones and forgot about everything that is happening near them. They spend most of their time in video games which are not good for their health. They are losing physical, mental, emotional, cognitive, and social skills. They are in a trap of anxiety, depression, and at last suicide which is not a good thing. Outdoor games should be played by children and parents should encourage them to play the games. Only because of that they can remain fit and healthy in their life.

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