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Islam and Christianity are two religious traditions that to a significant extent have actively focused on and succeeded in guiding their adherents in their contributions toward world peace. Peace refers not only to harmony, freedom, and the absence of war in society, but also encapsulates the understanding between different religious traditions. World peace cannot exist without inner peace so by obtaining world peace, individuals can live in harmony with the universe and live in harmony with themselves. Islam and Christianity both have various views on peace, both perpetuating a life of peace and highlighting that peace can only exist where there is justice among people and between nations. Islam focuses on the significant writings derived from Quran and Hadith, whilst Christianity focuses on the writings found in the New Testament. These writings provide adherents with knowledge on how to understand and adapt peace to their lives and through various individuals and organizations, followers of both of these religious traditions are able to ardently engage in and promote world peace, ultimately living in harmony with the universe.

The religious tradition of Islam is centered on world peace and living in harmony with the world, with it being one of their fundamental aims and Allah translating to ‘peace’. For Muslims, peace is not an individual concept but rather having a balance between one’s self and the world. Adherents find the source of inspiration and guidance for working towards world peace in various significant writings expressed in both the Quran and Hadith. Muslims strongly believe that peace cannot be received unless the individual fully submits to Allah, which ultimately is the goal of Islam and is evident in the Hadith Volume 8 - Book 74, ‘Peace be upon the one who follows the right path” and ‘Be conscious of Allah in your heart.’ This sequentially advises Muslims to constantly be reminded of their love for Allah and that if they do not follow in the footsteps of Allah, who is the ultimate manifestation of peace, the individual will find it extremely difficult to receive peace and live in harmony with themselves and the universe. The Five Pillars of Islam also provide an excellent foundation for Muslims who want to actively contribute to the development of world peace. Through Shahada, the first pillar, the individual acknowledges and affirms the oneness of Allah and that he is the giver of peace, so one should dedicate their lives to a life of peace. They can do this by giving alms and donating their money to other people in the world who need it, also known as the third pillar of Zakat, which is a religious obligation. This will in turn eliminate any greed or selfishness that exists between different groups of people and countries and is a step further to achieving world peace. In the Hadith 1625, also states “if anyone harms others, God will harm him” and it encourages Muslims to live lives of peace with all people and avoid hostility.

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The Prophet Muhammed is considered to be one of the most influential people in Islam and Muslims are required to take guidance from him in regard to making peace as he was very merciful and compassionate in his lifetime. Another significant individual in the Islamic faith is Abu Bakr, who established a ‘just war’ for Muslims. He instructed that war should only be engaged in if absolutely necessary, for example, if they or their religion are being attacked, although the Quran teaches in Sura 8:61 that “if they seek peace, then you should seek peace”. However, violent acts that have been carried out have made it more complicated for Islamic communities to partake in peacemaking activities. The Second Vatican Council has previously recognized that the Quran was unveiled by God and therefore is a credible source for adherents to rely on. Religions for Peace are an organization that undertakes many initiatives to work toward world peace. Muslims have been active members in alleviating the suffering caused by poverty and they act upon global problems affecting peace and justice, emphasizing that Islam is a religion of peace. They have established centers of peace for children in Syria where they serve families and children who have lost their homes and been affected by wars and they also provide support to ease their suffering. Malala Yousafzai (2014) also stated that “Islam is a religion of peace”. Thus, it can be seen that Islam, to a great extent has effectively guided their adherents towards living in harmony with the universe through various significant writings derived from the Quran and Hadith and through following Islamic individuals and involving themselves in a myriad of initiatives.

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