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Within this essay, I will explain what police accountability is, and detail both internal and external accountability as well. I will discuss the steps and measures that are taken to ensure police accountability and the mechanisms that are in place to provide an adequate check on police powers. I will also bring to attention some past debates that are in relation to police accountability, for example, the brutal death of George Floyd.

Police accountability is the action of holding individual police officers accountable for their actions and behaviors. Accountability takes place both internally and externally within the police force. Internally, this includes individuals of the police force reporting to the chief of police or other colleagues. Externally, this is the overall police department's responsibility to ensure the service that is provided to the public is adequate and that the performance of employees is to the set standards. Whilst appealing to the public, council members, and the media. Accountability is important because it can influence the decision-making process of police officers ( HYPERLINK 'https: journals. sage pub.comdoifull10.11771461355718786297' Cronin and Reicher, 2009). Accountability allows for there to be true justice as individuals who have power over others can now be held to their actions, asked questions, and judged regarding said actions.

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To help hold the police accountable there are mechanisms put in place, as there are three jurisdictions within these mechanisms that help to ensure accountability is had. Within Northern Ireland national policies have been put in place to help and adapt cross border issues. This is to help minimize conflict between both the north and the south of Ireland. Although the police department within divided Northern Ireland has been subjected to hard questioning. There is a significant difference between the policing system within Northern Ireland and within Wales, I will continue to discuss this whilst focusing on Wales. The UN declaration of human rights is a backbone to the police being held accountable when misconduct occurs as this gives knowledge to both the public and the police as to what their rights are and what is in violation of them. The Human Rights Act 1998 provides for adjudication by domestic courts and for the award of compensation in cases where public authorities have breached Convention rights. (January 2005) Dr. Rob Mawby and Dr. Alan Wright, Keele University. HYPERLINK 'https:www.humanrightsinitiative.orgprogramsajpoliceres_matpolice_accountability_in_uk.pdf' police_accountability.pdf - created by pdfMachine from Broadgun Software,, a great PDF writer utility! ( I feel as though the legislations that have been put in place are adequate in holding police accountable, although there could be some improvements. For citizens to fully benefit from these laws they should be taught within every school so that most people are aware of their own rights and how they can report the misconduct of the police when their actions are used against the public.

Within recent years police accountability has been a topic of discussion all over the world, including. It has particularly been in debate with police-related deaths of black citizens. Although has developed there is still racism and prejudice that still exists today. We can see this through the statistics of racial profiling. Policing during the Covid-19 Pandemic took a turn and police were given more power to interfere and stop and question individuals on their comings and goings. Although there were a few incidents that made a viewing online such as people being wrongly fined. Apart from some incidents such as police being called for individuals not abiding by the changing laws and guidelines of the Pandemic, the police were a great asset throughout the pandemic they helped to ensure everyone`s safety and helped to stop the spread of Covid-19.

In conclusion, I feel as though the laws and legislations that are put in place by the parliament are an adequate way to keep police powers in check as the law is the law and has to be abided by everyone no matter their status of power. Although there still is a downfall to this as research shows that serious misconduct is often given light sentences, which can lead to the public becoming upset. Apart from this I still think it`s the best approach to keeping policing powers in check.


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