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Essay about Self

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The Johari Window is a technique that helps people better understand their relationship with themselves and others. In this project,l have to describe four quadrants that explain the relationship between myself and other group members. These are as follows that l have: open window, blind window, hidden window, and unknown.

For my first window which is open self,l claim that people know something about me and l also already know about myself. For example, the basic details about myself liked responsible, independent, the detail about my like responsible, independent, about myself liked responsible, calm, and friendly. When l meeting a new friend,l would tell them the bas about myself such as sic detail about myself such as our name, where l live and where l from. My open self will be widened when the people large when people interact with me and make me feel comfortable and closed to me. Communication becomes worse if my open self gets smaller. If l to secret to others, it is difficult to communicate and surely have social interaction problems. It is a good thing for me to have a large open self. Having a large open self results to have more power.

My second window is a blind self, which is the opposite window to the open self. In this window, people usually know certain things u about me that l do not know about it. For instance, the basic details about me liked my sense of acceptance, energy, organization, and sensitivity. It can be related to some information about me that l use to defend myself or fight. Sometimes l think that l know everything about myself and can surely eliminate the blind self window. Communication will be difficult with me and other people, also people around me tend to label me as a harmless person because they know the certain thing that l do not realize, for example, am may sensible with people who hurt me. It is difficult to make a true confession about the blind self window.

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The third window is a hidden window. The hidden area is the information that l know but the others do not know about me. It is personal information that l is reluctant to share with others. This includes secrets rest, past experiences, and feelings. I keep their information private and l do not share it with others. For instance, when l was young l was sometimes stolen money from my mom’s wallet to buy some food at school. I keep that secret for a long time ago now,l never talk to my mom because it was frustrating for me to tell her. I have no doubt to tell others about my past my dark side and many things that we should keep because of it, it will make people hard to put high expectations in keeping secrets.

The last window is the unknown self which no one knows about me neither ourselves nor others identify it. Generally it certain feelings,talents, and information that fall in this area.

In conclusion, my Johari window informs me about myself with other people. He is divided into four quadrants. The first one is an open window, in this one you have my responsible, calm, independent, and friendly. my second one is blind window who informs people about my acceptance, energy, organization, and sensitivity. My third one is the hidden window who communicates about my sentimental, patience, shyness and stealing, Last one is my unknown self. All this information communicates about myself. lf as for to other people. He is divided into four quadrants. The first one is an open window, in this one you have my responsible, calm, independent, and friendly.

The second one is blind window who informs people about my accepting, energetic, organized, and sensible. My third one is hidden window who communicates about my sentimental, patience, shyness, and stealing. The last one is unknown.All of this communicates about myself.

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