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Pop an ollie and skate!

When you think of a “skateboarder”, I’m assuming the first thing that comes to mind is, graffiti, vandalism, shady-looking kids, and troublemakers, well some of that is true when referring to me but the stereotypical label that has been put on us skaters and our reasons for why we skate.

In the eyes of a skateboarder, skateboarding for me gives me freedom, it’s a hobby, a sport, a community, and a shared interest. Trust me, it is an incredible feeling when you get your first piece of wood with wheels on it. In case it isn’t obvious, I love skateboarding and potentially want to create a diverse skateboarding company/ community sometime in the near future. Nevertheless, there has been this stereotypical label put on us skateboarders. For years, people have been calling us troublemakers and outlaws of society. It is this exact untrue label that has made stores and businesses put up signs that proclaim in bold letters with an exclamation mark, “No Skateboarding!”

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Personally, I am not a part of a “skateboard gang.” I enjoy it as a sport, a sense of freedom. Skateboarding is my favorite thing to do in my spare time besides thrashing a Red Hot Chilli Peppers song on my guitar. Skateboarding is my mode of transportation. Going down a hill, with the breeze of wind going through your hair as you spread your arms out, is the best feeling in the world, it tops any other feeling. To be real, I love everything about, well besides the stereotypes, that you oldies have made about us. Not many people know this, but I’ve been skateboarding since I was around six or seven, I remember getting a Hannah Montana skateboard for Chrissy and all I have to say to skateboard is… cheers! I’m now eighteen and I believe it has shaped me into the person I am today, it has taught me how to get up after I fall, never give up stick to something until I get it, and be proud of something I’ve accomplished. Trust me, take this from someone who has scars all over their knees and elbows and had to get their chin glued back together. I never let any of this stop me from doing the one thing I love – all of this taught me perseverance

I remember, when I was a little tucker, my dad would take me to the local skate park with my cheap $15 skateboard I got from Big W. I would always try and do the little things I knew how and most of the time get in the way of the older kids. Sometimes on special occasions when the older kids were in a good mood, they would give me advice and tips on how to do certain tricks and teach me how to keep my balance, which is something I suck at.

Going through high school for me was like torture and skateboarding helped me become a better person during this time. Being brought up in the 21st century, our world is surrounded by influences where sometimes it can be hard to find the difference between what you want and what you think you want. For example, skateboarders cop a lot of heat from the mainstream media, celebrities, and society. These people put a heavy burden on us and how to live OUR OWN life on what’s right and what’s wrong to what’s cool and what’s not. Skateboarding helped me become independent, it taught me how to achieve my goals and how to challenge them.

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