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Essay About the Advantages and Disadvantages of Computers

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The current trend implies that the computers are used nearly everywhere. Firstly, in the paperwork, the extensive use of computer systems in most public and private companies or even schools and eventually, reduce amount of paperwork. Secondly, in education, it enhances the student’s knowledge at a faster pace compared to the traditional methods of teaching and learning. Thirdly, in law enforcement, it includes computer modelling of DNA, which has the ability to match traces of any form of criminal activities such as murder (blood samples). And lastly, banking, allows do it yourself over the phone banking for example, ANZ, BSP and WESTPAC. Computers are involved in most transactions as there is a better chance of detecting illegal money laundering via the Internet on the use of credit and debit cards.

Moreover, computers are a useful tool in everyone’s lives. Some of the advantages are that it makes people’s work easier and more effective. It saves time and energy as well as keeps people connected to families and friends via social apps like Facebook and Viber. It gives daily up to date information about what is happening in the country and in the world. All these implies that computers a virtually important in today’s times.

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Moving on, computers are helpful as well as harmful. Some of the disadvantages of computers are that it makes people get addicted to it. People spend lots and lots of time on their digital devices and forget about the outside world. This reduces social interaction and increases stress in learning new computer skills. The children nowadays are so engrossed in their computers and phones that they forget about their studies and even meals. Children get exposed to unwanted activities such as late-night video games or even intimate videos. This can affect the children’s health in a serious way. Computers can cause backache if the position is not correctly designed.

In addition, the use of computers will increase in the future since many people are dependent on computers for every day’s ongoing activities.

In conclusion, it is clear from the above that computers play a huge role in the modern world. They are used in all areas of our daily lives, including paperwork, banking, education, and law enforcement. The advantages in using them are that they save time and energy and allow people to stay connected, while the disadvantages are that people become addicted to it and can cause health problems.

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