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Essay about the Most Impactful Person in My Life

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I’ve been blessed to have many important Influential people in my life. Many would point to mother and father which may be true in many factors. Mine is a little different, it was my uncle who molded me into an intelligent, respectful young man, with his tough love, altruistic behavior and unconditional love for his family. Now, I know everything about my uncle isn’t perfect, like the fact that he isn’t very dependable.

My uncle is like a bike with a ‘wobbly wheel’. He lies. If he tells you he’s going to do something for you he may not do it. Or, there’s a 50-50 chance. He always would tell you he’s busy. Due to this, I’ve learned from him you have to be a ‘man of your word’. Also, not to expect anything from anyone so you won’t be disappointed if it isn’t done correctly.

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My uncle is, however, a person who wants to see everyone make it. Wants to see everyone happy, and he’ll go to great lengths to help you achieve that. Because I’ve learned not to hate on anyone’s success and to be happy for them because your time will come. If you are patient and put in the work. So, I’ve lived for working hard day in, day out and I’ll never stop grinding.

The greatest of his assets has to be my uncle was a single father to my older cousin. Taking care of, if his family is key to him, I think. Not just family but people in general. He never hesitates to give to anyone. He’s taught me if something is free or not and you see someone in a dire need of it to share with them. I remember one time when I had bought some food and I was walking to my house. On my way, I saw a homeless man asleep on the ground. At that moment, I stopped and thought, what would my uncle do. So, I had woken the man up and said: “Here’s some food for you, I haven’t eaten anything yet”. Grabbing the food, he thanked me, and I went about my day proud of myself. Because of this event each time I see someone in need I give what I have. Even if it’s not much. I also, found that I enjoy very much helping those who need it most.

I know I have been greatly influenced by my uncle, by little he’s given me the insight to use throughout this thing we call life. Things like taking care of your family, altruistic behavior and even the not so good like being a man of your word, rather than lie. He told me that a man does not have to be perfect to be a good man. I will forever carry these life lessons that the most impactful person in my life has taught me.

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