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Vietnam is known for the Vietnam war, motorbikes, its food, and its capital, Hanoi. Vietnam’s capital is Hanoi and it became its capital because there are certainly political and symbolic values in Hanoi. Also, most political institutions in the north of Vietnam are in Hanoi. Hanoi is Vietnam’s first capital. The population of Hanoi, when it was the capital, was about 800k and is mainly Asian. Vietnam is located in Asia and at 21.0278° N, 105.8342° E, in the northern hemisphere. Vietnam is most known for the Vietnam War, its food (pho, rice dishes, and coffee), motorbikes, and Hanoi (their capital). The resources they have is coal, bauxite, oil, gas, and rubber trees. In 2018 Vietnam exported 2.4 tons of coal (it made $325M), In 2017 it exported about 130k tons of bauxite (it made about 5.8M), and each year Vietnam makes about 33.5M a year from rubber exports.

Vietnam is a country with mostly forests, it covers about 44% of Vietnam. Some major landscapes in Vietnam are Mekong Delta, Sapa, Mui Ne, Phu Quoc Island, and more. Vietnam has 8 regions, southeast, red river delta, Mekong river delta, northeast, northwest, north-central coast, south-central coast, and Central highlands. A red river delta is an important region because Hanoi (it's capital) is located there. A mountain range in Vietnam is the Fansipan range or Fansipan mountains, it is 680 miles from the NW to SE and is about 3.1k meters tall. The longest river is the Mekong river, which is about 2.7k miles long. Fansipan mountain is located in tam duong, lai chau. The major vegetation Vietnam produces are rice, coffee, and seafood. Vietnam made $2.8b in rice exports(2019), $3.5b in coffee exports(2018), $220m in tea exports(2018). .Climates in north Vietnam are cool and dry in winter and hot, humid, and rainy in the summer. The mountains in north Vietnam are snowy and have freezing temperatures. In central Vietnam, the winters are cool and rainy and summers are hot and dry. In southern Vietnam, May through November is warm and rainy, but November through May is warm and dry.

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Vietnams major language is Vietnamese(90%), and other languages include French, English, Chinese, and Khmer. Vietnam is a developed country, most immigrants go to Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, and Danang. The most common group of people to migrate to Vietnam are Hoa people. The current population of Vietnam is 95.54 Million. Some popular art forms include lacquerware, lacquer paintings, silk paintings, lanterns in hoi, and hand embroidery. Popular music types are traditional, folk, hip-hop, and rock. The most popular sport in Vietnam is soccer, volleyball, and badminton. 10.4% of people in Vietnam play soccer (about 9.9M people). The most popular holiday is Tet, which is the Vietnamese new year. It is described as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and your birthday at once. Get started on January 30, 1968, it was when Viet Cong forces invaded cities in southern Vietnam while people in the cities were celebrating the lunar new year. Another popular holiday is the Mid-autumn festival, which originated about 3000 years ago. It is to appreciate the moon when it’s the brightest, also marking the end of the hungry ghost festival.

Vietnam has had a communist government since 1976, and the movement was led by Ton Duc Thang. Vietnam became a command economy in 1975. The current president of Vietnam is Nguyen Phu Trong. Some important leaders of Vietnam were Ho Chi Minh, he was the first president and led the Viet Minh Independence movement in 1941. Ton Duc Thang led the construction of what was destroyed during the war in the north and south Vietnam. Truong Chinh helped with bringing rapid growth to Vietnam’s economy. Vietnam has been using Vietnamese dong since May 3, 1978. The currency they used before the Vietnamese dong is the French Indochinese piastre, which was French Indochinese currency during 1885-1952. Major industries are technology, footwear, and electrical machinery equipment. Technology brings in $15.9b, footwear brings in $22.7b, and electrical machinery equipment brings in $117.2b.

Vietnam is an amazing place to visit they have amazing food, an astonishing amount of motorbikes, and many places to visit while in it. Although it is a pretty small country it exports a ton of stuff, mainly electronics and footwear. North Vietnam has been through 9 presidents and south Vietnam has been through 5 presidents. Vietnam was split into north and south from 1954-1975. The official name for Vietnam is the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. France had control of Vietnam in 1890 and lost control in 1954. One USD is equivalent to 23,369 Vietnamese dongs.

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