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Essay on a Successful Businessman Elon Musk

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Elon Reeve Musk

I would like to choose a topic on a successful businessman who is no other than Elon Reeve Musk and he is from South Africa.

What did Elon Musk do?

Elon Musk was the founder and CEO of SpaceX, which is an American aerospace manufacturer and space transportation services company.

  • He is the founder of THE BORING COMPANY, which is an American infrastructure and tunnel construction services company.
  • He is the co-founder of Neuralink Corporation, which is an American neurotechnology company that develops implantable brain-machine interfaces (BMIS).
  • He is the co-founder and initial co-chair of open AI, which is an artificial intelligence research laboratory.
  • Elon Musk is the CEO of Tesla Company, which manufactures electric cars with autopilot driving systems.

When did Elon Musk start?

  • Elon Musk was born on June 28, 1971
  • SpaceX was founded in 2002.
  • Boring Company was started in December 2016.
  • Neuralink was started in 2016 but it was publicly reported in March 2017.
  • Tesla was started in July 2003.

Where did Elon Musk start?

  • SpaceX was started in Hawthorne California.
  • Tesla was formed in Telo Alto, California.
  • The Boring Company initially tested its first tunnel in Hawthorne California.
  • Neuralink was developed in San Francisco.
  • Open AI headquarters are located in San Francisco California.

In October 2002 Elon Musk got his first billion when PayPal was acquired by eBay for $1.5 billion in stock, as Elon Musk owned 11% of the PayPal stock.

Why Elon Musk?

I choose Elon musk as my topic because he is one of the most successful people in the business world. He is famous for starting Tesla Motors and SpaceX. His fortune started as a Co-founder of PayPal. Elon musk always thinks of the public so that’s the main reason to form the boring company to reduce traffic by building underground tunnels. He is also has a concern for global warming so he started manufacturing of Tesla, the electric car.


Elon musk is known for his a successful person in the business world. He got his first billion from PayPal Company which was sold to eBay Company for $1.5 billion. As Elon musk was the owner of the 21% stock in PayPal he got is bank balance to buy other stocks. Later on he founded some of the companies that are – SpaceX, The Boring Company, Tesla, Neuralink, and OpenAI.

Elon musk was the craze of reading about programming; his first income was at age of 12. At the age of 12 he developed a game and sold it to a company for a price of $500. The first company he started was Zip2 and the 4 years later Elon musk sold this company to Compaq for $307 million in cash and $34 million in stock and this is how he got successful by receiving $22 million for his 7% stake from the sale. Later then he started another company called and it merged with its competitor and turned into PayPal where is got fired as CEO. After when eBay acquired PayPal for $1.5 billion and from there Elon musk got rich and got a deal of $165 million.

Then gradually Elon Musk rise to the steps of success. At that time he started manufacturing of electric cars which was abit failure at a time as people used to think that they were slow and ugly. But in the recent world, Tesla has the fastest and most stylish car, which is electric. Elon musk as a nature to never give up. Once in an interview, he stated “My mentality is that of a samurai. I would rather commit seppuku that fails.” This means the Japanese samurais won’t let their enemies to kill them if they can’t win a battle rather they kill themselves with their own blades. This main reason why he never gives up and brought himself immeasurable success.

This motivated me to choose Elon musk as my main topic of discussion.

The scenario that Elon Musk wants to build up


Tesla Motors is finally ready to make sure it builds its $ 5 billion Giga factory in Nevada, setting up a five-nation competition for what is considered to be the world's largest battery plant. But the scope of Tesla's plans extends far beyond state borders.

Elon Musk plant a 10 million sq foot factory that may double the world’s lithium-ion battery capacity by the end of the year.

Tesla started in the Giga factory in 2017 and was capable of supplying 35 gigabytes hours of battery for an estimation of 5 lack electric vehicles, which Tesla expected to build up at the end of the year 2020.

The locals obviously will get benefited that includes construction jobs and economic impacts.

Tesla CEO Elon musk requires about 6500 employees to run this massive facility. The Giga factor could help in the development of the economic state of the country. The Tesla factory expected to reduce the emissions from the high-performance U.S. lithium-ion battery production units. This may lead to a reduction in the environmental pollution that are caused by other battery manufacturers in the world.

Elon Musk's motive is to decrease environmental pollution by supplying electric vehicles all over the world. He also has an active role in the construction of underground tunnels in order to decrease traffic problems and even without expanding the roadways that damage the open fields. So he plans to make it underway and plans to share this with every country of the world.

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Elon musk plans to enter India by the year 2021. As India is a developing country so the launch of electric vehicles would be a success for Tesla Company. The company was in discussions with the Indian government, requesting temporary relief on import penalties/restrictions until a local factory was built. Tesla will start from a few stores/service centres. One of the biggest problems in India could be the size of the country, which requires a lot of money on the Supercharging network. On the other hand, the volume of car sales may not be sufficient to restore the full output of the charging network.

A small survey about Elon Musk

Elon musk as a natural to never give up. Once in a interview, he stated “My mentality is that of a samurai. I would rather commit seppuku than fail.” This means the Japanese samurais won’t let their enemies to kill them if they can’t win a battle rather they kill themselves with their own blades. This the main reason why he never gives up and brought himself immeasurable success.

Elon musk is known for disrupting the automotive industry with all-electric vehicles, millionaire Musk is also famous for his future ambitions to build a city on Mars, create a 700-kilometer transport network per hour and develop flying cars.

The 48-year-old businessman is the CEO of automaker Tesla, as well as the founder and CEO of space exploration company SpaceX. Musk is also the chief executive officer of technology firms Neuralink and The Boring Company. His total current income is over $ 20 million, according to Forbes.

Musk's position as a motivating leader comes even though it may be because of his reputation for misconduct. From weed smoking in public and grabbing strange calls, recording automatic rap tax to gorilla Harambe and helping a picture of a flock of sheep, Musk's unpredictable actions have shot his companies out loud but often rob investors. Earlier this year, Musk resolved a legal dispute with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission about his use of Twitter to discuss Tesla's finances.

Respondents to Hired's study ranked SpaceX as the second most well-known employer in the world, with Tesla being named the 10th most attractive employer in the public sector. Airbnb was a company that represented the majority of the technology professionals who wanted to work for it, Hulu, Reddit and Kickstarter included the top five. Meanwhile, Google, Netflix, Apple, LinkedIn and Microsoft were the only five public companies technology professionals said they wanted to work for themselves.

Data analysis and open-ended interpretation of Elon musk

I decided to break Musk's life by 6 stages highlighting each of these different cases. After seeing all the parts, I was able to come to the conclusion of this interpretation.

Elon musk as a kid

  • The Good: As a young man, Elon was eager to learn. He read a book in a day. His most remarkable success came after he convinced his father to buy him a Commodore VIC-20 (an old computer). According to the manual, it should take about 6 months to get all the basic courses. He stayed 3 straight days and finished everything. He then designed the entire video game in it; the source code published in the magazine gave him $ 500.
  • The Bad: He was ridiculed and severely abused as a child. Sometimes this was because of physical violence. At one point he was severely beaten to the point of exhaustion and was hospitalized for a week.

His father looks very dark and very secretive of his life. It looks like he may have been abusive - perhaps not physically but at least mentally. While Musk was talking to the author about many topics, he refused to talk about his father saying 'He's good at making life miserable. I don't know how someone becomes like he is.'

The first business of Elon musk

  • The Good: He traveled alone to South Africa with nothing or anyone else. He went to Canada where he lived for a while - without a permanent home - until his brother met him. They moved to Palo Alto and started their first business. Zip2 was actually MapQuest before MapQuest (formerly Google Maps before Google Maps). It could end up selling for $ 307 million.
  • The Bad: While Elon and his brother were able to create a successful company, they had problems with their potential investors. Investors pushed the product into Media companies as an additional business director instead of the B2C director Musk had hoped for. To make matters worse Elon also experienced his first canceled reunion disaster.

The Young and Rich Elon Musk

  • The Good: Elon invested all his money in his next business venture, a company that would change the banking industry. At the time people were saying he was crazy and that consumers would never trust the security of the internet by online banking. His company,, was more successful than anyone thought possible. He even beat his biggest rival, PayPal, which was started by Peter Thiel as they agreed to meet Elon who became the largest shareholder.
  • The Bad: Elon musk did not create PAYPAL, rather while he was on a plane off his honeymoon, one of Silicon Valley's most spectacular events took place all the time. After the arrival of the plane, he headed straight back to try to save it but was forced to leave as CEO. They later renamed it as PayPal. He was eventually diagnosed with malaria in South Africa and almost died from it. One doctor said he had a day to go before he died. Six months after he lost weight, he recovered. This was the perfect time for eBay to buy PayPal for $ 1.5 billion which included the investment of Elon musk about $ 250 million in PayPal.

Starting SpaceX Musk

  • The Good: After his death experience, Elon revisited his childhood dreams of going to Mars. He visited the NASA website one day and found no plan or mention of going to Mars. Surprised, he headed for Russia to see if he could buy a rocket. After being driven by ridiculous money amounts, Elon the dive into textbooks on how to make rockets. On their flight back from Russia, he announced that he was going to build a rocket with a spreadsheet with details on how to do it. That's how SpaceX was born.
  • The Bad: While SpaceX was in full start-up mode, Elon’s first son, Nevada, was born. Unfortunately, he died of sudden infant death syndrome. For which the plan was pulled back by Elon musk.

Founding of TESLA by Elon musk

  • The Good: Elon always envisioned the future of all-electric cars. So when Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning went to Musk to become the first investor in a company called Tesla, Elon was there. He wanted the car to be a symbol of the future. He wanted it to be a luxury product and not a 'stupid' looking 'Prius'. As a result, he had much to say about founding a company in Silicon Valley and the apparent design of the car.
  • The Bad: As soon as Tesla created their first functional car, it decided to have a big press event. The event was a success with 30 high-end customers who pre-ordered a car for $ 90,000. The bad news for Elon is that at the press release he was not registered as the founder. As Tesla was beginning to work on fulfilling its first round of pre-ordered cars, things weren’t going so well. The parts for the car were way too expensive and everything was behind schedule. To make matters worse, a NY Times article about the company also left Elon Musk out. He was frustrated.

Founding of the Boring Company by Elon Musk

  • The Good: Elon Musk is determined to reduce traffic congestion by making underground tunnels. The underground structures usually the deep ones are far less vulnerable to earthquakes than superficial ones. The tunnels could help people to drive underneath the highways so that time wouldn’t get wasted in traffic. The earthquake waves can also be amplified within soft superficial strata. Elon musk created the boring company for the construction of mega structures.
  • The Bad: The underground tunnels in waterlogged soils can become depleted (so-called liquefaction), and this can lead to landslides or landslides and wall damage. This may result in severe catastrophes and loss of lives.

Elon Musk was mad for reading and developing new techniques and strategies. The above-stated details show how Elon musk walked step by step to reach their goals and yet he thinks he is incomplete. Elon musk faced many hardships to reach the place he is now. But did he do everything right to reach success?

There are some things that Elon musk never shared with the public. But we see him as a role model and inspiration for the young who are struggling for their success.

5 Leadership Qualities of Elon Musk that We Admire

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit.
  • Passion for Innovation.
  • Positive Energy.
  • Strategic Direction.
  • Personal Integrity/Influence.

At last, the unanswered data that remained a mystery about Elon musk is about his father. We don’t know anything about his father. Whether he was supportive or abusive.

Some things that remained unanswered are-

  • If Tesla couldn’t secure the rights for the name, Musk would have called the company “Faraday.”
  • Musk avoided mandatory service in the South African military by enrolling in school in Canada.
  • Musk agreed to serve on two business councils for Donald Trump in 2017.

Some questions that are generated in my mind from the above open-ended interpretation –

  1. Why the annual salary of Elon Musk from Tesla is $1 per day?
  2. From the beginning of the Tesla Company, the cars were among the list of highly valued cars. Although the Tesla cars were the first of their kind. Does the company have any appropriate reason for the price being so high?


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