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Essay on Abraham Lincoln Life

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This paper covers Abraham Lincoln’s life including his humble beginnings and his greatest achievements. This essay does not go deep in depth into his life, but touches on his most important accomplishments that I have found to be admirable. Sources include various online articles deemed as credible sources such as and other .org websites which give various info such as dates, quotes, and confirm events throughout Mr. Lincoln’s life.

In our nation’s history, only a handful have served as the commander in chief. Of these men, perhaps the most recognized and admired of them all is Abraham Lincoln. Of all historical and modern figures, I admire him the most because against all odds, a man from humble beginnings educated himself, kept his faith, and through good principles pulled the United States together in its darkest hour.

According to, Abraham Lincoln was born in Hodgenville, Kentucky in the year 1809. He was not born a politicians son or into a rich family, but came into the world in a small log cabin. Due to this, I believe he was at a great disadvantage when it came to getting a good job and education. Lincoln could have pitied himself and given up at the start. Instead, he wisely used all of the time and resources he had. What excuse do we now have for not achieving greatness? Lincoln could have taken the easy path and followed in his father’s footsteps as a farmer. Instead, he chose to devote himself to becoming a better and smarter man. One can’t imagine how different this nation would be if he simply handled a cultivator instead. If there is greatness in store for me, I want to seize it as Abe Lincoln once did.

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Despite later becoming president, Lincoln lived a hard life. states he lost his mother Nancy at the early age of nine. Abraham had two siblings, yet his younger brother Thomas died in infancy, and his sister Sarah died due to complications giving birth. While this seemed to be a lifetime worth of strife, his soon to be wife Ann Rutledge died in the year 1835, and his later wife, Mary Todd, suffered from an undiagnosed mental illness. states Mary was also spoiled, petulant, and had an unusually bad temper. Their marriage endured due to Abe’s patience, and the couple had four sons. Yet death would strike again, as Lincoln lost two of his sons, Edward and William. Regardless of all he endured through life, Abe remained faithful to his wife Mary and to God. I find it admirable that his relationship with Him remained steadfast and even became stronger throughout the years. Lincoln once said, “Amid the greatest difficulties of my administration, when I could not see any other resort, I would place my whole reliance in God, knowing that all would go well, and that He would decide for the right.” I have decided I want to live as Abe once did. I know life will be hard and I will lose people I love. Yet through Lincoln’s example, I know I too can place my faith in God.

Most notable of all are Lincoln’s accomplishments in office. He ran for election at one of the worst times in the nation’s history. If Abe Lincoln hadn’t been brave enough to be in office during our nation’s darkest hour, slavery may have lasted a hundred years longer, and the United States would be a much smaller place. At the war’s beginning he did not have many victories, but with perseverance, he became a capable commander in chief. He then went on to give the Emancipation Proclamation that freed the slaves. Everyone should admire him as I do for this. Whether a person wants to admit it or not, Lincoln affected every human being in the United States from then on. As opposed to his day, society as a whole now embraces that all men are created equal. As the war ended, he did not focus on punishing the south. He set an example for all focusing on reuniting the states and rebuilding the U.S. back to its former glory. As President, he taught all of us about bravery, perseverance, equality, and forgiveness. All of these led to a better United States, and when practiced by the individual, will lead to a better self.

Abraham Lincoln lived a remarkable life from the time he was a boy to the day he died. It can be argued that every decision he made led to our nation being saved. Despite his humble beginnings and less than ideal life circumstances, he chose to be a better man. I look up to Abe more than any other individual, and believe that with the same work ethic, faith in God, and core principles, we can all make a difference in this world.

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