Essay on Advantage and Disadvantage of Tourism for Environment

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Tourism is growing faster and faster and then become one of the most potential majors in the world. For instance, data from UNWTO (2017) showed that the number of tourists all over the world has dramatically increased in recent years. The main factor that contributes to the development of tourism is the environment. It is divided into three aspects: nature, social-culture, and economy. Tourism activities are not only the exploitation of natural resources such as heritages, sea, and land but also make the artificial environment includes amusement park or museum. Therefore, tourism has many different effects on the environment.

It is undeniable that tourism brings many advantages to the environment. First thing is the certain impact of tourism on nature. Thanks to tourism, the government can conserve and protect many world heritage sites. Because they are the most attractive destinations for tourist. People also maintain the biodiversity and create plenty of fascinating artificial things such as a lake, waterfall or garden to fulfill the demand of developed tourist areas. The specific example of the successful artificial island in Dubai, which is one of the most attractive destinations. Moreover, it plays a positive role to remodel the scenery around the tourism site. For example, a lot of abandoned land is used to build parks, botanical gardens or buildings. The infrastructure is improved such as toilet public and waste treatment factory are increase and the coastal area become sea tourism to develop tourism.

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The second thing is the positive impact on social-culture. Through traveling, they get international learning which is the integration between two different regions, help to learn new languages and raise the international unity and peace of countries. According to the research about Kerala in India, tourism activities with the cultural exchange are more sustainable than without it. Tourism preserves the tradition, local heritage site, and their culture. Richards G. said that 8 percent of all visitors who visit the main attraction of South Africa visit Soweto because they want to understand the local and experience the life there. That is the reason why tourism help tourists broaden their knowledge, relieve stress and easy access to new different and interesting cultures. Especially, it increases the marriage rate of people with different color and contributes to making the diverse species. Simultaneously, tourism activities help tourists understand more clearly about nature, history, and social-culture of countries so it promotes their love, pride, and responsibility for their countries and tourists are aware of the local heritage’s value to conserve them. Moreover, tourism attracts many entrepreneurs to invest their money on preserving and repairing historical monuments especial to the poor countries which cannot afford to do that.

Thirdly, tourism contributes to the dramatical development of the economy, reduces the unemployment rate significantly and opens more job opportunities for everyone especially for women. In Asia, women used to face up with unequal treatment. They even did not receive a good education like men. Thus, they just opted to do household chores, took care of their children as housekeepers and were not welcome to work outside. That is the reason why women mostly lived depend on their husband. The more tourism develops, the more need for labors increases. What’s more, tourism brings cultural exchange and the discrimination between the two genders does not almost exist anymore. Therefore, job opportunities for women are open wide. For instance, the total employment in tourism accounts for 5 percent of the total workforce in India. Nowadays, urbanization grows rapidly that brings many benefits. Crowded population in big cities causes overload while in rural areas and mountain areas, there is not enough labor force for the manufactured industry. The best solution is tourism. The population concentration is significantly decreased by the development of tourism. Because there are a lot of tourism resources in the countryside or mountainous areas, it is vital for many entrepreneurs to invest include transportation, communication, and social-culture that innovate the living of people there. Currently, domestic tourism is becoming more and more popular because of its price. Especially, souvenirs are one of the bestselling products that remind tourist to remember their tour with unforgettable memories. Meanwhile, many different forms of tourism are created to earn money such as all-inclusive tour or book tour online. Especially, ‘toxic tour’ allows tourist to take part in toxic destination include polluted areas and raises their awareness of the negative impact on local. For instance, Pezzullo P. told that while he had researched about a toxic tour, his cousin had been diagnosed with cancer. She died two years later although her doctor complimented that she was the healthiest person with cancer. Her death kept his motivated to find the linkages between toxic population and cancer. Then he discovered a toxic tour in San Francisco, California. Tourism is also an effective way to advertise the beauty of host countries, so it is very essential to make their tradition and history become eternal and unforgettable.

Along with its advantages, tourism also has its disadvantages. Especially, it plays a negative impact on the natural environment that has become a debatable issue for many years. It is noticeable that tourism causes water pollution. The more products are made, the more sewage from factories discharges to nature especially the sea. We can easily find plenty of trash on the beach due to the unaware of tourists. A key example of this is China. Secondly, the tourism industry makes emission that led to air pollution. Exhaust fume from vehicle, ship or factories is very harming to the ecosystem. Moreover, noise pollution which is caused by tourists and traffic brings stress and annoy to local people. Thirdly, overexploitation causes run out of natural resources and put wild and rare animals in danger or even are on the edge of extinction by poaching. People also cut down many forests and invade the habitat of animals to executive their project for ecotourism. Finally, people can take advantage of being tourists to smuggling or bring strange and uncured diseases that are very hard to detect. For example, Zika is an infectious disease which has effect seriously on tourists. The solution of these cases is having stringent regulation such as ban plastic bottles, hunting, throw garbage unconsciously, recycle used water and raise everyone’s awareness of protecting to the environment. If people do not follow the rule, they will be fined.

On the other hand, tourism brings significant drawbacks to the social-culture. It is an easy way that reactionary forces often use to propagate and provoke to undermine the social, economic, cultural and political of their enemy nations. Terrorists choose the safe cover as tourism to commit a crime. The assassination of Kim Jong Nam is a specific example. It also increases the crime rate of countries such as illegal trading or thieves that steal valuable antiques.

Another limitation is the negative impact of tourism on the economy. Many tourists are ripped-off by local. According to a report, Chinese tourists ripped-off and after sharing a photo of their receipt, the restaurant was fined 33 dollars. That is the reason why they should learn how to haggle and prepare everything carefully before traveling. Moreover, land for agriculture can be cut to use for tourism.

In conclusion, tourism brings many advantages to the environment that should be maintained and promoted. On the contrary, there are some major disadvantages that everyone must concern. Remember to understand totally and clearly the effect of tourism on the environment if you want to find the solution of these problems above.

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