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Essay on Applying Social Contract Theory to Analyze 'Super Size Me'

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I have chosen to compose my paper about the motion picture 'Super Size Me' which is coordinated by Morgan Spurlock in 2004 in the United States. The narrative film taking around ninety minutes of a multi day time span where Spurlock ate fast food chains from McDonald's. The primary accentuation is on the physical and mental impacts of way of life numerous individuals accept by relying upon the quick fast food chains. Inexpensive food organizations in the state support poor sustenance, as not many individuals can comprehend the dietary benefits of the fast food chains they expend. Spurlock crosses the nation, to look at the healthy and unhealthy fast food chains in the cheap food organizations. This movie really shows the importance of the ethical problems related to the food business.

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Social Contract Theory

This theory tries to offer a powerful structure which administrative and business choices that are made concerning their impact on relative networks and good measures. The motion picture features the dynamic idea of the danger of being obese procured from depending on quick fast food chainss and the impact the quick fast food chainss have contributed concentrating on McDonald's which is a global inexpensive food chain. Being obese for too long is identified with various illnesses the most common which is the inability to breath(asthma) or a serious stroke. The hard obstacles these illnesses cause to an individual's wellbeing are in the open area yet organizations keep on serving unsafe fast food chains without offering sufficient data concerning the nutritive qualities. According to (D'Agostino, Fred, Gaus) “The ultimate goal, then, of social contract theories is to show, in the most general sense, that social, moral, political, legal, etc. rules can be rationally justified. This does not, however, distinguish the social contract from other approaches in moral and political philosophy, all of which attempt to show that moral and political rules are rationally justifiable in some sense.”(p.1)

One may ask why cheap food organizations keep on growing amidst wellbeing related confusions realized by quick fast food chains. A single person of the unethical business practice is the organization culture that stresses on profits and great business execution rather than ethical conduct in the business. The devotion in the chain business lies in the clients as well as among the partners and the official officials. Despite the fact that the protagonist neglected to secure pay for impeding wellbeing condition, organizations should confront punishments for neglecting to give buyers great data concerning the items. According to (Neiman) “The first approach directly applies the social contract theory of a political philosopher to issues of business ethics. For example, the parallels between Thomas Hobbe's state of nature and concept of human nature, from which Hobbes justifies the powers of government, and multinational corporation in the global marketplace, from which palmer justifies adherence to national lawns a commitment to sustainability.'(p1) Great business ethics request that organizations adjust their practices and maintain relative ethics. Cheap food organizations ought to other than teach their kin on the fast food chains as they plan as a system of controlling the harm done to people in general. Organizations are probably going to lose when looked with allegations on terrible ethics and social untrustworthiness.

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