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Essay on Company’s Corporate Culture: Case Study of Apple

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· We live in a world where technology, especially information and communication technology plays huge role in today’s daily and practical life, it includes all digital technology that assists individuals, businesses and organizations in using information. It covers all electronic products that deal with information in a digital form. Advances in the development of information and communication technologies is transforming business practices and creating opportunities for new types of entrepreneurial activities.

· Technology is an application of knowledge to the practical aims of human life or to changing and manipulating the manipulating of the human environment. Technology includes the use of materials, tools, techniques, and sources of power to make life easier or more pleasant and work more productive. Whereas science is concerned with how and why things happen, technology focuses on making things happen. The world technology is a combination of two Greek words, techne and logos. Techne means “to speak of”.

And now what exactly does digital mean…Digital describes electronic technology that generates, stores, and processes data in terms of two states, positive and non-positive. A modern is used to convert the digital information in your computer to analog signals for your phone line and to convert analog phone signals to digital information for your computer. Now we can say and conclude does “digital technologies” are electronic tools, systems, devices and resources that generate, store or process data. Well-known examples include social media, online games, multimedia and mobile phones. Digital learning is any type of learning that uses technology like E-learning, learning students from home like online sessions and many other kinds of digital learning.

Artificial intelligence (A.I) and the Internet of Things (I.O.T) are two examples of digital technologies.

Artificial intelligence is making intelligent machines that fulfill like humans, is the ability of a computer program or a machine to think and learn, and among the most important of these characteristics is the ability to acquire, deduce and react to situations and set of circumstances not programmed in the machine. However, this term is controversial due to the absence of a specific definition of intelligence. And artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science. Internet of things or I.O.T is a scenario in which objectives, animals or people are provided with distinctive identifiers and the ability to automatically transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction, in another world, the Internet of Things (I O T) have embedded computing devices interrelated with the existing internet infrastructure, examples built-in sensors, smart thermostats, home appliances that are networked for remote monitoring. Let’s choose an example of a business function like “HR” and how these two technologies impact on it?

Impact of Artificial intelligence on the HR function, Artificial intelligence has the capacity to make decisions in real-time, based on pre-installed algorithms and efficient computing technologies. With an HR department encompassing the human element and AI, companies can provide an enhanced experience for their candidates and employee, it can play a role in HR strategy, employee management, analysis of company policies and practices, managing payrolls, and more. It can automate the workforce; investigate corporate compliance and litigation strategies. Artificial intelligence can speed up hiring processes.

Impact on the Internet of Things on HR function, each thing is uniquely identifiable through its embedded computing system and can interoperate within the existing internet infrastructure.

What does the phrase “organization culture” suggest to you, what is meant by organizational culture?

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Organizational cultures works a lot like this. Every company has its own unique personality, just like people do. The unique personality of an organization is referred to as its culture. In groups of people who work together, organizational culture is an invisible nut powerful force that influences the behavior of the members of that group. So, how do we define organizational culture?

Organizational culture is a system of shared assumptions, values, and beliefs, which governs how people behave an organization. These shared values a strong influence on the people in the organization and develops and maintain a unique culture, which provides guidelines and boundaries for the behavior of the members of the organization. Let’s explore what elements make up an organization’s culture. Organizational cultures are composed of seven characteristics that range in priority from high to low. Every organization has a distinct value for each of these characteristics, which, when combined, defines the organization’s unique culture.

What is the organizational culture of the famous APPLE” company and how can organizational cultures can influence innovation capabilities and competitiveness …?

Apple’s organizational culture is a key factor in the continuing success of the business. A company’s organizational or corporate culture establishes and maintains the business philosophy, values, beliefs, and related behaviors among employees. This business analysis case shows that apple has a corporate culture that enables human resources to support various strategic objectives. For example, the company’s cultural traits are aligned with the drive for innovation, which is a major factor that determines business competitiveness in the information technology, online services, and consumer electronics industries. Based on the organizational culture this business condition facilitates the fulfillment of Apple Inc.’s corporate mission and vision statements. Through the leadership of Steve Jobs and, now through the leadership of Tim Cook, the company continues to enhance its cultural Characteristics to maximize human resource support for business relevance in various markets around the world. Apple Shapes its corporate culture and uses it as a tool for strategic management and success. Through its corporate culture, apple strengthens its competitive advantages against other firms in various industries. The company competes against other firms in various industries. The company competes against information technology firms like Samsung, google, amazon, Dell, Lenovo, Sony, and many other companies…These competitors impose strong external forces that influence strategic management among firms in the industry, as illustrated in porter’s five forces analysis of “Apple”, as result, cultural traits must reinforce necessary competitive advantages throughout the workforce. The company partially achieves this strategic objective through its organizational culture.

Apple Inc. has an organizational culture for creative innovation. The company s cultural features focus on maintaining a high level of innovation that involves creativity and a mindset that challenges conventions and standards. The business depends on cultural support and coherence, which are determinants of competitiveness and industry leadership, especially in addressing aggressive and rapid technological innovation and product development. The main characteristics of apples corporate culture are Top-notch excellence, creativity, innovation, secrecy, and moderate combativeness. “Top-notch Excellence”.Apple’s organizational culture comes with a policy of hiring only the best of the best in the labor market. Steve Jobs was known to fire employees who did not meet his expectations. This tradition continues under Tim Cook. Such as tradition maintains and reinforces a corporate culture that promotes, appreciates, and expects top-notch excellence among employees. This cultural trait is institutionalized in Apple’s organization. For example, the company has programs that recognize and reward excellence among workers. Excellence is emphasized as a critical success factor in the business, especially in product design and development. “Creativity”, this cultural characteristic pertains to new ideas that help improve the business and its products. Apple’s management favors creativity among employees’ knowledge, skills, and abilities. This characteristic of the corporate culture enables the company to ensure sufficient creativity, especially among employees involved in product design and development processes. Such creativity is observable in the design and features of the iPhone, Macs and iPad, among other products included in Apple’s marketing mix or 4PS.In this regard, the organizational culture helps maintain the company’s capacity to satisfy customers’ expectations and preferences. “innovation’ ’Apple’s organizational culture supports rapid innovation. The company is frequently apprised as one of the most innovative companies in the world. Based on this cultural trait, the firm trains and motivates it, employees, to innovate in terms of individual work performance and contributions to product development processes. The corporate culture facilitates rapid innovation, which is at the heart of Apple Inc.’s business. Rapid innovation ensures that the company continues to introduce new products that are profitable and attractive to target clients.” Secrecy” Steve jobs developed Apple to have an organizational culture of secrecy. This cultural characteristic continues to define the company’s human resource development. Secrecy is part of the company’s strategy to minimize theft of proprietary information or intellectual property. It is also a strategic management approach that enables Apple Inc. to maximize its leading-edge against competitors. Through the corporate culture, employees are encouraged and expected to keep business information within the company. This cultural trait is reinforced through the company’s policies, rules and employment contracts. In this context, Apple’s organizational culture helps protect the business from corporate espionage and the negative effects of employee poaching. “Moderate Combativeness”, apples organizational culture has moderate combativeness. This feature is linked to Steve jobs and his combative approach to leadership. He was known to randomly challenge employees to ensure that they have what it takes to work at apple. However, under Tim Cook’s leadership, the company has been changing its corporate culture to a more sociable and less combative one. Nonetheless, combativeness remains a major influence in the business in business. Apple’s corporate culture exhibits a moderate degree of combativeness that presents challenges that aim to enhance employee output.

The advantage and benefits of this Apple’s Culture, the combination of top-notch excellence, creativity and innovation in Apple’s organizational culture supports the company’s industry leadership. The business is widely regarded as a leader in terms of innovation and product design. These cultural characteristics empower Apple and its human resources to stand out and stay ahead of competitors. This corporate culture enables success and competitive advantages, as well as the further strengthening of the company’s brand, which is one of the key business strengths shown in the swot analysis of Apple Inc. Creativity and excellence are especially important in the company’s rapid innovation processes for continuous competitiveness and business development. Drawbacks and weaknesses zone, Apple’s corporate culture brings challenges because of the emphasis on secrecy and a moderate degree of combativeness. An atmosphere of secrecy limits rapport among workers. Also, moderate combativeness has the potential to limit or reduce employee morale. These cultural issues can reduce business effectiveness and increase employee turnover. Apple Inc. can address this situation by modifying its organizational culture to reduce but not necessarily remove combativeness. This recommendation focuses on reducing the disadvantages of combativeness, without eliminating the benefits of combative approaches in the company. Also, Apple can integrate new cultural traits to keep the business relevant, given trends and changes in the information technology, cloud services, digital content distribution, and consumer electronics industry environment.

· We got acquainted with several concepts and several terms, and we learned that its mission was to evolve important and accurate, because everything has advantages and disadvantages, and that not everything can fit, be integrated, and be useful in all circumstances. Sometimes nothing can replace a person with his reason, intelligence, and abilities. We must not forget that he is commanding and the forbidden, and he is the one who discovered, learned, produced, invented, and created, and that he is the one who makes the difference, so it must not enter into any reverse equation and to lose any part or to replace and use any of his accomplishments in places that have no place.

There is always a question that arises, where is this dreaded world going, which is technology and modernity evolution and discovery, how will the universe become, and what next? Will development, progress, connectivity, communication, and modernity go to the end of the road, and bad deeds, or is there a better and magical world full of creativity and prosperity, but an endless world and a better life than now?

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