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Essay on Debates over Obamacare

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Both parties have different thoughts on immigration, trade, tax, and most importantly healthcare and this has been a major issue that has been constantly debated upon. The Republican party opposes Obamacare (a government-run program) which is not exactly beneficial for American citizens and believes that private companies could set up a better and more effective healthcare service for American Citizens. Republicans have been against the Affordable Care Act (ACA) ever since it had been made in 2010 under the Democratic majority. The act consists of a series of laws and programs which in fact treats people differently depending upon where they work and live, how much they earn. Republicans dislike how the law benefits are distributed and want to repeal and replace it with a less complex and more beneficiary law. The Republicans think healthcare systems should be based on free markets and flexibility to adapt because this will encourage competitions within the market which will help in reducing healthcare costs. Healthcare programs that are run by the government reduce the standard of care and it also affects the patient’s relationship with the doctor.

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Republican Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas believes that the solutions implemented should hold value and the new bill should be better than the ACA or there is no point going through this hustle and putting so much effort into it, also the repeal and replacement of Obamacare should not be done quickly as this is a sensitive topic that will affect Americans for years until of course the rule is changed again. The Obamacare law has helped people in his state but hurt many more. “Obamacare has caused Arkansas uninsured rate to drop by more than 12 percentage points”, which is greater than any other state. Senator Cotton believes the governor of every state should have the flexibility to adapt to the changes of Medicaid for the betterment of the Citizens. Senator also believes Medicaid in the United States is a welfare program that is not supposed to be for able bodies adults or rather the program is not designed to. Donald Trump’s election as president gave the Republicans a real chance to write their own bill. Obviously making the new bill is hoped to get better results, but the republicans need to understand they need to get it right rather than get the new bill voted upon fast. Senator Cotton widely opposes the Medicaid expansion that was created under the ACA, as many Republicans do. The problem is that Medicaid is an insurance designed for the disabled and the poor. An attempt must be made to repeal and replace Medicaid as well as Obamacare. The disabled and poor should at least get Medicare-like benefits. The ACA is not a partisan issue when all lives matter, not just republican ones, believes Senator Cotton. Obamacare was reducing health care costs but insurance costs continued to increase. Republicans would make a replacement bill with the help of some solutions such as budget reconciliation Medicare compromise, and automatic enrolment into the welfare program.

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