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Essay on Growing Up without a Father

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Does growing up without a father figure affect the child?


I chose this topic because it seemed interesting to me because I’m one of those kids and I don’t think it affected me much but I’m hoping to find out whether it affects others in some way and if it does I want to find out how and if there is more than one way. I have been interested in this topic for a while. I am also hoping to learn whether it’s a struggle for these kids to then have male friends and whether their opinion on male species changed based on the fact about what their mothers told them or how they find out about what happened to their fathers in the first place. Another question I wanted to research was whether or not later on in life the children would like to find their father and if it affects one gender more than the other and what is the overall cause of couples splitting in the first place. This is why if have picked this specific topic.


Psychological effects:

How we are growing up, who we are growing up with and the experience we get will greatly affect our future. There has been researching carried out and the results were quite interesting. The experiment was held by Dr.Gabriella Gobbi at McGill University in Canada. The experiment was carried out on California mice as they are also monogamous and just like humans raise their children together. The brain of the fatherless mice appears to develop differently and work differently as well. The main impact is on the part of the brain that controls social and cognitive activity. Mice raised without a father show signs of ‘abnormal social interactions. They also display signs of aggression so they are far more aggressive than mice raised with both parents. This affected the mice the same way it would affect a human being which proves that children with no father are more aggressive. This deviant behavior seems to affect females more than males and girls have been shown more likely to develop substance addiction which is a problem in our generation. On the other hand, guys growing up without a father are likely to drop out of school for both good and bad reasons. One of the reasons being drug and alcohol addiction while the other reason is to work and earn money so the family won’t starve. Overall it affects females more than males. The main problem with all of this is a divorce in general. In countries such as India which has a divorce rate as low as 1% and Chile which has a divorce rate of 3% that is possible because in India they choose wisely who they marry because in their religion you have to spend a lot of money on a wedding and most of India is below poverty so they cannot afford another wedding, that is why the divorce rate is so low. After doing more research I have found out that around fifteen million children grow up without a father and that’s only in America.57.6% of black children,31.2% of Hispanic and 20.7% of white children are living without a father which is a lot in my opinion. Some of the countries with the highest divorce rate are Luxemburg, Spain, France, and Russia with the highest divorce rate being 87%. Not all people In India are happily married. Some marriage is forced because of religion, because of the parents, or because people don’t have enough money so they only marry for money.

Problems and solutions:

Mental Health:

children growing up without a father are more prone to drugs, smoking, and also depression. I think a solution to that problem would be for others to constantly talk to their children about general things and keep any addictive substances away from them until they are old enough to understand that they are bad for them. Also, it would be a good idea for parents and mothers to have at least some idea of who their children are friends with and whether it’s affecting their kids in any way.

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Even though it’s harder to change children’s cognitive scores than noncognitive there is still evidence that having no father affects those children and most have been proven less likely to graduate from high school which means higher levels of unemployment and less money for the to survive in the future. I think a good solution would be that some jobs to be made for people who didn’t graduate so they can at least survive. Or those kids get part-time jobs to get some experience and have some chances of getting a job.

Overall development:

A child growing up with a father has a higher IQ by the age of 3 than a child that is growing up without one. Children with a father are also more ready to start school and deal better with being away from home. Every year two parenting households decrease by 1.2 Million.


Growing up without a father figure mostly affects girls. Males are not affected as much but it still affects them in some way. I don’t think this should be happening because parents’ splitting still affects the child’s life no matter how much it does. I think that if couples are married they should stay married. I think there should be more countries like India because that will solve a lot. People should pay more attention to this problem

Summary and conclusion:

In conclusion, I have found out that most women are affected psychologically more than men and there are no other effects besides that. I have also found why most couples split which is also the reason why so many children are without a father. The reasons are they are not married because they love each other most people are married because the marriages are either arranged or people get married for the other person’s money but there are ways to stop that and that is what people should focus on.

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