Essay on Gun Violence in Florida

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Have you heard about the Gun Law Scorecard? If you have not seen it yet, I recommend starting with a sneak peek on Google. Furthermore, that is how I decided to start my research on Gun laws and the differences between the states, out of 50 states I decided to pick Florida, Texas, and Delaware. These three states are very different, in this peculiar scorecard they are scored as C in Florida, F in Texas, and B in Delaware. In this research paper, I will explain in detail the differences between having a strict or weak law, whether it reduces crime and the impact on the three states that I picked.

Nevertheless, I would like to start with my home state Florida. The state of Florida is presented in the scorecard with a grade of C, with a gun death rate of 12.81 per 100k. Furthermore, in 2018 the state surpassed a strong package deal of gun protection legal guidelines after the impact of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. The nation has the 24th-lowest gun demise charge in the USA and is a net exporter of crime guns. Gifford Law Center suggests that to keep lives from gun violence, the state of Florida legislators should require a heritage check on all firearm sales, increase domestic violence firearm prohibitions to include dating partners, and direct funding to community-driven violence intervention programs. However, Florida is missing many other regulations to the law for it to be strict and safe. The suggested regulations for the state of Florida are Universal background checks, Gun dealer licensing, handgun design safety standards, Bulk firearm purchase restrictions, Licensing authority having the discretion to deny a concealed carry permit, etc...

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In the bargain, there is the state of Texas presented into the scorecard with a grade of F with a gun death rate of 12.22 per 100k. However, Texas has extraordinarily vulnerable gun laws. The kingdom has the 21st-lowest gun dying rate and is an internet exporter of crime guns. Legislators enacted a regulation in 2015 permitting humans to elevate hidden, loaded guns on college campuses, which threatens public safety and free speech. In 2017, Texas had the 27th-highest gun demise price amongst the states, and, though it was once a major importer of crime guns, nearly 85% of crime weapons recovered that 12 months in Texas have been at the start offered in the state. Furthermore, the Gifford Law Center suggests that in addition to repealing its hazardous campus raise law, Texas legislators have to reflect on the consideration of requiring historical past exams on all gun sales, enacting an extreme danger safety order law, and strengthening legal guidelines that preclude get right of entry to firearms via home abusers. For the state of Texas to improve on their state laws they are missing regulations such as universal background checks, assault weapon restrictions, ammunition regulation, bulk gun purchases, etc...

On the other note, there is the state of Delaware presented into the scorecard with a grade of B with a death rate of 11.55 per 100k. The state of Delaware has more advantageous gun legal guidelines than most states. The country has the 17th-lowest gun loss of life rate and imports crime guns at the fifth-highest rate. In 2017, Delaware had the 15th-lowest gun loss of life price amongst the states and supplied crime guns to different states at the 21st-highest rate. In 2018, Delaware banned set-off activators such as bump stocks and exceeded an extreme chance of the safety order law, which enables the elimination of guns from at-risk individuals. According to the Gifford Law Center, to similarly reinforce its gun laws, Delaware should require a license to buy a firearm, direct funding to community-driven violence intervention strategies in underserved communities, and preclude undetectable and untraceable firearms. Even though Delaware has a good percentage they are missing some restrictions such as Bulk firearm purchase restrictions, Firearm registration, Assault weapons, etc...

Taking everything into account every state needs to add some important restrictions to the state law for them to prevent crime such as domestic violence and school shooting. Fun fact: 'The federal government spends roughly 35 million per year researching car crashes, but less than 2 million per year researching gun deaths. Car crash deaths have decreased dramatically, while the number of gun deaths has remained relatively stable.' (Gifford 2018). While collecting the different types of data it shows that gun control does help in reducing crime, with the purpose of not leaving a gun in the wrong person's hand. Furthermore, each state has a different type of culture that reflects on the laws as well, such as hunting in the state of Texas. In addition, guns provide a certain type of security to citizens while it is a threat, which makes it more important to have gun laws and restrictions; good feedback would be the death rates that fluctuate between the states with strict and weak laws. Finally, I believe that if every state increases the number of restrictions it would be beneficial for the state, this will make providing a gun to a well-being citizen more accurate.

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