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Essay on How the Internet Makes Life Easier

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This modern world is totally incomplete without the Internet. We can’t even think our life without the Internet it will be so much difficult and we have to face so many problems. For our smallest to biggest work to do the Internet is mandatory now days. The Internet is very advance and successful achievements of our society. It makes our life style very easy and quick. For advance security system or to find if any think going wrong for that the Internet is essential. It helps us to research new technology and new systems. Peoples can do many difficult thinks easily with the help of the Internet.

The Benefits of the Internet

Easy Learning

Every student has their different learning ability some of them are quick learner and some of them not. The Internet helps them all in various ways. Students can solve their any quarries and question with the help of the Internet. If they have any problem in a particular subject then they can search that in the Internet and there are many answers they will get and easy solutions. They learn very quickly. Many times, children don’t like the boring writing of their text book and they don’t find any interest on that chapter. But if they see that same thing on the Internet in different way then they find interest to learn that. In the Internet they can find many videos on that and nicely elaborate that. Not only children, the Internet helps everyone with their studies. We can find any question’s answer in the Internet. We just have to search that question in a search bar of your mobile or computer then if it has an Internet connection then in a second that answer of that question will appear on the screen. The Internet makes things easy for us. In modern days many schools and collages teach their students with modern technology and an Internet connection is must for that. To learn something new or discover something for that the Internet is mandatory for everyone. These days teaching kids are not so easy work. We can’t expect that the 2.5-3 years old little babies will sit to study and it’s absolutely not expected, but many parents send their kid to play school or kindergartens to learn when they able to speak. But maximum kids are don’t want to stay there or learn for them if you show those things like; nursery rhymes or basic alphabet in the Internet in a cartoon formation then their little mind will accept to learn and enjoy. Teaching kids in a playing way is a very useful method. When they see their favorite cartoons or dolls tell the poems then they also want to tell and that how they will learn that.


Communication is very important and necessary part of human society, without communicate each other no one can survive. But it’s not possible that whom we want to talk that person always besides us. To stable that connection and communication we have to depend on the Internet, without the Internet it’s not possible. For work purpose or study many times we have to leave our home and have stayed other state or country, at that situation the Internet is the only thing that connects us with our family. With the help of this we can see our family members our friends in our mobile or laptop or computer. We can talk with them, see them and any time chat with them. If are not in aboard but many times we have to face many difficult situations that time we need to inform our family members that time the Internet is help us to build up a communication. Suppose it’s very late and any of your family member or friend doesn’t come home then how should you know about your family member or friend if she/she has any mobile phone or any contact device from that they can contact with your family, the Internet make that contact through the peoples.

Finding Location

If we don’t know any address or if any case we are lost in somewhere and don’t know which side we should go then through Internet’s GPR systems we can easily find the way. On the screen it shows the route map as well as it also dictated the routes. There are many online businesses going on, we defiantly come on that topic but before coming on that, many of us know that in online business there are some home delivery businesses also, with the help of GPR connection the vendors find out the customers address and drop their goods at their doorsteps. Without the Internet connection it won’t be possible to find that particular address among the billions of people in this world. The Internet is definitely beneficial for development our society.

Business Development

To run a business successfully the Internet is mandatory. Before starting any business, we need to research about the business about the particular product and also the market conditions. It helps to collect the data and research. For business purposes, we have to contact other business people of many people, this requires an Internet connection. For e-mail sending or video chat with our business partners for every particular thing; without the Internet it’s not possible. We can’t get any information of business and the market without the Internet; and it also provides us the worksheets and the data of the employees. With the help of the Internet peoples can develop their new working ideas. Previously I talk few words about the online business, in those businesses the owners completely handle the business throughout the Internet, they can sale their goods with just a click, and they can deliver all the products on their customers given address. With the help of the Internet and the technology we can find any address any place very quickly. In this Internet world the online business persons can develop their business very easily. They don’t have to find a building to setup their office or anything. In online many small businesses are also run through that many students and many women make themselves independent.


Earlier I talked about the study material we can find the Internet and we can also learn but not only the study material, but also many more things which we can see in the Internet. Humans mind is full of quarries, and all of the questions are not study related and we can’t find every answer in our text book. To solve that quarries we search in the Internet and find our all answers successfully. In the Internet we can get all types of topics and can get the discussion on those topics. And anyone can also ask the question on their quarries, if anyone knows the answers then they solve that or that will be answered by the experts of that particular sites. The Internet helps us to grow our knowledge in various filed and different subjects. To grow knowledge reading school books are not enough many times we have to go out of the books to find something new.

Online Teaching

When students go to school or college that time, they can ask the question of their teacher on their subject, but what if at home they are sitting to study and can’t understand anything and need help, for those students many teachers teach online. Though students can ask question from their teacher in school or college but in school or colleges there are many children and limited time so it’s not possible to solve the entire problem. But if teachers can come to students, then it will be possible, with the help of the Internet many teachers upload their teaching videos online and solve the doubts of each student. Students can see those videos at sitting their home and can clear their doubts. And it’s also possible that students can talk to their online teacher and ask questions or write their question under the video comments section from that the teachers see that questions and answers that. It will defiantly help children to improve their grades. It’s not only beneficial for students but also the teachers can get benefits from this; the teacher and their teaching style will surely get popular and from this they can also earn money. Teachers can open their online tuition classes or by posting the videos on any particular sites of the Internet they can earn money from that site.

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As I said before, everything we can get at our doorstep with just a click. There are so many shopping sites and apps where anyone can shop various kinds of things like dresses, shoes, jewelry, furniture and even you can buy your house online. Peoples also can see the pictures of those particular things. And some of them sits have huge discount and returning process also, everything is possible because of the Internet availability. Anyone can do it from anywhere, they don’t have to go out and visit the shopping malls and wait a line of that shopping mall counter, it’s so easy with the Internet now it can be done from your home. Not only these types of goods also if anyone is hungry then they can order their favorite food from their favorite restaurant. And the food will deliver at your given address with in sometimes.

Bills and Payments

We talked about the online shopping and getting our favorite products at our home without going out but what about the bill payments of those things? For that should we go to the bank and stand in a long line to withdrawn money? That’s not necessary now. Because with an Internet connection, online payments can be made easily and in a second you will know about it and you don't have to go out. And many online money transaction apps have also given you money back and you can get discounts. It can be used to make any kind of payment.


Surrounding us there are many social activities happen, there are lots of social workers who help needy peoples. Or any types of nature disaster happen then that time we should help them contribute something for them. For this contribution we don’t need to go at their house or they don’t have to come ours. I know we see many times the social workers visit door to door to collect the help, but the present days advance technology makes it easy any one can help the needy people from their home by online sending money.


The Internet is very big place of entertainment where people can see many times of funny, knowledgably or thrilling etc. show. All kinds of entertainment are available there. Peoples also show their talents in the Internet. And they can also archive success from that. Kids to old entertainment is liked by everyone if a little baby crying then if you give them a turning on the cartoons then that will be divert the mind of the children. It will also happen with adult if we get upset with something then just turn on the Internet connection and see our favorite’s things then that will change our mood.

Work from Anywhere

You do not need to go to the office to do your job or if you are on vacation but must submit the document to your office, simply mail it in and the Internet is required to complete this procedure. You can work from anywhere to submit projects or assignments, if we can't submit at the office, you can submit this from anywhere.

Police Securities

The Internet helps our security system to find the criminals find their locations. It also helps to access the criminal’s data base. Without the Internet connection those things will not possible.


After analyzing all the benefits that the Internet has given us, we can say with confidence that it makes our life easy. In this twentieth century, the Internet is an absolute necessity. For the growth and development of society and man, the Internet is mandatory for everyone.

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