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Essay on Idolization of Andrew Jackson by Donald J. Trump

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The context of the article ‘How I Feel as a Native Woman When Trump Idolizes Andrew Jackson’ is of compelling seriousness and importance of the misleading idolization of Andrew Jackson. The overwhelming anger felt through the writing in this article is directed towards Andrew Jackson’s atrocious actions towards all American Indians. It is understandable why the actions of the past evoke anger and disgust, especially for Adrienne Keene, a Cherokee Nation citizen, scholar, and writer of the article. It is unconscionable, in my opinion, that any person with a sense of civility and honor could venerate Andrew Jackson’s horrific actions toward the American Indians for the sole search of acquired land and power. Unfortunately, it is possible and noted by individuals with the same narcissistic mentality as the tweet by former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee directed for President Trump to see.

I believe it is evident to acknowledge the similarities between Trump and Andrew Jackson by the actions seen today. The fascination that Trump has towards Andrew Jackson’s ideology is the emulation in the actions towards others that do not hold any value to Andrew Jackson and Trump’s sense of righteousness. For one thing, the unacknowledged existence or value of individuals and communities that perhaps do not look, speak, and think like Andrew Jackson and Trump continues to be seen in current events. One of many examples written in history is referenced in the article, the Indian Removal Act. An act of removal of the natural owners of the land, that was everything but peaceful and voluntary. This was a round-up of American Indians taken by force to be dislocated for the literal invasion and seizure of their land. Andrew Jackson’s grandiose sense of character justified the removal and the catastrophic deaths of thousands of Native Americans. It is regrettably to say that this type of legacy or response towards different is in the core of the fundamental narcissistic way of thought and continues to be played out by Trump.

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In like manner the entitlement that Andrew Jackson believed, it too was met with great resistance. In the article, one method that the Cherokee resisted was by adopting the settler’s practices yet honoring and preserving the Cherokee language. Interesting enough the resistance by the Cherokee and other Native Americans is very much reflected in a different but similar resistance led by Emiliano Zapata. In ‘Indian Givers’ (Chapter 9: ‘Red Sticks and Revolution’), Emiliano Zapata’s revolutionary movement emphasizes the importance of regaining the land from the oppression of dictators and the so-called elite. Emiliano Zapata was able to organize and unify the campesinos, for general justice and right of ownership of their own land. This struggle allowed for the unification of the culture and ethic connection to become a force that empowered the campesinos to confront the white elite.

In addition to the uprising of the campesinos in Mexico, similar uprising occurred throughout the Americas. The vast struggles for Indian rights throughout the Americas are noted in the book ‘Indian Giver’. The daring methods to oppose the white elites may have changed from region to region, but the principle of the struggles is the same. Resistance continues today in order to preserve and maintain our culture from the illicit actions of corruption.

I believe that Andrew Jackson has become the blueprint for Trump to follow. I can only assume that Trump believes that his actions are up to par with actions taken by Andrew Jackson’s presidency. He has found someone with the same frame of mind to utilize and manipulate the president’s seat to his—and only his—liking and benefit. Disregarding any laws to prevent the same treatment met by the American Indians is being repeated once again. The idolization of Andrew Jackson by Trump is his way of resisting the notion that the American Indian will never stop fighting for justice and what is rightfully theirs.

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