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Essay on Importance of English

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1. Introduction

Not many people use English as a language to be spoken the most, but it’s the official language in many countries. 2 Billion people in the world use English as their communication language! That’s why English is the main language in influential countries. It is also used as a dominant language for business matters and it has become almost a necessity for people to speak English if they are to enter a global job, research from all over the world shows that cross-border business communication is most often conducted in English. Its significance in the global marketplace therefore cannot be unpretentious. People who have a strong English vocabulary gain a lot of attention and respect from others. Because speaking with a strong vocabulary shows that you really take it seriously, the way we use words contained intelligence and authority. A person, who is a genius in math or someone who is an expert software developer, most of them may be respected for technical their skills, but if the words that come out of mouth consist of a bad vocabulary, it will, unfortunately, indicates a lack of knowledge.

2. Method

This research used a descriptive method to describe the role of English in information technology, some studies claimed that those who have advanced knowledge of English are much more likely to gain advantages in their careers and that the English language will lead to getting higher pay. So, despite that you understand English for business you may find yourself struggling when it comes to understanding computer jargon or the terms and expression which only used in the IT world

Because IT is developing greatly with those new devices (such as mobile phones and tablets) and apps that are created and released almost every time. We need to keep up with the latest technological developments and updates and the language to discuss them so we could understand them, either in our business or personal life. If you don’t want to be outdated, that’s one good reason to learn English for Information Technology.

3. Result and Discussion

In today’s technology which has spread throughout the world including Indonesia, technology is not far away from English, every time we do things with technology, it must be related to English, for example, when we play online games, we will meet several menus. Which contains the English language, when we play with other players overseas we certainly interact with English. From there we can already know that Technology is directly related to English.

What is the importance of English (Why English Matters)?

English is very important for our future, in this new era like today, more and more developments will occur in this country. Starting from free trade, foreign companies stand in Indonesia so that the use of English is getting wider, and of course, entrepreneurs or job seekers should master English in order to keep abreast of this era.

English is also a link for us to interact with other countries, in terms of work, education, and so forth. So, it can be seen that English is very important for us in our lives and future

What are the benefits of mastering English?

Many benefits to mastering English, including the:

  • We Can interact and socialize with other communities
  • English is an international language, so we can make friends with different people across the world.
  • English in Technology, you have noticed that English is directly related to technology.
  • English for Education. Current Education should require English lessons to make students understand what English is. University, if we want to study abroad where we must have English-speaking skills so that we can take educators and socialize with friends at foreign universities that we want.
  • Master the World with English, Rule the world? Yes, we can dominate the world with English, but not politically or militarily, but more like about aspects of lifestyle, culture, economy, and so on

How do you know your English skills?

  • By reading

Reading books in English, we can learn English abilities if we read fluently means we can speak English fluently.

  • By writing

Writing stories in English we can find out our English ability if we write our stories fluently without any mistakes, we can be sure we have fluent English skills.

  • By speaking

Speaking, we can also increase our English skills. Let’s just try to find someone who is fluent in English and we have a dialogue in English, such as asking about news, asking about conditions, etc.

The benefits of being able to speak English which a lot crossed our minds so I will give a few examples of the Benefits of Mastering English:

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  • The most important benefit is that it will definitely make us smoothly communicate or interact with people abroad.
  • We can easily understand what is conveyed by people, books, procedures, and instructions that use English.
  • If we are very good at English, we can teach this knowledge to our relatives or family and others so that knowledge is useful for others.

As I discussed above, mastering English is very useful to be able to use the software smoothly.

Lots of tutorials or modules on the internet about programming, networking, or design that are almost all English, so we must be able to master English to be able to understand.

English is really crucial to information technology for various reasons. Where IT is used in businesses and is basically the backbone of the infomercial world at the moment. English is a global language of trade currently, and so the two are interlinked in terms of being able to execute many systems. many programs are produced in the US or are made in English in other countries, so English is essential for understanding them. To allows communication via electronic means in a single language, which avoids confusion.

English role in Information Technology

when we talk about automatic technology we will find English because the two are always related, for example, we use computers, laptops, and smartphones where the default language is English. Therefore, in my opinion, proficiency or fluency in English for IT people is very important because many learning resources like books and internet media that use English can increase knowledge from various sources.

is important for learning English in terms of communication, reading, and other, here I will give some examples of why English is important:

In terms of communicating when there are strangers inviting us to talk or asking for something, the language used must be English.

Every day we use computers, laptops, and smartphones, we certainly know that the main language used is English, because the producers realize that English is an international language because which is why many manufacturers use English as the default or primary language in their products.

First of all the software that we use on our laptops or computers almost all of them use English so if our English is not automatic we will take time to master the software, even though there are some software whose language can be set to our native or other languages.

If we encounter errors or bugs in the program that we make, it is easier to search for our problem in the English language.

In many countries where English is not the mother language, you are considered enlightened if you can speak the language properly. You will be presented with a number of career advantages, and you will have the option of staying home to work, or you could travel abroad. When you learn how to speak English, the opportunities are limitless. IT, traveling, finding a job, amusement, getting along with people, and simply self-improvement, English can give you all of it.

The power of English skills and learning it is huge in IT but so is its reverse. in language teaching, philosophy took place that is seen by many as the rise of the modern era the only what differs them is the different methods that appeared.

4. Conclusion

As a result, we notice the importance of English in the modern world, that learning how to speak English opened up a lot of opportunities, those doors that would normally be closed and rarely opened. On the other hand, many people that speak English complain about the impact of outsourcing, it presents HUGE opportunities for people living in foreign countries. Learning how to speak English can allow you to travel overseas, work there for a few months, and get paid higher than you would get in your hometown. This is an effective way that many people use, and it is the factors such as outsourcing that have allowed them to do it.


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