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Essay on Marilyn Monroe Personality

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Marilyn Monroe developed many symptoms but to narrow it down a bit will discuss 6 of the most significant ones she demonstrated. Fear/anxiety consumed Monroe her fear of getting her mother's illness tormented her and her anxiety led to worry which turned into a struggle for her acting and left her feeling very stressed, Depression succumbed to Monroe mind her 3 failed marriages and 2 miscarriages the death of her brother the institutionalization of her mother in a mental hospital it was too much to bear her being an actress with power and money and she couldn't do anything to prevent any of that she lives with guilt over things she didn't really have control over, Insomnia was a very serious influence in Monroe due to stress and pressures she faced in her life and career it left her sleepless and tired.

Suicidal thoughts influenced them greatly Monroe had finally built a famous life full of riches and attention none of which she received in childhood though it wasn't enough for her she still felt incomplete that she was missing something and she knew she would never truly recover what she was missing because if she were to step back to her past she believed she would feel pain once more.

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Monroe lost a sense of identity and confidence in being herself her role as an actor really took on the image of her life her life itself was an act and not something she could really live and enjoy and be proud of she failed to find happiness and saw suicide as a way out of the pain, Substance use she would take sleeping pills to help with her insomnia but she would do it so constantly that now its become a necessity for Monroe and alcohol consumption was another one to drown her depression in though she is Marilyn Monroe she wished she could have changed many things in her past life as Norma Jeane, Identity disturbance she created Marilyn Monroe to mask Norma Jeane her true self because she didn't want someone who suffered so much to earn the privilege of becoming an actress she didn’t want her rise to stardom to originate from her traumatic experiences and insecurities. These symptoms are signs of Borderline Personality Disorder.

Borderline Personality Disorder is a disease that is heritable via genetics so I believe that Monroe received this disease from one of her family members her Mother Gladys Baker who was Schizophrenic and also the influence of her traumatic childhood. So we can say Marilyn Monroe's final diagnosis is Borderline Personality Disorder because it is a mental disorder that shows frequent changes in mood, behavior, and relationships and according to her family history and medical history, and psychological assessment of her traumatic past experiences it demonstrates proof of Borderline Personality Disorder in Marilyn Monroe.

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