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Essay on Medical Tourism and Its Implications in Demand and Supply of Health Care in India

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Medical tourism is a term refers, when person or patient going to overseas for medical treatment or surgery whether it is mild or severe condition. This is a term that has ascended from the fast development of an industry, where individuals from all around the globe are making a trip to different nations to get therapeutic, dental, and careful consideration, while simultaneously visiting, traveling, and completely encountering the attractions of the nations that they are visiting (Connell, John; 2011). There are many different nations which are highly recommended for the medical tourism as like Brazil, Cuba, Costa Rica, Mexico, Czech Republic, Turkey, India, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia, but in medical tourist industry India ranked second (Bookman et al.; 2007). These all countries are ranked under top ten which are famous for medical facilities. Medical tourism is the highlighted industry in India. In year 2012, India earned near about $ 4 billion from the medical tourism industry whereas, now is expected to earn $8 billion by 2020(Qadeer et al.; 2013). In 2019, 495,056 clients visited India for the medical care. There are so many reasons so that tourists going to another country to seeking treatment for the specific disease. For example, In Canada, most of the people do not like long waiting time period for treatment or appointment which encourage the people for medical tourism. Moreover, from Great Britain, the patient can hardly wait for treatment by the National Health Service yet in addition can't bear to see a doctor in private practice. For other people, turning into a medicinal visitor is an opportunity to consolidate a tropical excursion with elective or plastic medical procedure. Instead of these reasons, in some countries treatment for major disease is not available, so if patient suffers from any disease condition, they must move one country to another country (Qadeer et al.; 2013).


Medical tourism was not start recently; it is many years old may be thousand years. In previous years, people moved for treatment from less developed countries to high developed centers because in their own country, medical treatment was not available but from few years it is changed. Nowadays, medical treatment for all disease is available in most of the countries but the cost of treatment is very high which is not affordable for all clients. So, they travel to developing countries for lower priced treatment. For example, in US, treatment of heart bypass surgery costs US$ 1,30,000 whereas In India it is only for US$10,000. The top countries which travel to India for treatment are Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Iraq, Maldives, Oman, Yemen, Kenya, Nigeria, and Tanzania. From the eighteenth century, affluent Europeans headed out to spas from Germany to the Nile. In the 21st century, generally minimal effort fly travel has taken the business past the well off and desperate (Crooks et al.; 2010).

The human services part in India has seen a huge development in foundation in the private and intentional segment. The private segment which was unobtrusive in the beginning periods has now turned into a thriving industry furnished with the most present day best in class innovation available to it. It is evaluated that 75-80% of human services administrations and interests in India are presently given by the private division. An additional to have been that India has one of the biggest pharmaceutical enterprises on the planet. It is independent in medicate generation and fares medications to in excess of 180 nations. Some procedures performed or preferred by tourists are: bariatric surgery, heart bypass surgery, hip replacement, joint replacement that is knee replacement, brain surgeries, cancer treatment (oncology), cosmetic surgery, organ transplantation (Kidney transplantation or dialysis procedures), urology, vascular treatment, gynecology treatment, digestive problems etc.

Comparing the cost of surgery in India and the US, it can be noted that a heart bypass surgery costs around $130,000 in the US and around $10,000 in India. Heart valve replacement costs $160,000 in the United States, but in India it is as low as $9,000. For hip replacement and knee replacement there is major difference for the cost. So, it is good opportunity for the tourists to save money.

Furthermore, there are lots of benefits to travel overseas, like cost reduction, patient also visit other tourist places which attracts the visitors and refreshes the mind. Instead of this, enhance the communication skills by interaction with different culture and religion.

Benefits of Medical Tourism in India

Favorable circumstances of medicinal treatment in India incorporate decreased costs, the accessibility of most recent restorative technologies, and a developing consistence on global quality gauges, specialists prepared in western nations including the United States and the United Kingdom, just as English-talking work force, because of which outsiders are less inclined to confront language boundary in India.

Starting with the cost, most gauges found that treatment costs in India start at around one-tenth of the cost of similar treatment in the United States or the United Kingdom. The most prominent medications looked for in India by restorative voyagers are elective drug, bone-marrow transplant, heart sidestep, eye medical procedure, and hip substitution. Furthermore, proceeding with the quality of care in India. India has 39 JCI authorize hospitals. However, for a patient heading out to India, it is imperative to locate the ideal specialist medical clinic blend. After the patient has been dealt with, the patient has the alternative of either recovering in the clinic or at a paid convenience close by. Numerous emergency clinics additionally give the choice of proceeding with the treatment through telemedicine. The city of Chennai has been named 'India's wellbeing capital'. Multi-and super-claim to fame medical clinics over the city get an expected 150 worldwide patients each day. Chennai pulls in around 45 percent of wellbeing travelers from abroad landing in the nation and 30 to 40 percent of residential wellbeing tourists. Factors behind the sightseers’ inflow in the city incorporate low costs, practically no holding up period, and offices offered at the forte emergency clinics in the city. The city has an expected 12,500 clinic beds, of which just half is utilized by the city's populace with the rest being shared by patients from different conditions of the nation and foreigners. Dental facilities have pulled in dental consideration the travel industry to Chennai (Gola, Swati; 2015).

The other positive point for India in medical tourism that is it is very easy to travel to India from any country. The legislature has expelled visa confinements on traveler visas that necessary a two-month hole between successive visits for individuals from Gulf nations which is probably going to help medicinal tourism. A visa-on-appearance conspire for voyagers from select nations has been organized which enables remote nationals to remain in India for 30 days for restorative reasons. In 2016, natives of Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Maldives, Republic of Korea and Nigeria benefited the most medicinal visas.

Regardless of India's decent variety of languages, English is an official language and is broadly spoken by a great many people and all around by therapeutic experts. In Noida, various medical clinics have contracted language interpreters to make patients from Balkan and African nations feel progressively great while simultaneously helping in the assistance of their treatment (Gola, Swati (2015). Countless therapeutic the travel industry organizations are encouraging outsiders, particularly patients from Arabic-, Russian-, English-, and Bangla-talking nations. It is very good point to enhance medical tourism in India that most of the people understand English language very well.

Positive Impacts of Medical Tourism for Country

The development of medicinal the travel industry in India is out of the blue developing. The quantity of medicinal patient has been troublesome to assess as no orderly information are recorded and the revealed number of restorative voyagers and I have included business explorers, the customary vacationer who are required medicinal consideration while they were abroad.

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Medical traveling is now a booming industry which gives more benefits to India. The Indian healthcare industry is undergoing a fast expansion and India in now looked upon as the leading country in the promotion of medical tourism, with an annual growth rate estimate at 30% while India top rated education system provides an estimated 30000 doctors and nurses each year to meet this demand the Indian government spent on the healthcare sector it is expected to around 8% of its GDP. The statistics suggested that the medical tourism industry in India is worth dollar 333 million. Medical tourism has a great contribution in GDP (Rajpal. K. Tayade; 2017).

India is the world huge quickest developing restorative foundation. It gives therapeutic offices in various urban communities such as Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Kerala, and other significant urban communities. Mumbai has therapeutic foundation offices. Chennai is viewed as the center of therapeutic. The travel industry pulls in up to 40% of all patients the Indian wellbeing and restorative industry is giving very much created framework especially in enormous urban communities. Indian therapeutic the travel industry is becoming exceptionally quick (Discover medicinal the travel industry). Specialists venture yearly development as high as 30% in the coming years. Making it as Rs. 9500 crore industry in coming 2 years. Under the therapeutic the travel industry administrations gave to the Indian what's more, outside patients at least cost.

With the increasing medical travel in India, it helps to enhance the advanced technology. For the better treatment the hospital or health industries needs better machinery which gives better result. Moving further with the tourist attraction places which attracts the more visitors. In India, there are many tourists’ places like Manali, Shimla, and many other hill stations which attract more overseas people. The patient who is coming for medical treatments are also fascinated by tourists’ places which is good income source of earning for Indian government (Rajpal. K. Tayade; 2017).

Negative Impacts of Medical Tourism in India

One of the primary worries for patients going abroad for treatment is the subsequent consideration they need once they return home. The patient may endure post methodology complexities or symptoms. The post treatment care will at that point become the obligation of the medicinal consideration framework in the patient's nation of origin. The patient may need to go back abroad if the doctor at home is reluctant to give the consideration essential.

An answer for this issue is right now being created in the US for American patients being dealt with abroad. It includes the production of an association among remote and US human services suppliers with comparative certifications. Along these lines patients returning home can get the subsequent consideration they require (Lin et al.; 2015).

Another hazard associated with medical tourism exudes from the way that numerous outside laws administering medicinal risk are not as exacting as those in created nations, for example, the US and Ireland. Remuneration for restorative misbehavior can likewise vary and pay for damage can be very low in relative terms in different purviews. In addition, numerous remote specialists might not have a similar degree of misbehavior protection. Patients may end up with constrained plan of action, if any whatsoever, for misbehavior with regards to the legal frameworks in certain nations.

Be that as it may, new protection items are being presented and now patients can buy a restorative misbehavior strategy that will pay out in case of a careless medicinal methodology abroad. Note that the insurance agency will normally just cover techniques performed in certify emergency clinics by credentialed specialists.

Something likewise to manage as a primary concern is that administrative bodies will just have command over experts who are on their specific register. This may imply that if something goes wrong, and a patient needs to gripe to the administrative body in the nation where the patient is domiciled, the administrative body may have no capacity to manage the objection if the specialist is occupant and practices abroad (Lin et al.; 2015).

How to Improve or Resolve Negative Impacts

Medical tourism is the one important issue which needs few steps to improve. First and foremost, Government takes some initiatives to improve the health policies for the international patients. For example, after the treatment, i.e., bypass surgery client needs a follow up care which is most important. So, Indian government provides the specific areas where client approach easily to specific health sector. Secondly, government should spend more money to develop better health sectors which further helps to increase medical tourism. Medical sector needs a better infrastructure, so it is government responsibility to develop the infrastructure.


The travel industry is a significant driver of financial development globally. India's visitor industry is encountering a solid time of development, driven by the prospering Indian white-collar class, development in high spending outside traveler and composed government battles to advance 'mind blowing India'. For a creating nation like India which is on the way of present-day financial development through basic change of the economy, the travel industry is the correct vehicle. With its forward and in reverse linkages with a large group of parts like vehicle, neighborliness, instruction, wellbeing, banking and so forth. India is good to go to procure maximum capacity of this dynamic part. The travel industry part isn't just a significant commitment to the development of the economy, but also a job generator. Apart from this, the Ministry of Tourism of India, the Ministry of Tourism of various states and private players have taken various measures to make India a valuable destination for travelers on the planet. Give us a chance to trust that Indian the travel industry will have enormous effect and will be a worldwide pioneer continuously 2020.


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