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Essay on Mentorship

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The essay is about mentoring and coaching, it is about building oneself bypassing all the stages that involve mentoring until you become a better person in mentoring. These stages are, first, understanding cultural competition and increasing self-understanding and skills at observing the differences. Second, prepare your relationship with your colleagues in mentoring. Lastly, establish agreements with your partner in mentorship especially in setting goals and achieving the goals you have set (Fain and Zachary, 2020).

Mentoring and Coaching

Roles of Mentoring and Coaching

Mentorship and coaching are similar in the following ways. First, both involve partnership, both partners work in the establishment of agreements that are attached to the development of trust. Second both support a person’s development this is because there is a big payoff for both partners especially when they are in a good relationship. Third, both mentorship and coaching involve learning. (Fain and Zachary, 2020). Fourth, both work best when there is a good personal relationship between the parties .lastly, both involve a series of meetings over some time (Zachary and Fischler, 2014). Their differences are, mentoring involves sharing of knowledge, expertise and experience while coaching involves using skills, structured conversation and questions.

Mentoring and Coaching in My Current Context

Appraisal of the Current State of Talent DevelopmentMentorship and coaching have increased and improved the performance of my organization in the following ways. first, it has led to the building of a stronger team and this has improved their performance currently. Second, it has improved the employees’ satisfaction with their scores since they understand that they did their best to archive that score. Third, it has supported talented employees thus making them achieve their goals as talented people. Fourth, it has improved the ability in aligning the organization’s spirit and culture with the team members. last, it has improved staff maintenance performance. In conclusion, the organization is doing well.

Role and Distinct Features that Both Mentoring and Coaching Might Play in Addressing Critical Talent Needs, both Present and Future

The organization distinguishes mentorship from coaching as follows, in mentorship an experienced person is assigned to counseling, advising guiding the trainee while coaching involves the state of partnering with clients, in their thoughts and creativeness which inspires the partners to maximize their professional and personal potential (Zachary and Fischler, 2014). Coaching and mentorship enhance talents both in the present and future in that, first, they recognize what’s going on with the trainee. Second, they guide the trainee using questions. Third, they inspire and motivate the trainee thus improving the talent. Lastly. The coach or the mentor listens and empowers the trainee. The pressing issue can be enhanced in the organization by staying committed to continuous learning.

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Mentoring Development Plan

Review the Mentoring Development Plan (Stretch Goal Proposed and Its Measurement)

I decided to propose the stretch goal so that I can achieve my new goals. As a mentee, I agreed to do the following. First, maintain frequent communication and meet more frequently with my mentor (Zachary and Fischler, 2014). Second, I will look for multiple chances and experiences that will help me in my learning. Third I will maintain confidentiality in our relationship. Lastly, I will be reviewing my progress and adjusting my agreement as I work hard in achieving my goals (Zachary and Fischler, 2014). I will fully succeed when I complete this goal

Objectives and Activities Completed

According to my stretch goal I have archived the following, first, I have maintained privacy with my mentor, in that the session is carried out in the mentor’s place. Second, I have also succeeded in looking for multiple opportunities when either my mentor has free time so that we can have a session. lastly, I have also looked for experiences such as practicing what I was taught to enhance my learning.

Objectives and Activities Awaiting Complete

The following are the objectives that I haven’t archived, first meeting more frequently with my mentor this is because sometimes I come out late from my other activities. Second I am unable to communicate with my mentor frequently. Lastly, reviewing my progress and adjusting my contract is because I sometimes feel very tired and forget about reviewing my goals. I will take the following steps in achieving the above goals. first I will ensure that I have met with my mentor more frequently by coming up with a schedule in time management.


I will ensure that I archive my goals by first, coming up with a schedule that controls all my activities so that I minimize time wastage. Second, I will also maintain punctuality so that I don’t miss the sessions. Third, I will make a flexible timetable so that I maint review my progress. Lastly, I will convince the mentor to introduce online mentorship so that I can attend the lessons from any geographical location that am in.


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