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Essay on Modern Technology in Education

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Every night, when I'm about to sleep, the smartest and the strangest ideas begin to pop out of my consciousness. I used to imagine things, but what tickles my curiosity the most is when I try to imagine a world without technology. What surprises me, too, is at how blank it has always been. I've never been this interested before; it left me with several questions. I cannot imagine one morning not being able to check on what's the most trending topic on Twitter, not getting to see updates on whether my favorite v-logger is yet to post a new video on YouTube, and not being able to watch my favorite Netflix series. How about a mobile phone to communicate with people across the globe? What about a Polaroid to take the sweetest picturesque of our first date? And the absence of a computer to finish our homework, project, term paper, thesis. Starting and deciding to continue this imagination only ended me to being paranoid. I asked myself countless times, who is technology?

It is hard to define technology but what I'm sure that everyone agrees on is that it makes everything convenient. It may sound so cliché but it's true. Technology constantly amazes us with trends in all aspects of our daily living; in lifestyle, business, sports, education, name it all, technology has something fabulous to offer. On one hand, believing that technology only makes our lives easier is a common misperception that we often commit. In fact, today, we appreciate the power of technology not only for providing us ease and comfort but most especially for its ever-increasing roles that we used to meet each day although we are not aware of. And among these aspects, modern technology plays a special role in education. From time to time, an improving connection between technology and education was established. In the long run, education systems have initiated the adoption of changes and innovation technology overflowingly offers.

In the past, with absence of much technology, education is primarily focused on lectures. It was delivered through presentation of ideas, recitation, and memorization. Teachers used chalk and board while students have pen and paper. At the end of the school year, students tend to have good handwriting as they copy everything teachers wrote on the board. In addition, physical materials were traditionally used to learn the ABCs and 123s. There were varied contrived experiences and hands-on activities which enable us to further our learning. Students loved field trips and immersion. They themselves were also able to discover the parts of the flower and would be literally messed up just trying to explore and learn at the same. Also, everything can be found in the library. There were thick books, little pamphlets, encyclopedia, globes, maps, atlas and other learning resources. This is where jam-packed information can be learned and even if you're a book-worm or not there is no way out but to read to expand your intellect.

In the present time, educational methodologies provide complex learning environments aiming for collaborative and authentic learning. They give more priority on how learners understand, analyze, communicate, and evaluate information which enables us to create something purposeful to conform to the ever-changing needs of the industry, business, media, culture and the arts. Moreover, these needs lead us to realize that structuring current pedagogy is prompt and relevant to harness learners' potential, highlight talent and skills, and cope with the high expectations of the world. Evidently, this is where modern technology and its features enters, where the onset of varied tools and learning platforms are supplemental elements that will prepare learners to thrive the competitive world.

As technology becomes a vital societal part, its integration into education grows even stronger and faster. The need for technological innovations in the teaching and learning process has become a top priority since responsible and intelligent use of technology is believed to enhance pedagogy and improve student learning.

Modern technology is a tool for learning. However, this can only be done if it is used in a well-timed situation, when it's parallel to the lesson objectives, and most especially when it responds to the diverse needs of the learners. Technology in curricula prepares learners in the acquisition of skills that the world expects them to have.

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As time goes by, and as modern technology continues to evolve and develop, teachers and learners need to change as well to stay relevant. Teachers have to completely accept that technology will not replace their role, but will portray a protagonizing part in their learning. Rather, they must be open that technology, if will be used well, is another best way to stimulate learning. Besides, it is still the method of teaching and correct incorporation of technology that is more important than having technology at hand, alone. Thus, we can say that, technology also serves as a catalyst of change. It becomes a pattern of progress that teachers and learners should use as guide as they gather, analyze, present, and share information. If we want them to succeed, we should not limit them and should rather be supportive in all aspects of their learning.

With the integration of modern technology into education, it is obvious that it projects positive and negative impacts to the teaching and learning process. As modernity continues, technology dramatically advances and everyone tries to stay in line to survive. Teachers have learned to adapt to a technology-based mode of teaching and use advanced forms of learning which help them in facilitating lessons and in promoting student engagement. Students learn more when their interest is stimulated and when they are involved in various activities in the classroom. Teachers use virtual activities that learners get to enjoy. There are also educational videos and other online learning resources that can elicit active participation among learners.

Also, through technology, teachers and learners get to learn and master the 21st century skills and soon the ones with the approaching 22nd century. Learning, today, emphasizes on critical thinking, collaborating, communication and practical skills which can be achieved by technologically enhanced education system and exposure to the real world of learning. It focuses not only in increasing knowledge retention but also in converting these into actual skills essential to survive and eventually succeed.

Technology also supports individual differences and let students learn at their own pace. It provides learners with endless opportunities to develop holistically. Teachers have broad and creative ways to integrate technology in assuring learning while still responding to their learning needs.

While many of us bow down to the indisputable benefits of technology, there are also many technophobes who visualize it as a threat to the current education system and to learners as well. Too much exposure to social media platforms, addiction to video games, and irresponsibility to school works are the most common adverse effects of technology that society consistently highlight thus for them still using technology is a big no. Also, teachers and learners tend to be too reliant on technology. With the availability of innovations and online resources, they usually copy information without deep understanding of the concept which leads to no learning at all.

On the lighter side, it's still the discipline that is within every teacher or learner that will decide the flow of how we use technology. Anything used in the wrong way can have harmful effects and technology is no exempt. Technology will be too pernicious if will be used in such an unruly way. With parents' involvement and teachers' guidance plus responsible use of technology, it will surely be helpful and will no longer be a threat for everyone.


The usefulness of technology is recognized as an integral part of education systems in many countries. All of them create policy and initiate research and development that will improve modern technologies themselves and their role in the teaching and learning process.

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