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Essay on Money

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Money has a major role in the Development of society often times, people say that they can live without money. They define money as just one of the tools that enhance people's living environment. However, in real life money is a very important matter in people’s lives. Although people in history have lived through the exchange of goods and didn’t rely on the value of money itself, today modern society can’t function without money. Money plays a huge role in society in different ways, as, it makes refreshment the economy because all Economic sciences depend on money, so it promotes the economy of all countries. Money is also used to make projects like hospitals so we manage to treat patients. it helps in building houses for houseless people, so thefts decrease and crimes. it uses to decrease unemployment by providing job opportunities as it uses to build companies, and factories, and plan for big projects such as industrial commercial and other projects. It improves investments inter the country and with other countries. Money raises the position of the country and improves the economic condition of the country. Money nowadays represents life. It’s the most thing that people are interested in. money is very important in the progress of countries and societies. A rich country is the most powerful country. The rich state can spend on legislation, establish infrastructure, and set up public facilities to benefit citizens. A strong state can provide a strong protection system, as it can buy modern military equipment to protect its border and people. Without money, starvation occurs.

The role of money in achieving a higher quality of education is very important as people value education in their lives and a quality education depends on the amount of money spent on this type of investment. Every person in this world has to invest their money in education to gain learning. This learning wouldn’t just count the education they receive in school, but other extracurricular activities such as learning how to play piano, dance, and even art. Most of the time to become talented in playing the piano people must devote their money to a teacher who has a professional degree in playing piano. Similarly at school, people want to be taught by a teacher who has a high degree in their field. It’s believed that teacher who has been highly educated can provide better education to their student. The high quality of education brings a higher possibility to succeed in the future society because when people are exposed to high-quality learning they tend to be taught higher-educated materials from a well-educated teacher. A higher quality of education means that one is in a well-structured environment with other educated friends. they would have a good chance to meet people with authority which would contribute to their networking in a future career.

In the business world money also have a huge role such as it plays a great role in both our society and in business, in business, most interactions that people have involved a huge amount of money one common example of a worldwide business is an investment, in this field people put lots of money into a particular market as the market gets bigger and achieve a higher reputation, the worth of invested money grow larger.

When I was young, I thought that money is the most important thing in life; however, I realized later that I was wrong. Although it satisfies our basic needs, it slave master to its owner. Money is a double-edged weapon. It’s harmless when we used it to provide for our basic needs, but it may control a person and push him to do anything to get it even crimes. Money causes many problems. We see nowadays people prefer money over their family and friends. Some people choose illegal ways to achieve their wants and earn more money. Sometimes, money becomes their priority, and they become less interested in important things, and he starts to forget important things. Like pray and forget who created him. Let’s consider what money can’t buy, some people assume that it can buy happiness, but I believe that they are mistaken. Although money makes live easier it can never buy happiness. Arnold Schwarzenegger once said,” money doesn’t make you happy. I now have 50 $million but I was just happy when I had 48$ million”.

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Money can’t buy love as marlin Monroe lived a luxurious life yet, she committed suicide, after several romantic failures. We mustn’t waste our life collecting something that is going to die. You are asked now how money dies, yes it dies from the moment you enter the grave. You aren’t born with a wallet in your hand, as you won’t take even one pound when you die. Like, For a famous rich man who spends his life building rooms for storing his wealth and dies without spending one pound.

When a person loves money, it forced him to cut off from his nears and dears he starts to suspect every person that he wants his money, money may change your behavior towards you: you never know that the person is interested in you or in your money. he doesn’t enjoy his day, all time he thinks about what will happen if he lost his money and what will his case in this time. he becomes in a plight without it, especially for the person who was born with it, so he loses internal peace. he always wants to be richer so he may start cheating things to save more money illegally. He may tend to trade in drugs and weapons, and tent to his end with his hand. Money causes inequality of income as a rich man has all in life to study in high school and get a good education, travel and get all means of comfort, and has the ability to buy everything, but a poor man can’t find the basic needs.

In old times, due to rich people, the poor people suffer many problems. Rich people didn’t respect them and give them a small salary, but now due to the government, there is improve in the salary of the poor people and give them their rights as equal to rich people. Now poor people are given equal opportunities for education so they manage to get any job.

Money causes many problems in society although it solves any problem. as it defers between people, between the poor and rich people so there isn’t any cooperation in the world so society is badly affected due to storing of money . The great disadvantage is that its value isn’t constant. So it causes instability in the economy.

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