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Essay on My Dream Personal Computer

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First off, I love Apple products I think they found a good balance between design, performance, and size/weight, which are all important to me. I have a powerful gaming PC at home, so my dream computer would be a laptop over a desktop. I would like to be able to take it to classes and coffee shops where I do a lot of my homework. If money was not an issue, I would choose the 2019 13” Apple MacBook Pro.

The display is a 13.3” LED-backlit In-Plane Switching higher-pixel density Retina display. The parts for the screen itself are roughly between $500-600 dollars. Labor from a third-party is around $100-200 and from Apple it’s around $300. The 2560×1600 native resolution, which is referring to the exact number of dots on the screen, is the highest capacity screen that a 13” MacBook could have but the newest 15” can have 2880×1800. I still prefer a smaller laptop over a higher resolution display, especially considering how beautiful this one is.

It has 16GB 2133MHz Low Power Double Data Rate 3 RAM (which is an additional $200 above the base specs), which means it consumes less power than the DDR3, so the CPU clock speed is slower, but the battery performs better. The laptop has the option of having 2TB of Solid-State Drive storage (an $800 increase over the base model which only has 256GB), which would be great since I have so many image and video files. SSD also has fewer moving parts than a Hard Disk Drive (HDD), which performs better for video and image editing purposes.

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The laptop comes with a 2.4 GHz quad-core 8th-generation Intel Core i5 processor that can be Turbo Boost up to 4.1HGz, but if money did not factor in, I would upgrade to the 2.7GHz processor. Turbo Boost Technology is a built-in automated processor increase feature that allows the machine cores to run faster than the base specified frequency, provided that the system is operating below the specified limits.

The 58.0-watt-hour lithium-polymer battery uses a polymer electrolyte vs. a liquid electrolyte and allow 10 hours wireless web use. The speakers are great and output stereo-sound, but you can also use wireless headphones at 5.0 Bluetooth. If we are discussing accessories, I would get AirPods, which and $159 and would allow the convenience of wireless headphones that contain a microphone. It would also come with a 61W USB-C power adaptor for charging and a 2-meter USB-C charge cable.

The laptop has four Thunderbolt 3 ports which are the fastest on the market and are more powerful than the previously popular USB 3.1. USB 3.1 operates a 10Gbps while the Thunderbolt 3 ports operate at 40Gbps. It is also bi-directional and able to handle HDMI 2.0. I would also get a port adaptor so I could read an SD card, plug in USB 3.1 devices, flash drives, HDMI, etc. which runs about $40-$80 depending on which and how many ports you would like on the adapter. I prefer trackpads vs a mouse, and I wouldn’t need a wired keyboard on the laptop.

The total cost of the2019 13” MacBook pro with all the bells and whistles would be $3099. That is a lot, but considering it has everything I want and need for what I do (and assuming money was not a concern), this would be the perfect laptop for me. Not only is the display absolutely beautiful, the high resolution allows for better and more accurate editing. The processor is powerful enough to run Final X Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro as well as a myriad of other editing software like Photoshop, InDesign, and After Effects. Its small and lightweight size would be so perfect and easy to take with me wherever I needed to go. All around, the 2019 13” MacBook Pro is my dream computer that would be the perfect fit for all my wants as well as my needs.

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