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What is the performative inquiry? I often do things without thinking about the reasons for doing them. To make a pause and stop to create a reflection on things that you did is not happening in my life quite often. However, after attending this class, I gradually understand the importance of making reflections and being able to focus more on the surroundings. Be aware of anything that happened in life and even if it might just be a little nonimportance thing, people could still learn from those tiny situations. The performative inquiry “calls our attention to those moments that invite us to pause and reflect on the pedagogical significance of such moments for our work, for our relationships with others, for who we are in the world. The performative inquiry does not provide a method nor steps to follow, but rather offers researchers and educators a way of inquiring into what matters as we engage in drama or theatre activities, or indeed in any creative process or activity that is an active site of inquiry. Performative inquiry embodies mindful attention, creative and improvisational interactions, and reflection as a way of being in the inquiry”. Therefore, to find the performative inquiry and some hidden curriculum in our real lives environment, I decided to attend to Vancouver Aquarium and take a deep look at this venue to collect information and assess its performative inquiry potential for students.

The performative inquiry is an invitation to attend to what calls us to attention, like the child’s tug on the sleeve. What if? What matters, So what? Who cares? The catalyst for inquiry may be “a question, an event, a theme, an issue, a feeling, a line of poetry, a fragment of lived experience, a narrative quest, a human condition: any phenomenon which we wish to explore through performance.” (Fels, 2012) Performative inquiry invites us to attend to the senses, presences, absences, lack, and desire, embodied within us, within and through performative actions of encounter, awakening new understanding, and recognition that may be realized through performance and upon reflection.

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At this moment when we allow our thoughts to consider the ideas, we are opening vulnerability to our ideas. We bring on the risk of things going in the wrong direction, but really, what is the wrong direction? As humans, we all seem uncomfortable with the moment of silence. Our routine is always on the go of getting things done, in school and everyday life but what we forget is that a “stop is also a go” (Fels, 2012, p. 57). This is just like what Claire mentioned in class, “performance is all around our world.” (Fels, p.53) I just realized each one of us is a performer as well. During the lecture, when Claire was asking what is performance and who are the performers, I couldn’t even process my brain and think outside of the box. I still remember that Brianna brought up that our older siblings are performers in our lives; because they could be role models to us. At that time, I suddenly realized that each one of us is a performer when we are doing something or even not doing something and just sit there; because every action may be an effect on the others. Besides, I found out that I never stop and reflect on myself while I am doing some tasks. I am shocked and worried that I might miss a lot of insights and lessons I am supposed to learn if I could make some stop moments in my life. Self-reflection is a significant skill letting one learn more and become a better person.

I went to the Vancouver Aquarium when I was in Grade 10. It was a field trip in science class and I did not have a lot of memories except eating fries with friends inside the Aquarium. I did not focus a lot on the marine animals and I did not even stop and reflect on why the Aquarium’s design or the display of each animal. After six years, my second time attending the Vancouver Aquarium is more effective than before. I learned the importance of recognizing the environment around me. Also, understanding the reasons why the Aquarium’s performance is essential as well. I came up with a lot of ideas on the way of performing ideas. The way of showing things is significant and essential for attendance. So, the story begins when I arrived at the Aquarium. The front desk was selling the tickets gave me a student discount and asked me whether I want to donate to the Marine mammals such as Sea Lions rescue donation. I donated and they gave me a sticker to show their sincere thanks. After that, the aquarium placed a photo shooting tent at the entrance and I believed that they want to make the aquarium a pleasant place to visit. However, in contrast, all the plastic pollution was displayed right in the middle of the central hall. I was shocked and started to feel depressed about how human beings are hurting marine mammals so hard. The hidden curriculum of plastic pollution stocked in my mind for the whole trip to the aquarium. It is supposed to be a relaxed and interesting place for young kids to visit. However, it turned out difficult for me to see those sea animals staying in this small aquarium for their entire lives.

In conclusion, a quote from the reading that I have a lot of insights on is “a stop is temporal, elusive, and maybe missed or ignored.” (p.53) I strongly agree with this statement that Fels brought up in the reading. Even though a stop lasted short, it may be significant and effective. This is because people often forget to reflect on themselves and being self-aware is one of the most important skills people need to have. I am really afraid that one-day people will forget how important is to stop, pause and look around at each other and also be aware of the environment; because we might miss the interaction between each other and the rest of the world.

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