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Essay on Paradise Lost: Critical Analysis of Poetry

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Paradise lost as an epic poem:

John Milton is one of England's greatest poets. His ‘Paradise Lost’ is one of the best epics in the English language. Here the poet preserves the ancient tradition of heroic writing. In fact, an epic is a long narrative poem that contains a beautiful action, a great hero and a beautiful style. At Milton’s Paradise Lost one can find all three.

An epic is a long narrative poem with a high and high title presented in style and modesty and decorative language. The characters presented at the conference must be at the highest level in the community. They should also be separated from ordinary people by having birthdays and customs. This landmark has never been a conflict between the two armies. The action must involve heroic actions and there are plenty of soldiers and weapons. Its title has never been so well behaved. Homer and Virgil were two great kings of ancient times. Homer wrote the Iliad and Virgil wrote the Aeneid. Of the two artists, Homer and Virgil became the epitome of poetry like Milton.

Milton longed to have Homer or Virgil as the author of the epic poem. He has used his ancient and Biblical studies as a tool for writing works of art such as 'Paradise Lost' in order to 'forgive God's ways for man.'

'I may assert Eternal

Providence, and justify

The ways of God to man.'

There is no doubt that Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’ is an example of human action and of great importance to all mankind. Let's try to find all the wonderful things about 'Paradise Lost'.

The first important feature of epic is that it has the width and width of the universe. It has national significance or significance. Homer in the Iliad reflected the national life, thought and culture of the Greeks. Virgil to Aeneid revealed the hopes and aspirations of the Romans. Like these 'Paradise lost and they have a high content with an ad for everyone. The fall of man is the theme of this epic. It means that Milton not only follows all the outstanding features of Homer and Virgil's themes but also transforms and enhances his uniqueness by giving him a Christian perspective.

'Of the man's first disobedience and the fruit

Of that forbidden tree, whose mortal taste

Brought death into the world, and all our woe.'

W.J. keeping in view the theme of the poem comments: “Paradise Lost is a classical epic not of a man or a hero but the whole race of man.”

Second, it has an ancient theme based on myth and history. Milton's title and title-making is even greater than Homer's Iliad and Virgil's Aeneid because its title belongs to the entire human race and the action meets the requirements of the action recommended by Aristotle. The third important feature of the epic is 'Muse Encouragement'. This plea is intended to encourage and bless the poet to complete his work properly. Milton also uses this request and seeks the help of the Heavenly Musses i.e., the Holy Spirit.

“And chiefly thou, O spirit dost prefer,

Before all temples the upright heart and pure,

Instruct me, for thou know’st.”

The fourth important aspect of epic is that all characters must have dignity and diversity. In 'Paradise Lost,' we meet human characters and more than just humans. Adam and Eve are humans, and God, Christ, and Satan are superhuman forces.

Fifth, a hero must have good qualities because we cannot think of heroes without Heroic qualities. Although it is very difficult to identify the hero of 'Paradise Lost', it has great heroes like God, Satan and Adam. Different critics are very different in their views. We can say that he does not really have a hero. Because it is only natural to emphasize that Satan is a hero. However, there is one thing to be said and that is the point. It is well-known that an adult can have the qualities of a hero without being the hero of the story.

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Sixth, epic will never survive without critical behavioral research. The theme of Milton's poem is to show that; God's ways to man, to show religious authenticity and the need to obey 'Divine Law.'

Seventh, a prominent feature of the ancient monument is that its language is higher and higher than ordinary Parlance. Milton follows Aristotle's ideas of high style and gives a sense of beauty in his epic. What art and craftsmanship Milton introduced this concept from astronomy to increase the size of Satan Shield!

“Like the moon, whose orb

Through Optic Glass the Tuscan artist views

At evening, from the top of Fiesole.”

The eighth remarkable feature of ancient warfare is the use of supernatural equipment. Milton's characters are human and big. The supernatural has played a major role in sharing the destiny of Satan and his followers with Adam and Eve.

Milton's poem is, without a doubt, the epitome of antiquity. But the mistakes made by critics will never go unnoticed. Its first major feature is the use of mythology and the use of technical terms as we see in the Pandemonium definition. Dryden also said that the main theme of the poem is not war but a myth of losing one's happiness. Like other epics, it does not end happily and contains only two Roman characters. Some are celestial machines. But I think this argument is unnecessary and unnecessary because it is not necessary for an epic to have a war like its theme. Likewise, fame does not have to be a happy ending. So far a third argument has been filed, which has been rejected by Addison. He says that although the number of characters in this poem is very large, each character is introduced in more than one way.

Ninth, Milton's use of imaginary metaphors confirms his unquestionable nature as a hero. All the great metaphors are used in Book 1. So much so that they reach the level of metaphors using Homer Virgil Spencer and others.

And finally, Milton followed the Epic rules by writing his poem in an extremely high style, commonly known as 'Grand Style'. The way Milton uses his words, spoken sentences, references can all be summed up in terms of world size, style, height, elegance and epic fitness.

In summary, we can say that in 'Paradise Lost', Milton used all the epic devices found in the ancient epics. It has all the essentials Aristotle sought for great poetry. We totally agree with what C. Bowra says, “In 'Paradise Lost' we find all the features of epic with lofty and exalted style.”

According to Aristotle, there are important epic features. Among them are fairy tales, themes, characters, episodes, integrity, emotions and a beautiful style. Addison also described three heroic titles. These are myths, the whole action and the magnitude of the action. When we analyze Paradise lost, we find all these features in it.

Myth is one of the most important aspects of epic. It is considered an epic theme. The most important task of a heroic poet is to choose a character who will reflect and establish. In Paradise Lost Milton chose his theme to create a character. So Paradise Lost fulfills the first and most important condition of this hero.

So far the action has been affected, with three titles. There must be one action; it must be the whole act; and it should be a good deed. In Paradise Lost we get all these titles. This point follows the strong unity of the ancient hero. It contains the unity of the action. The main action of this article is the fall of man. It’s all around this action. The fruit that Eve produced is the beginning of all the works of art. The battle between God and Satan is a prelude to a great act. So the fall of Satan is no different. In short, the whole act of Paradise Lost is single, united and great.

The epic theme should be big, high and amazing. It has to be high and perfect. It should have a global appeal. The theme of Paradise Lost has all these essentials. It actually speaks of the fall of man. The purpose is to make people God's ways. It's a very good goal. It includes Satan's rebellion in Heaven, war in heaven, and the expulsion of apostates.

The hero of the epic poem must be great. He should be the most important person in the nation or even the value of the land. He must have dignity and majesty. The Hero of Paradise Lost is Adam. He has all the qualities of a famous hero. He represents the whole human race. So no hero can be greater than the First Man created by God in his image. Milton's Paradise Lost Preserves an epic classical culture and works with a wide variety of characters. They are all characters in the universe.

Milton’s Paradise Lost follows almost every important epic meeting. The poet begins this epic by appealing to ‘Muse’, the goddess. The poet has used supernatural tools to accomplish his purpose. Everything is done under the immediate and visible weather guidance.

Here we find a different combination between a little imagination and a little style. Milton has used every means to improve his language. His metaphors are bold, accurate, and infrequent. His empty verse is amazing. Here everything is conceived in a powerful way. As a poet he has never been negligent and excessive. A striking feature of Milton's style is the use of Homeric symbols. He uses ancient myths and legends and illustrations.

So Milton’s Paradise Lost is a great hit. It holds the position among the epics of the western world. It is noteworthy that the height of its theme and the magnitude of its style. Paradise Lost is full of good old-fashioned speculation about the names of various places, wars, and much more that Milton talked about in his this poem.


Epic is often listed among the highest forms of poetry. The Universe of Literature has given birth to some of the national anthems, such as the Iliad and the Odyssey, Beowulf, Aeneid, The Faerie Queen etc. Milton's Paradise Lost can also be neatly arranged among the greatest poems. It is undoubtedly one of the highest efforts of Milton and fully capable of qualifying for the great popularity of English literature as an epic poem.

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