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Essay on Qualities of a Good Father

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After living for over twenty years now, I have realized that my father is a very significant figure in my life and that of our family. In a child's existence, fathers are crucial. Along with mothers, they are one of the most influential figures in a child's life. With their fathers, daughters feel safe, and sons imitate their father's behavior. Fathers are a vital component of our support network. Together with our moms, they instill crucial values and skills in us. They have an impact on the relationships that children form as they grow up, and they contribute to our current state of being.

Mr. Helston, my father, is indeed a role model because he is the true definition of a good father and teaches me how important I should be to my husband when I get married. He also makes me believe that the bravest aren`t always the loudest and the quickest to act when dealing with family issues. Role models can be anyone in your life, but my dad will always be mine. Daughters feel safe and secure with their fathers, just like how my father makes me feel.

Through what I have witnessed with my own eyes in the last days of my life, I concur with the saying of most people that a man's worth is only after death. When alive, no one gives a heck. I have seen him get mocked and disrespected by his own family, my mum being the cheerleader to belittle him. My own mother made me believe that he was a bad person who cared less about his family just because he had a second wife.

I have now confirmed that a woman can destroy a man's reputation with his children and institute a very bad attitude in his children towards the father. All those years, I knew him to be the worst person I had ever come across. Things fell apart after their second wife left him, and he was all alone. For his sentiments, joys, and fears, he has been all alone in this world. I affirm his hero spirit and vow to be with him after getting stable in life. I have learned that he was merely a bill-payer, an ATM machine for her two cardholders, the wives. Being a long-distance truck driver, he was awake most of the time when the others snored in their beds. Even on the road, he was always thinking about school fees and bills. When the others gossiped about him, he was brooding about the future of his children. And what did he get in return? cold shoulders, stares, meals, and reception. My father, I owe you a great deal of respect.

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My dad is an amazing man for his character and how he treats others, even those who do not value him. He is very protective of his family, loving, merciful, caring, and forgiving. He has been so protective of me and the rest of my family members in so many ways. He has always put our health as our number one priority by investing so much of his money in our health insurance coverage. Once any family member is sick, be it a serious or minor ailment, our family doctor is always there with a home ambulance to rush us to health facilities as soon as possible. In our home, there is a minor clinic where the doctor operates. The clinic is always stocked with medicines and medical equipment for our treatment purposes.

My father has always been gracious when we get into trouble. Fathers may appear tough, but they are also there for us when we need them. My father has always been a constant source of support and, at the same time, has enforced rules so that I have become more responsible. He has been merciful to us by not yelling, screaming, and breaking things because we messed up. Instead, he will calmly and nurturing tell us what we did wrong and how to fix it next time. Sons want to be like their fathers and try to behave just like them. Fathers influence who we make friends with and how we interact with people around us. My father has always taught me to be independent and brave.

Every father wants to see their children come out of life successfully. My father has always supported me in chasing after my dreams and pursuing what interests me. Since I attained school-going age, I have attended high-end schools. I joined an international school when I was very young and, having an industrious mentality, vowed to make my dad proud. I have been an academic giant since the baby class and now am on campus and still pressing on without backsliding. I always emerged at the top of my class, and my fellow students really had a hard task of beating my grades. All my teachers loved me for being a responsible, organized, hardworking, respectful, and cooperative young lady. This was all because of my dad, who has instilled good character in me through his advice and also his ways of life. I really salute him for that. Everywhere I go, people trust me so quickly for who I am. My father has taught me to be confident in who I am and to speak up for what I believe in. He has instilled in me the value of being genuine to myself.

When we talk about kindness, my father is always kind and has a humane heart. Besides having two families, my dad has always been kind to society. He spends most of his free time with his own children at home. About a decade ago, he opened up a children's home to help the orphaned children living on the streets and those who have been abandoned by irresponsible parents. Since then, it has nurtured over a hundred children and made them valuable in society. Through partnerships with the government and non-governmental organizations, the father has been able to make the home for the children the best they could wish for. He has received so much recognition, even from abroad, for his sacrifices for the disadvantaged in society. My dad is always happy to help. He is a celebrity I adore so much. There's no one like you, dad. You're my true hero. May God be with all responsible fathers and bless them for their resilience in bringing up their families.

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