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Essay on Qualities of a Good Nurse

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A nurse practitioner is a master’s prepared registered nurse that has received additional training, education, and certification, and is qualified to provide primary patient care (Fitzpatrick et al., 2003) Nurse practitioner is a very challenging, but also a very rewarding profession at the same time. It is a great feeling to do work that helps people to overcome their health issues and stay healthy. However, it is important to remember that being a nurse practitioner is hard work that requires dedication and commitment.

Motivation in the nurse practitioner career is very important. It is the drive that gives a person energy in order to keep working, set up new goals, and accomplish them. There are several things that motivate me in my practice as a nurse practitioner. The first thing is a passion for caring for others. I like to see that my care makes positive changes in the lives of my patients. Also, I just enjoy being around my patients and being involved in different aspects of patient care. Their happy faces make me feel better and keep me going. Another motivation for me is that there is high demand for nurses nowadays.

The demand is constantly increasing, and it’s expected that by 2020 it will reach its peak. Thus, I know that there always be plenty of job opportunities for me and I will always stay busy. Finally, constant and endless learning opportunities also motivate me greatly. Every day I communicate and interact with other nurses, patients, doctors, and other staff, which allows me to learn from them. As has been mentioned above already, being a nurse practitioner requires a lot of professionalism.

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A good nurse practitioner is a professional with suck skills and qualities such as great leadership skills, accountability, resourcefulness, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, endurance, etc. (Stewart and DeNisco, 2019) Even though I consider myself a good nurse with most of these qualities, I am also still learning and there are many things that I have to acquire and many skills that I have to learn in order be called a truly professional nurse practitioner. However, there are some things that I do best in my practice. One of my best qualities, I think, is my communication skills. I like to communicate with the staff and patients, and I am a great listener. Regardless of how tired I am, I am always ready to talk to my patients and hear about their problems.

I know that many of them are going through difficult periods in their lives, and sometimes all they need is a good listener and someone, who will show their support. Another thing that I do best in my practice is my attention to detail, I clearly understand that nursing is one of the fields that have far-reaching consequences, therefore paying attention to details is very important. I am very good at it, and I am always careful when I am performing my work. I always make sure that I do everything right and never skip steps. I clearly understand that you cannot do mistakes in nursing because you never know what consequences your mistakes might lead to.

I love my profession as a nurse practitioner and find it very rewarding. However, there are specific things that give me the most satisfaction in my practice. The first and the main thing is the patients’ gratitude. I feel happy and blessed when my patients leave the hospital healthy and happy again. Positive results help me to understand that my work is very important. I feel that I do something very important for humanity, and that makes me absolutely happy and satisfied.

The nursing profession is in very high demand right now, so there are plenty of opportunities for nurses everywhere. Therefore, I believe that attracting an organization or consumer to pay for nursing skills should not be too difficult. All a nurse should do is demonstrate and prove his or her skills. As for me, I could attract a consumer or organization to pay for my skills by showing how accountable, hardworking, mentally and physically strong, and smart I am. My work experience and personal qualities, such as kindness and open-mindedness are also my assets. Things are changing rapidly in healthcare and more of our communities need the assistance and specialized quality care that nurse practitioners provide. I want to be able to join to provide high-quality, cost-effective, comprehensive, and personalized patient-centered care to relieve the heaviness of the system and make healthcare affordable and attainable to all. Also, I want to be able to provide education about wellness and prevention that I see our community needs a lot of.

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