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Essay on Reverend Hale as a Dynamic Character of Arthur Miller's ‘The Crucible’

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Dynamic characters are people who change over a work a literature, authors use dynamic characters to show change and progression throughout a work a literature. This can be used to get the reader more engaged and have more feeling for the characters. The author of ‘The Crucible’, Arthur Miller, has used this writing technique to make his characters much more interesting and make the reader continue to read on. One such character in ‘The Crucible’ is Reverend Hale, he is brought in to investigate the witchcraft that has been going on in the town of Salem. During the beginning he starts doing his job he questions the people involved and all say that they did not do it. Towards the end of the book, he starts to realize that witchcraft is probably not real and ends up quitting his job. As the reader can see he goes from being stuck up and witch hunting to being nice and not believing in witches. In ‘The Crucible’, it is clear that Arthur Miller uses dynamic characters to get the reader more engaged.

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In the beginning of the play, Reverend Hale is brought in to the question the people who have been accused of witchcraft. During this part of the play, he is very stuck up at times and refuses to see anything from a different perspective as he believes that the only plausible explanation is witchcraft. These flaws make him a very hard character for the other characters to deal with and most of them end up not liking him, because of his accusations. But when the court gets together, he listened to what the girls are saying when they accuse everyone. He believes them and everyone they accused on how they were actually seen with the devil. During this part of the play, he doesn’t think about the validity of witchcraft. And does not see the accused people’s perspective and not once think that the people who accused them are the ones actually lying. This causes Reverend Hale to also be very one dimensional during the beginning of the play and not consider anyone else’s thoughts or opinions. One such example in the book ‘The Crucible’ of this is: “Hale: resolved now: Tituba, I want you to wake this child. Tituba: I have no power on this child, sir. Hale: You most certainly do, and you will free her from it now! When did you compact with the Devil?”. As you can see during this quote Hale is telling Tituba to wake the child but she says she has no power over her. Hale does not even question the fact that she is telling the truth. This shows that Hale cannot see anyone else’s perspective but his own and does not seem to understand that Tituba actually has no control over her. As you can see reverend Hale started in the beginning of the book being very one dimensional and not being able to see other perspectives.

During the end of the play Reverend Hale goes through a very drastic change. He goes from not seeing others perspective on witchcraft and not even considering what they have to say. At the end of the play Hale starts to realize that he does not believe in witchcraft anymore. He starts considering that the girls might be lying and that no one deserves to lose their life to being accused. For instance, when John Proctor was being accused, Hale told him to tell the lie saying he did do it because Hale was sure that witchcraft was not real. As you can see, Hale starts to see others perspectives such as John Proctors. Towards the end of the book ‘The Crucible’ John Proctor is about to be killed and Hale tells him to lie and say that he did use witchcraft even though Hale knows he did not. “Life, woman, life is God’s most precious gift; no principle, however glorious, may justify the taking of it. I beg you, woman, prevail upon your husband to confess. Let him give his lie”. This quote is when Hale is asking Elizabeth to tell John to tell a lie and confess. Hale knows the girls are lying and does not want John to lose his life just because the girls are telling a lie. For instance, he says “no principle will justify taking it”, meaning that John’s life is a gift and nothing will justify taking it away from him. This is especially true since Hale believes that John did not do anything. As you can obviously can see Reverend Hale has changed drastically by the end of the book.

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