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Essay on Robots in the Future

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Before knowing about the future of robotics, let’s understand what is robotics? Robotics is a branch of engineering that deals with synergy mechanics, computer science, information science and electronics. Robotics deals with the construction, design and control system for controlling movements of robot by perceiving the environment. The idea of robot was first introduced in a movie. The first ever robot was made in 1952 who was given a name like Unimate. It was designed and programmed by George Deol and later on, he with his partner Joseph formed the first robot company.

The science of robots is revolutionizing day by day and scientists are making new innovation in robots, and it is expected that in 20150 robots will overcome human beings as they will develop strong intellect. We made robots to make lives easier and safe. Robots are now smart enough that they can easily understand human’s voice and gestures and perform tasks by processing that information.

Robots are now incorporated in every field of life i.e. education, industries, homes, hospitals etc. In developed countries like Japan where 80% labor in industries are robots and they are doing their work efficiently. In developed countries robots are definitely taking over human lives and making their work easy. Self-driving cars are will be dominant in most nations and even the Google has developed its first self-driving car and more researches are going on this to make it better. Robots are doing jobs and serving in restaurants. In Italy and some other countries robots have taken down the responsibility of pizza boy in pizza shops. Robots are deployed in armed forces which has decreased down the death rate of soldiers in wars. Drones and un-manned robotic soldiers will play big role in defense and army. Survey on planets and explorations will be done by robots.

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Now let’s talk about the future of robots because robots are a technological revolution which will have tremendous impact on lives of human. Robots are basically motorized equipment incorporated with artificial intelligence which is controlling the motion of robots. We can foresee our future when robots are roaming on roads, shopping malls, and robots are driving cars etc. and humans will just stay at their home in comfortable zone. It feels very awesome and dreamy but it has also some negative effect because when will be totally relying on robots by sitting at home without giving our body enough exercise then ultimately average age of human will decrease tremendously. If we go more ahead i.e. in 2050’s, then, according to researchers and engineers robots will overcome human’s life and will take decisions of human’s on their own and probably a world war may start.

Robotics Future in 2025

  • Swarm Robotics. In swarm robotics there are numbers of robots who communicate with each other and perform different task in very short time with high precision.
  • Micro robots. Micro robots can be deployed in places which in inaccessible for human or which is too dangerous or relatively small. So, micro robots can go in such places and work efficiently.
  • Modular Robots. Modular robots are actually toys that consists of blocks or cubes, that can arrange themselves in specific way to do some tasks. The small blocks usually have magnets so they can attach with other blocks firmly.
  • Intellectual Robots. In this time engineers and researchers are working on humanoid robots that can think and work like human. In humanoid robots, artificial intelligence and machine learning technology is incorporated so it can behave and react like human. Recently Pepper and Zora robots were introduced by different companies. The specialty of these robots is that they can understand the expressions of human and react according to them.
  • Alternate powered robots. Alternate powered robots use solar energy, wave energy when there is no electricity.
  • Exoskeleton. Exoskeleton are external skeleton that supports physical disable persons. Exoskeletons also finds its application in military for injured soldiers.

How Robots Will Transform Our Future?

We all know that robots are changing our lives either it is domestic life or work life. Top tech industries in world are competing in race to create new robots equipped with high technology that can transform human life.

It is already happening that robotic cameras can recognize doubtful activities, but we can foresee that drone robots will be predicting and sensing crime in future. It is already happening that domestic robots are doing their chores in homes like ironing clothes, dish washing, vacuum cleaner etc., but in future they would have more advancements in them, like increased interaction between human and robots and performing more complex chores. Robots will have immense effect on workplace in future. We will see robots working in offices as co-workers and work assistants. The robots will be more sophisticated having ability to interact with humans via speech recognition. Medical robots will also change the healthcare and medical system in future. Now we see patients go to physicians or dispensers for normal check-up, but in future patients will be diagnosed by robots who will be smart and intelligent enough to use stethoscope. They will interact and examine patient’s condition, give them proper advice, and prescribe them medicines or tests if needed. Robotic industry is growing very fast and we usually go cinemas to see 3D movies with VR (virtual effect), but this technology will soon hit our homes. We will be able to see and enjoy 3D movies with VR effect in our homes. We can see self-driving cars on roads of developed countries but somehow these cars need human interference. In the past few decades, we can’t even think of this technology, but Google made it with its first self-driving car. Now the researches are being going on to make autonomous car technology more efficient and smarter that needs less human intervention.

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