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Essay on Sexual Deviance: Environmental Ethics, Religion, Bioethics

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One of the most crucial issues when it comes to the behavior of a person that society is facing right now is sexual deviance. This issue had been going on for a lot of years until this day when people are being more aware yet curious about the said deviance. article stated that it has shown nearly half 45.6% Canadian sample of adult males and females have been into desire of wanting the activity of sexual deviance. According to, it is said that Paraphilia or also known as Sexual Deviance tends to experience extreme sexual arousal in such unordinary things, circumstances, and fantasies to the behavior of a person however, there are still no standards that have found to determine the specific border between unusual sexual interest and paraphilia ones. Thus, this made a question to society whether which is which sexual behavior is paraphilic and which is not, and also whether it is still acceptable or not. Also, Amy Adamczyk and Brittany Hayes, 2006 said that beliefs of religion affect the behavior and culture of the person including sexual activities. Hence, it is prominent that sexual deviance affects the ethics of the environment which includes the moral relationship of a human being to the environment and religion. This paper will explain the relationship of sexual deviance to a person’s belief in religion, the moral relationship of a person to the environment, and also its relation to the bioethics of a person.

The relationship between environmental ethics and sexual deviance come together when it comes to the learning and behavior of a person and most of this comes from a single reason which is fetishes that affect the moral relationship of a person to the environment. According to A. Brennan, 2002, environmental ethics known to be the discipline of philosophy, tends to give guidance to the morality of human beings to the value of the environment. With this being said since sexual deviance includes sexual behaviors that are deviated from the norms of the environment, it tends to break the ethics of the environment when it comes to social ecology. According to Murray Bookchin it said that social ecology is the method for a society that accepts the ecological and communitarian, it tends to outlook different social issues and environmental factors as well that are not right nor normal to the society and to the environment as well that may affect the life of a person.

As the article Psychology today states Paraphilias are behaviors that are distasteful, unusual, and abnormal to society. One example of sexual deviance is exhibitionism which tends to violate the ethics of the environment since exhibitionism is an act of action where a person tends to be active by showing one’s genitalia to the public. With this being said, exhibitionist tend to violate the social norms of the environment in sexual behavior, and also tends to lose the morality of being a person in relation to the environment. However on the other hand as mentioned by G.F. Worthen the environment creates a certain standard between good and bad when it comes to sexual acts some classify as normal and acceptable and some classify as abnormal and immoral sexual desires.

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One of the most important factors that really concern sexual deviance is the health of the person who actually does this kind of sexual desire and Bioethics actually emphasizes the health and life of a person. This aspect comes to deal with a lot of healthcare insights and with the development of a person. However, there is a lot of sexual deviance that really affects the health of a person, and of these is bestiality. According to J.J. Lehmiller, 2011, it stated that there is a person who’s actually a victim of a desire for doing bestiality, and with this, he said that a man in Washington died after having sex with a horse which cause his colon to rupture and cause him to die with it.

Sexual deviance plays a big role in bioethics there are a lot of homosexuals who are wanting to have a child and to solve the problem that every homosexual couple is having According to CBC- it is said that the of surrogacy is when a man planning to have sexual intercourse to women and tend to use the women’s body in order for a homosexual man to have a child, while most of the women are making this a job for them to have money since they been paying for it. With this being said, it is prominent for a woman to have an infection if she uses her body over again for money.

Religion is one of the most controversial and crucial issues in society. One of the issues being faced by religion is sexual deviance which encompasses homosexuality. According to an article in HAARETZ news, it is stated that some Islamic scholars are teaching other Islam that homosexuality is a sin thus, the Koran says that men who are having sex with other men should be punished. As expectedly every people have their own perspective and beliefs when it comes to their life however it should not affect the person’s well-being as a human because it showed according to HAARETZ news that homosexuals like gays will be thrown from high buildings and stoned if they are not dead when they hit the ground. With this being said there are a lot of sexual deviances of a person that had been disapproved by their religion that causes them to rebel and do it even more as it gives them pleasure

All in all, I can say that every aspect from environmental ethics, religion and bioethics have their connections with each other everyone of these comes hand in hand. These 3 ethical concepts have become an instrument in order for the people to serve as awareness, as this gives information to the possible outcomes of one’s being sexually deviated to the society, especially to its environment, faith, and health. Whereas institutions, journals, and articles are at the top of sustainable development in society this also tends to improve the study of sexual deviance to environmental ethics where it tends to show that some fetishes or sexual deviance tend to violate this kind of ethics in terms of social ecology where it tends to put focus to the important social issues and it’s a connection with its environment that could affect the wellbeing of the person. Since nowadays religion is still one of the most controversial and has the strongest influence when it comes to the beliefs of the people. Thus, it is really one of the most important factors to know the possible outcome of a person with sexually deviated behavior by a certain religion. In this aspect, it’ll make us realize the proper balance of having beliefs and their way of living where sometimes religions go overboard where it tends to kill people if their behavior is out of norms. With this being said, it is also important to emphasize the necessity of bioethics where people need to be aware that a sexually deviated person should know the possible effects of its medical aspects and to their life, it is important for them to be aware that it could affect their health. I can say that these 3 ethical concepts are one of the most timely and relevant aspects when it comes to the crucial issue of society which is sexual deviance, this could help every people to serve as an opening to what is really happening to the society in the life of a sexually deviated person


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