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Essay on 'South Park': Eric Cartman, the Pure Libertine

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As the newest South Park short movie was released on December 16, 2021, it helps recall my memories of South Park. I have been a fan of South Park for 5 years, And among all the characters in South Park, Eric Cartman, this FAT kid, gave me the deepest impression. Not only he has been ranked number 19 on Bravo’s 100 Greatest TV Characters, but also he was considered to be the only hedonist or libertine to be specific, in the whole of South Park. Well, Some of you might think that I was Joking, How can an evil kid be a hedonist? Actually, the happiness theory a person follows doesn`t mean the characteristic of that person fits with the happiness theory, and later in this passage, I will explain why Eric Cartman is a hedonist.

Not only this, some people might challenge that Eric Cartman is a libertine by saying Eric cartman Is more like an existentialist because he is chaotic with his goals, concepts, and everything. However, as I would say, existentialism is too much to describe Eric`s behaviors.

While Eric Cartman was described as an existentialist due to his chaotic behaviors, he is a libertine because he is sexually unstrained, morally unstrained and he is a free thinker in religious matters.

Eric Cartman is a 10year old student is South Park elementary. He is a little oversized for his age, while Eric just claims that he has a big bone. And due to his obesity, he farts a lot. Moreover, Eric is someone who hates hippies, he wants to eliminate all the hippies in the world. Moreover, Eric hates Ginger, however, his father is ginger and Eric accidentally kills him in episode 501.

Eric Cartman is described as He`s a fat, racist, self-centered, intolerant, manipulating sociopath, (Cartman Gets An Anal Probe) by his friend Kyle. Actually, due to Eric`s manipulating nature, he sees his friends as his tools rather than human.

Also, Eric Cartman is not only a sociopath, but her is also a sadist. For example, he likes to see Butters get hit by his parents, and the quarrel between Kenny`s parents, also in one Episode, Eric Cartman accidentally causes Kenny’s death by betting, but when he saw Kenny`s body, Eric didn`t show any mercy but feeling thankful that he didn`t lose 1000 bucks. Thus for Eric Cartman, his happiness came from the miseries of other people.

I don`t know if you have noticed that I mentioned the word libertine along with hedonism. Actually, libertine is a branch of hedonism. Libertine is a kind of hedonist that is morally and sexually dissolute, they ignore or deliberately spurn the morals and sanctions of the public. For Eric Cartman, we can find out that libertine perfectly fits him.

First, Eric Cartman is Sexually unstrained.

Compared to other characters in South Park, Eric seems to lack sexual interest, in the whole cartoon Eric didn`t seem to have a lot of sexual interactions with other characters.

Although it might have been caused by Eric Cartman`s lacking sexual knowledge, just like what Eric said about sexual harassment:”trying to have intercourse with a lady friend, and some other guy comes up and tickles your balls from behind.’ (Miss teacher bangs a Boy, The 149th episode ). However, having less experience in sex doesn`t affect Eric Cartman.

For example, in Imaginationland Cartman make a bet with Kyle that states if leprechauns are real, Kyle will be sucking his balls. Although Kyle doesn`t really suck his testicles, however, this kind of bet is way too mature for a 10-year-old kid like Cartman.

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Moreover, in Cartman Sucks, Eric sneaks into Butter`s house and put his penis in Butters’s mouth, and takes a picture. Later Eric uses this picture to humiliate Butters. During this process, Eric shows his personality as a sadist, who torments others in order to receive pleasure. Of course, a sadist is an expression of a libertine, since the word sadist came from the famous writer Marquis de Sade, who is a famous libertine.

Second, Eric is morally unstrained.

When we use the word Morally unstrained, it means that someone ignores the rules. Eric Cartman is accustomed to violating laws. Actually, he had don`t should be judged by the death penalty several times.

For example, In Scott Tenorman Must die he is accused of murder by proxy by inducing Scott`s parents into a situation that caused their death just because they are ginger.

Not only this but in Ginger Kids which is relevant to Scott Ternoman’s must die Eric is also accused of Attempted genocide by trying to kill all the people with ginger-colored hair.

Needless to say, with his insane behaviors and despise of the law, he is surely a libertine.

Last, Eric is a freethinker in religious matters.

Although Eric Cartman is a freethinker in religion, he is not spurning religious norms. Instead, Eric Cartman is considered to be a free thinker because he shifts religions.

In Super Best Friends Eric had been converted to a Blaintology, after that, in a recent short movie South Park: Post Covid, Eric Cartman has converted to Judaism in the future.

In terms of religion, Eric Cartman has converted to three different religions, which is unacceptable for most people who believe in a certain religion.

Now, some viewers of South Park might consider Eric Cartman an existentialist for their first impression because of Eric`s chaotic behaviors. Since Existentialists advocates that people are meaningless, even the whole world is meaningless, and all values, behaviors, or goals are later created by human. Although this theory seems to fit with Eric Cartman, but an example will be enough to reject this theory. I mentioned before about the bet between Cartman and Kyle, Cartman tries to find leprechauns because he wants to degrade Kyle. Apparently, Eric does things with a specific goal, which contradicts the description of existentialism. Thus Eric Cartman cannot be considered an existentialist.

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