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Essay on Steve Jobs and the Story about Apple

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Attention grabber: Story about Apple.

Introductory Remarks: Do you know that Apple is ranked, 11 in Fortune global 500 and its revenue is about 229,234 US dollars?

Reveal Topic: Today I will introduce the legend who assisted Apple to be such an excellent company. He is Steve Jobs.

Preview: I will talk about his biography, his success story, and the difference between him and the current Apple director, Tim Cook.

Transition: Now I would like to explain Steve Jobs’ biography.

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1. Steve Jobs’ biography

  • A. Biography
  1. The full name of Steve Jobs is Steve Paul Jobs. He was born on February 24, 1955, in San Francisco, California. Steve Jobs passed away on October 5, 2011, in Palo Alto, attacked by pancreatic cancer. According to Steve’s sister, Steve Jobs’ looked at his sister, Patty, kids, and wife then said his last words: Oh Wow. Oh Wow. Oh Wow. Maybe he wanted to sing a song before he passed away.
  2. He was adopted by Paul Reinhold Jobs and Clara Jobs due to his own parent unmarried. His highest education level is high school level and he just enrolled at Reed College in Portland, Oregon about six months only.
  3. Steve Jobs is the co-founder of Apple Computer, Inc (Now called Apple, Inc). However, he as the company’s famous cofounder was removed by Apple’s board of directors in 1985 due to he failed to correct the problem on the first Macs causing the company to face tensions on finance. After that, he was involved in Pixar and NeXT Inc. Under his guidance, both companies had been leading to their glories period. The most famous animation included: Toy Story and Finding Nemo which netted about 4 billion. He also became the lion's share after Pixar studio combined with Walt Disney in 2006.
  4. After Steve Jobs left Apple company, Apple company faced huge financial losses. Their new chief executive, Gilbert Amelio invited Steve Jobs to come back to the hug of Apple company as a consultant. Steve Jobs success to transform Apple company into an innovative and advanced company today by using their own unique software, such as iTunes.

Transition: Next, I will talk about Steve Jobs’ success story

2. Steve Jobs’ success story

  • A. Achievement
  1. Steve Jobs brought the portable music player to the masses. iPod created by him had totally changed the habit of people to enjoy music. Small white, simple, and fashionable devices can store up to thousands of songs subverting the era of the Walkman.
  2. Steve Jobs launched the smartphone revolution. Before the invention of the iPhone, most of the people just used the smartphone with buttons. By his creativity and innovation, the first touchscreen phone with one button had to be inverted and become a basic necessity in our daily life.
  3. Steve Jobs is an attentive person. During he was still the NeXT director period, when he noticed any problem happening on the machine, he will call the engineers to come back to solve it without hesitation although that time maybe is a public holiday, happy Sunday or midnight. All engineers were willing to come back for work as they really admired the enthusiasm of Steve Jobs toward work.
  • B. Recipe to his success

I. The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet. Keep looking. Don’t settle, said by Steve Jobs. During he tried to invert the phone with only one button, he was denied by people as they regarded his idea is ridiculous. It was totally impossible mission. However, he believed that the process to invert a new product was to figure out what was important, how to do it, and where should I start to do it instead of thinking it was just an impossible mission. His attitude toward completing a mission highlights a quote: Action speaks louder than words. Instead of thinking it is possible to do it, the best pathway is to put all the effort on the things that you want to achieve.

Transition: Last but not least, I will explain the difference between Steve Jobs and Tim Cook as the director of Apple.

3. Comparison between Steve Jobs and Tim Cook

  • A. Steve Jobs
  • B. Tim Cook
  1. 1. Leadership: Give a goal to achieve
  2. 1. Teamwork: Solve problems together
  3. 2. Perfectionism: Need to create a new phone never met before
  4. 2. Calm and steady: Try to maintain all good quality of the phone
  5. 3. Innovative company: Focus on functions that suitable for the user
  6. 3. Conventional company: Focus on sale performance
  7. 4. High expectations on exploring new field: Create more and more high-quality phone
  8. 4. High expectation on transforming product: Maintain the quality of the phone

Transition: Finally, let me conclude my presentation.


Summary of main points: In short, I have talked about the biography of Steve Jobs, his success story, and the comparison between Steve Jobs and Tim Cook.

Concluding Remarks: Based on what I presented, Steve Jobs has high perseverance, he is a person who is creative and innovative. When he was fired by Apple Company, he never gave up but continued to establish Pixar and NeXT. Therefore, follow your heart and trust that it knows where it’s going. Most of the time, when we want to achieve a goal, what we need is not only plenty of hard work, but, a lot of self-confidence is also one of the key to be a success. If you don’t believe it, look at Steve Jobs and he succeeded in his life. Let’s take the good points as pur aspiration on success. Thank you.


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