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Essay on Stewards of the Profession

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Noncommissioned Officers has played a significant role as a leader of Soldiers throughout the Army. NCO 2020 strategy has developed these NCOs to lead, guide, and train Soldiers while implementing the standards. Being NCOs, we face many hardships and challenges in a world that grows more and more complex. I’ll develop soldiers, manage talents, and uphold stewardship of the profession. I will be an effective NCO by developing Soldiers based on the experiences I’ve faced throughout my time in the Army. By doing so I will use the three lines of effort and overcome any obstacles we may face from the shifting culture of today’s society.

As a leader, it is my responsibility to develop my Soldiers into leaders better than myself. I will earn my Soldiers’ trust and communicate with them to the best of my abilities. Develop them and encourage them through military education and civilian education as well. “If today’s leaders do not adequately develop their subordinates through personal example, counseling, and mentorship, then today’s leaders have not succeeded in accomplishing tomorrow’s mission.” (NCO 2020 Strategy). The obstacle that may be faced when doing so is not everyone is motivated to go to school. I also may have Soldiers of lower rank that may not feel it’s as important to progress because they’re not in a leadership role. I will motivate and encourage them on how important it is so they can have skills and certificates to progress as a Soldier. I will let them know I make mistakes too but am working on improving myself always.

As an NCO I will manage talents from the NCO 2020 Strategy accordingly to the skill set the Soldiers to portray or need improving on, so the Soldiers can better their job or task. I will manage the Soldier’s duty positions to that the mission or task goes smoothly. Problems with running into this are not everyone is well-trained in the same positions or skills. I will start off by adjusting to what I see fit by putting the Soldiers on certain tasks so they can grow and move up from that position to the next. I will also as an NCO have the position above them start prepping them for the next role or position, so they’re not lost. “Help individuals realize that commitment to career-long learning is essential to development, as well as, maintaining the readiness of the force.” (NCO 2020 Strategy). This will bring talent management to the team or unit.

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Stewardship of the Profession is the duty of all Army leaders, ensuring the Army remains a trusted military profession. As NCOs, it is our duty to use the NCO 2020 Strategy Stewardship of the Profession seriously and respectfully. Ensuring all Soldiers live by and understand their creeds, have trust in the Army and their leaders, and have Espirit De Corps. Situations that can occur are leaders not being an example for the younger or lower Soldiers. I will take full responsibility for leading by example and if I’m in the wrong accepting it and growing from it. “As members of the Army

Profession, individuals have an inherent responsibility to continually self-improve.” (NCO 2020 Strategy).

The NCO 2020 Strategy is proven to be an essential source for developing upcoming NCOs. As a leader, it will help me guide and lead my Soldiers. I will take what I’ve learned from the NCO 2020 module: developing Soldiers, managing talents, and the stewardship of the profession and implement it in my Soldiers and unit and overcome any hardships and challenges of today’s society.


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