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Essay on Technology and Society

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Society nowadays is completely dependent on technology due to the fact that it has taken over the world and is leading us to many possible futures. Technology and society cannot be separated, it has impacted the needs and demands of many people. As an individual, it has allowed us to communicate more often, learn effectively and think. Technology has been used to perform different tasks in an individual’s life whatever the cause is, traveling, communication, learning, business, and comfortability. But before getting into the topic of how technology has helped us, individuals, the most important is its history of it and how it has impacted society the way it is now. We are living at a time where technology is advancing even more but the most important is how it all started. Overall the relationship between technology and society is correspondent. The society operates through technological change, while the changes in technology shape L le society. Technology definitely plays a role in our society as it allows us to do anything in our world today.

Technological determinism is a reductive theory that directs focus between technology and society’s nature. The term revolves around how technology in any given society can define its nature in many ways. Technology is viewed as a ‘driving force’ as it shapes changes in technology and culture in society as well as history. It starts with the introduction of technologies that introduces various changes that helped various cultures around the world knowledge. For example, agricultural tools and methods that were used for the traditional means of farming. Mechanized agriculture has a huge connection to technology, various technologies of agriculture have helped people to grow large amounts of food by these mechanics. The increased use of technology in field agriculture resulted in the manufacturing of crops at a high pace. Technological systems of agriculture are very important to agriculture because it allows it to control the land, some examples are the plow and fence, allowing the cultivation of plants, hoe, crop rotation, and irrigation technology. Harvesting and processing such as sickles and scythes, reapers, mills, and presses. Lastly, transportation such as carts and railroads has been around for a very long time.

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Despite how technology has helped to farm, the invention of the gun has changed the face of combat. The invention of the gun required a lot of effort and skill to make a weapon that can be successfully used out in the distance. When this is compared to historical times, you’re talking about swords and archery which leads to a radical change in how these weapons were used in war. An example of a weapon we discussed was the Matchlock gun which was invented in the 1400s. It was the first mechanical firing device, an S-shaped arm called the serpentine that held a match, and a trigger device that would lower the serpentine so the lighted match could fire priming powder. It was all muskets and archery, this is how weapons increasingly developed throughout the century. Imagine if society today didn’t rely on weaponry, what would we do? First of all, the advancement of weapons is important in our time because it allows the efficiency of law enforcement, self-defense, and warfare. Throughout the centuries, warfare was increased due to weaponry, the muskets with metal balls to bullets being able to penetrate through enemy lines. Today in our time, guns are primarily used to hunt animals and law enforcement. It’s very important that law enforcement carries a firearm because it provides them with self-defense and protection. The invention of a gun has always been thought out due to knowledge, if you can see weaponry had a huge effect throughout centuries due to the fact they are upgradable and define how technology became a big impact on machinery.

Technology made a big impact on weaponry and farming but now let’s talk about how it made an impact on our society today. One of the biggest impacts is the improvement of communication and education. Communication has always been a key fact to our society today, it all started with cave paintings or hieroglyphics to be able to understand what someone was writing. Bouncing all the way from the sixteen hundreds to the eighteen, communication in the centuries started on paper and was delivered by hand from place to place, now we have phones, computers, etc. Everyone around the world uses communication for a lot of purposes, society today is very dependent on communication for the purpose of making it better. Communication is always convenient for people but there are always some negative sides to it. It can hurt our communication skills causing extended screen time and various health effects. One of the main issues of technology in communication is it can get very addictive but that’s how people improve their ways of communicating with other people. No change to this should be made, if you take a look at our society today we’ve established ourselves to technology well as if it was the only thing we have in the world.

My thought is I do believe technology helps us with our needs, a lot of people depend on technology if not to make it even better by improving it even more. Connecting with historical times, it brought a major role of farming in agriculture. The improvement of technology for farming has allowed people to grow crops efficiently at a faster pace. Weapons such as the matchlock were a huge success allowing much more firepower and a huge success for warfare. It’s important that we look at how it all started so we can get an idea of where it came from and how it improved throughout centuries. We focus now on communication and how it plays a role in technology and society. The more technology we use the better our communication will get, despite the negative effects it can bring communication at a high level. Nowadays the most important is education and how it will use technology to take it to the future. Technology is the future and we wait for what it holds for us.

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