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Essay on the Advantages and Disadvantages of Modern Gadgets for Students

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As technology develops, each individual in this world has been depending with the use of it. Since we are in the 21st century, modern life has been a replete of technological tools. Technology has been rising day by day and plays a vital role in everyone’s lives. We could easily find children and students use gadgets for their studies, recreation and entertainment. Nowadays, students tend to use gadgets than spend time studying. We all know that gadgets produce a great help in our lives, but we should use it positively so that the next generation will learn its value and importance.

In the present prefecture of portable industry, our age’s innovative headway had dependable been going on all through the ages. It has made a huge effect on adolescents as far back as most particularly an ascribe to a person’s way of life and method for connection. Understudies are a standout amongst the most impacted gathering of individuals that have been influenced by the arrival of contraptions and innovative supplies we all came to know as gadgets. In the era of technology, the introduction of modern technological gadgets has captured the interest of global population. Each individual has already reached their dependency on these technological gadgets at such a level wherein without these, they cannot move forward towards the direction of their growth. Today, the youth is not only the vulnerable group among the population that is highly dependent to these gadgets, but also children and the students. According to the study conducted by Munir (2017), students use technological gadgets for various reasons and purposes such as watching videos, browsing at social media sites and other websites, communicating with friends or relatives, listening songs, and playing games. He stated that the usage of these gadgets has a positive impact on students’ lives. One of these positive impacts is that students especially children will have better motor skills. Playing games on tablet or other technological gadgets gives a workout to our fingers and hands which could really be such a healthy exercise especially for growing children. Another advantage is that it improves our cognitive skills which are the ability to process information, remembering and relating objects with others. Modern technology betters the development of our cognitive skills in such a way that we are improving our learning skills faster. Individuals who are engaged in high level of technical activities through modern devices are better in performing cognitive tasks. Positive impacts on cognitive thinking and mastering multitasking are produced when students use their gadgets in an effective manner. Technology educates students for it is indeed helpful in research and other school-related performances and tasks. It provides numerous platforms for visual presentations, videos, and learning tutorials. It contains various online quizzes and exercises which help students improve their academic performance. Aside from that, its portability produces an easy access for we do not have to be burdened in carrying a lot of books in our arms because variety of books are already available all the time on the Internet. According to Samson (2010), students are connected to course learning objectives when they use laptops and other technological devices instructed by their superior.

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Different technologies have been implemented in today’s time, but although the use of these has many positive impacts, these impacts are short lived. In the long run, negative impacts will occur on students. Too much time with technology causes various health problems. It emits too much radiation which could be linked to different diseases such as cancer. Problems in the eyes and poor posture may also occur due to their excessive usage. The degree of dependency is leading to the addiction on the technology devices of the present world. Muduli J. (2014) stated that the digital activities make the students strong in technical skills but make them weak in real life practical skills. An aspect on which the technology addiction has an effect is the lifestyle of an individual. Lifestyle creates the identity of a person for it displays one’s way of living. However, with this addiction, the behavior of the individual is affected. He spends more time on gadgets instead of looking out for himself and discovering new things without the use of technology. He keeps himself through the gadgets and leaves the reality of our world. The unlimited use of these would lead students directly or indirectly to be more self-centered which is a threat to our culture wherein we would disregard the values of togetherness, sharing and caring.

The present education system and implemented curriculum, the indulgence of technology in education is becoming a trend to most institutions worldwide. Students tend to lose their focus; hence, gadgets are inclined to be a threat and a distraction instead of being an essential reference for students to use. It can be a cause of disruption to one’s learning pace and routine for it has already become an inevitable habit that includes satisfaction and distortion of academic performances. Instead of complying with priorities at hand such as the colossal amount of school works and mind-boggling examinations to follow, we are distracted by the face of social media and technology. By the limitation of gadgets among students, once can spare themselves from being dependent and fixated. Time management is a vital role in an individual’s livelihood and with the excessive amount of gadget utilization, people may end up losing the ability to manage tasks. This limitation can bring back the time management that was lost driven by the addiction and obsession over media. Our generation is playing out a role on today’s social relationships, that are now being neglected.

The dependency of the present generation on the technological devices has been reached in the peak position, but refraining individuals from using these would take a lot of time to make a habit and would even take more time to get rid of it. Whatever available things in the world, we must learn how to properly use it. In other words, a limit in the use of everything must be attained.

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