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Essay on the Benefits of Technology in Education

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Have you ever tried to imagine your life without high-tech technology? How people have found their sources for their need for learning before the invention of the Internet? How long they should have to be commuted to provide their need for education?

Technology brought many different things to our life and it affected our current lifestyle so much. Improvement in technology provides many opportunities for the human to do everything even beyond their imagination. It made our life easier and better in many different aspects of our life such as work, education, healthcare, entertainment, etc.

One of the most beneficial changes appeared in our education system. Technology changed our education system tremendously and this was very beneficial for students, teachers, organizations and the education system. The first advantage of this transition, the learning method changed totally and it is going more accessible for student and decreased the wasting time of teacher which them should put to write the notes on the board or carrying heavy resources to teach the students. The next good point is to give a chance for students to learn the course practical and theoretical at the same time with a virtual laboratory. Another benefit of technology in the education system is supplying a chance of distance learning. At the rest of the writing, we discuss more detail about the benefits of technology in education.

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The first positive aspect of this transition gives a chance for students to communicate with their teachers whenever they got stuck with problems. The teacher can answer questions and solve their problems faster than before and even can give them feedback on their every assignment before seeing them in the class. Furthermore, students have lots of online material to review their courses anywhere and every time they want.

The second benefit of this advancement is providing a virtual lab for students. Students can learn better with virtual labs. Because it provides a chance for them to learn the theory and interact with the reality of theory at the same time. As a result, they can understand that topic better. Another good point for the organization is saving money. They do not need to allocate budget to provide equipment for lab and moreover, they don’t need to put the space for the lab. It is accessible for student anywhere when they want to study. It’s really a good thing for students regarding they don’t need to commute and waste the money for commuting. Instead, they can put more time to focus on their courses.

The other merit is providing the chance to distance learning for students. It admits more flexibility and lots of different opportunities even in foreign countries. All materials are available anytime you want to study. The speed of learning depends on you. You don’t need to match with the other classmate for learning. You can learn faster and whenever you need to review it, you can review it. Most of the people are satisfied with this kind of learning methods because they can work and educate at the same time.

All in all, technology changed our life tremendously in a good way. Life is going to be easier and even better day by day. One of these improvements affected positively on our education system. It gives us a chance to saving our time to rewrite the notes in the classroom because we can access them anytime anywhere. It also more effective for teachers, in order to do not waste their time to prepare the notes and jot down the notes on the board. Instead, gives them more time to explain the course better. They can teach students with virtual reality and other good aspects that technology brings to our life, providing a chance of distance learning for all people in our world. I found it all of these improvements give us the chance for saving our time and energy and all of them are positive and made our life is easier.

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