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Essay on The Day of the Dead: Critical Analysis of Articles

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After reading the three out of five articles; Mexico’s Special Relationship with Day of the Dead, What we can learn from U.S Day of the Dead Celebration, and An Ancient and Modern Festival. All three articles mentioned many similar factual information and descriptions, but included their own statements and details/facts that contrasted with each articles that I read. The main question in two of the articles I read is questioning how El Día de los Muertos became associated within Mexico or United States.

The article, Mexico’s Special Relationship with Day of the Dead, answers immediately by stating, ‘Mexicans, more than any other people, have a ‘special relationship with death.’… Mexicans ‘caress’ death, ‘sleep’ with it, ‘celebrate’ it, and consider it their ‘most steadfast love,’ (Mexico’s Special Relationship with Day of the Dead, 21). Mexicans have an intimate relationship with death which makes sense to me on why they celebrate it for their own cultural reasons. I may not totally understand that spiritually nor personally because I don’t have any personal connection with El Día de los Muertos or ‘relationship with death,’ but I can understand that people may put on their alter a connection surrounded with El Día de los Muertos.

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The article, An Ancient and Modern Festival provide their alter to create ceremony with ‘both European and Indigenous remembrance practices seen in Day of the Dead rituals through out Latin America,’ (An Ancient and Modern Festival, 9). I learned that Indigenous and Roman Catholic rituals are honoring the deceased in celebrating/interacting in many activities, such as making their native food and performing dances. Their key practices that they create/participate in their alter is ‘sprucing up family grave sited by weeding, cleaning and visiting them; refurbishing old headstones and crosses; placing flowers and candles on graves; constructing home shrines to honor departed relatives; preparing special holiday foods or drinks; and attending Catholic Church services,’ (An Ancient and Modern Festival, 11). What these people put on their alter about The Day of the Dead, is for the purpose of ‘celebrations transmit messages about identity, struggle, and universal human experience, making a tangible impact on the lives of participants,’ (What we can learn from U.S Day of the Dead Celebration, 140).

I learned that based on the social practices, rather than biological characteristics, is Day of the Dead in the USA is flexible and changing everyday based on who the individual is and how they worship it on their own alter. Many people many engage in this celebration/communion for spiritual needs, community development or emotional support, depending on who you are. What I would put on my own alter to visit and participate in for power and points of focus is about myself and my journey of whatever I am working on, such as doing good in college and graduating with a great job that I am passionate for. What I would put on my personal alter is a message box that I would visit daily to state my goals and intentions to remain attentive of what this alter purpose is. I would also put incenses for air and plants for purity and relaxing vibes.

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