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Essay on the Effects of Using Mobile Phones While Driving and Strategies for Preventing Them Further

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In our world today, mobile phones can be seen globally as they keep us in endless interaction which we use to communicate with others through messaging and social media. Hence, mobile phones today are one of the most common factors which ultimately contributes to death on all roads in the world, especially in NSW. As stated by RMS (Roads and Maritime Services), “Mobile phone use is prohibited while driving however it may be used by the passenger when making or receiving a call if the phone is securely mounted to the vehicle, or parked in an authorized spot with the car's engine completely off”. In NSW new laws have been developed which prohibit the use of mobile phone under no circumstances regardless of where your phone is placed in the car. If any driver has been caught in the offence of driving while using mobile phones, offenders will be penalized 10 demerit points for illegal phone usage. A recent study has suggested that P-Plate drivers aged 18-25 years are twice as likely to make a phone call and four times more likely to text. In addition, 12% have admitted to updating their Facebook status while driving and 14% have admitted to taking a selfie and uploading. Nevertheless, recent research proceeds to display many risky behaviors while driving with a mobile phone, though several young P-Platers however honestly confess to unauthorized mobile phone usage while driving, despite campaigns to reduce mobile phone usage on our roads today to lessen major fatalities that will affect large amounts of people. The effectiveness of this legislation depends on the individual that abides by it and knowing the consequences and risks mobile phone usage has on the P-Plater drivers, although this law is somewhat effective as people have been aware of the dangers and risks included and penalties involved while committing such a crime.

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Mobile phone usage while driving also has a great impact on the safety of other drivers and pedestrians in the wider community. Evidence shows us that driving with a phone contributes to deadly crashes as 1500 pedestrians were killed in NSW last year, stated by Centre for Road Safety. By using a phone while driving other people, including the driver, are vulnerable to deadly crashes. Evidence shows distraction caused by mobile phones is extremely common on our roads and can affect a drivers’ performance on the road in numerous ways. For example, drivers find it hard to concentrate and stay in the correct lane, creates longer reaction time for drivers which in order causes drivers to take their hands off the wheel and have no care factor for their surroundings. Hence is it clear, mobile phone usage affects the wider community as it increases the risk for fatalities on NSW roads.

By understanding the consequences mobile phones have on P-Plate drivers and the risks involved, new strategies must be implemented to eliminate horrendous crashes on our roads. If new initiatives are created, the crash rate will decrease eventually. For example, a new app can be implemented onto our phones which completely disables the use of text messaging and social media applications while the car engine is turned on. Not only that, by knowing the consequences, cars can be designed in ways which prevent the use of mobile phone use by including a ‘lock’ compartment in order to eliminate the urge to use it. The ‘locked’ compartment can only be unlocked once the car is turned off, only being able to call emergency services by voice control.

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