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Essay on the Future of Computer Technology

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It is impossible to imagine the modern world without computers. Today’s computers help the work force perform their jobs more efficiently and offers hundreds of benefits to the business. The most impacting benefits include saving money and time. Some of the most noticeable benefits include automating reports, increasing interaction among employees and managers, and dramatically increasing communications on a global basis. In addition to all the benefits in the workplace, they are about the same in the home. Some benefits include: keeping track of budgets, communicating with friends and employees, doing school work, maintaining a calendar, watching stocks, and reading the news. As a major compliment to the microcomputer, the invention of the Internet, made it possible to connect people within seconds and the sharing of information around the world. The ability to communicate on a global basis has had major impact on religion as many beliefs could now be shared. Through the use of the Internet, popularity of different religions has increased along with the ability for one religion to easily compare and contrast others. Such ability has allowed religious organizations to email each other, share beliefs, raise money, promote new instructional material, and the most devastating plot destructive activities.

Even though computers today were not imaginable over hundreds of years ago, it is even more difficult to imagine the future of computer technology. Although there are many theories on tomorrow’s computer technology, there are some common myths on where it may lead. If history continues, computers with become faster and smaller with the advancement electronics. Such advancements may include the use of atoms, light and fibers to achieve nano size computers that may not even be able to be seen but are everywhere around the world.

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The three most known forms of future computers may be defined as quantum, optical and DNA. Regarding quantum computers, today’s data is measured by bits but in the future, quantum computers would measure data in qubits and quantum is very weird two pieces can be separated but can still interact with each other and so by using quantum all the computers in the world can be connected without wires. The second focus will be in the form of optical computers. The computers we use today use transistors and semiconductors to control electricity. Computers of the future may utilize crystals and meta-materials to control light. Optical computers make use of light particles called photons (which are parts of an atom). Finally, DNA computers use DNA can store DNA and perform complex calculations like cloning, healing, and many others. DNA has a vast amount of storage capacity computers might tap into it that enables DNA to hold blueprints of living organisms. The storage capacity of a single gram of DNA can hold as much information as one trillion compact discs. Future computer technology trends suggest that humans have not even begun to move into the future as fast as they should.

In summary, computers have come a long way from bones of a baboon to the technology that we use today. They have gone from computers that can fill a room with components and wires to as small as something that can fit in your hand. Our lives are filled with computers in many ways from the Internet which can find and store anything, to video games that we can play with our friend who are at their own houses, to talking with video to a friend in real time who may live on the other side of the world. Tomorrow it is still unknown what they will be. Our future will be a whole new world of technology. And the further is not that far away.


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